Postscript about identification of golf clubs and balls

Part of a hand-written letter.

Postscript of a letter from Alexander Monro to John Mackenzie of Delvine, 27 April 1691.
[National Library of Scotland reference: MS.1393, f.178]

In the postscript to his letter of 1691, Alexander Monro tells his friend John Mackenzie about itentification marks on golf equipment he has sent.


'The bearer may have other Clubs and balls from this place but yours cannot be mistaken if you receive them marked viz

'The Clubs with the Lres [letters] G.M. as the tradesmans proper signe for himselfe and JMK for your markes stamped upon ilke ane of the Clubs And ilke ane of the balls are marked W.B. which are not ordinarily counterfeited.'

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