Painting of three men in uniform; one at front holding a golf club head upwards with silver balls attached, two behind drumming.

'The Prize of the Silver Club', by David Allan, 1787.
By courtesy of the National Galleries of Scotland.

'Prize of the Silver Golf'

David Allan's drawing shows the Silver Club being paraded ceremonially through the streets to Leith.

The prize was for a new annual golf competition on Leith Links, organised by a number of prominent golfers.

These men later became the Company of Gentlemen Golfers – the world's first golf club.

Club with silver balls attached

What the artist calls 'the Silver Golf' is the Silver Club with silver golf balls attached to it. A new ball, with the winner's name on it, was added to the club every year.

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers continues the tradition to this day.

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