Illustration of a plaque with arm raised holding a golf club at top

The coat of arms from 'Golfer's Land' in the Canongate, Edinburgh. From 'The Rules of the Thistle Golf Club'.
[National Library of Scotland reference: T.235.d]

Coat of arms from 'Golfer's Land'

Scotland won the 'first golf international' which was played in 1681 on Leith Links near Edinburgh.

John Paterson, who partnered the Duke of York on the winning side, bought a house in Edinburgh's Canongate with his winnings. The building later became known as 'Golfer's Land'.

Hand bearing golf club

This image from 'The Rules of the Thistle Golf Club' of 1824 shows the plaque the Duke placed on the wall of the building. It includes a coat of arms ('escutcheon') with an outstretched hand bearing a golf club.

'Golfer's Land' no longer stands, but there is a commemorative plaque on a nearby building.

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