Eglamour with Balade   (Page 4 of 36)

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(p.56) Till cryste his handis up kest sone
Chryste than tyde me of my bonee
On rude as thou me boghte
The Erllis dogheter fayr & fre
That scho myght myne awne bee
That maste is in my thoghte
That I myght wedde hyr to my wyffee
And ioyis hyr in all my lyffee
Off care than war I broghte
On the morn ye madyn small
Before hyr fader in the halle
Amang thir byrdis bryghte
Ilke gentill man semblyt bot heee
The lady sayde for goddis petee
Quhar is sir eglemor my knyghte
His squyer sayis with sympill chere.e
He is seyke & dede full nere
He prayis yhow of a syghte
For he is castyn in sik caree
Bot yhe hym mende of his saree
He bydis noght oure a nyghte
The Erll than till his doghter spak.e
Damysell for cristis sakee
herkyn quhat I the saye
Efter met do as the heindee
Till his chamur luke at thou wendee
He servyt ws mony daye
Treuly efter myne entente
In iustyng na in turnamente
He sayde ws neuer naye
Quhare ony deidis of armys weree