Golfing terms

The south and east were the heartlands of golf in Scotland, but it was also played elsewhere.

David Wedderburn was a master at Aberdeen Grammar School when he wrote the 'Vocabula', a Latin text book for his pupils, in 1636.

Latin was the language used at school and he tried to encourage his students to learn by including words on familiar topics such as games.

First account of how golf is played

The section on golf, headed 'Baculus' meaning 'club', provides the first detailed, often humorous information as to how the game was played.

Many of the Scots words used at the time are now part of the international language of golf.

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Sir Robert Gordon's accounts

Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun's account book shows he bought golf clubs and balls for the young Earl of Sutherland and his brother.

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History of the Earls of Sutherland

In his history, Sir Robert Gordon claims Dornoch Links surpass those at Montrose or St Andrews.

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