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Experiences of the Great War


Four personal Scottish stories from the First World War, told using material from the National Library of Scotland's collections:

  • Photo - Douglas HaigGeneral Douglas Haig (later Earl Haig) was British Commander in Chief on the Western Front for the greater part of the First World War. Follow his war through his diaries, letters, and photos.
  • Photo -Mairi Chisholm Nurse Mairi Chisholm knew more about the war and its horrors than most women. Her wartime experiences are revealed in photos and documents and in an interview she gave in 1976.
  • Photo - George Ramage Lance Corporal George Ramage was an ordinary Scottish soldier or 'Jock' in the Gordon Highlanders. His perspective on the Great War, revealed in his diary, was very different from Haig's.
  • Photo - Thomas HannanThomas Hannan was a Glasgow man who believed in peace and was imprisoned as a conscientious objector. His papers include letters, official forms, and postcards from Dartmoor to his children.

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