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Numbering of Duvan s Men. 259
" Ceathrar fear fionn fiadhaich air thus,
Mar choigear dhubha 'nan dail,
Do dh' fhearaibh ard fir chogaidh Dhubhain,
Dithis o Mhac Cumhaill a nuadh,
Fear o Dhubhan dreach ruadh,
Triuir o Fhionn 's aillidh dreach,
Fear o Dhubhan diuramach,
Cha suidh Fionn anns a 'Bhrugh Bhan,
Gun dithis dhubh' air a leth laimh,
'S gun dithis fhionna air a leis,
Do theaghlach Righ Albainn.
Dithis dhubh' mu Dhubhan dhil,
Aon fhear fionn 'na fhochair sin,
Da lasgair' dhubh 'nan dail,
Dithis o Fhionn 's fear o Dhubhan."
Albainn is the present name of the kingdom of
Scotland, as distinguished from Ireland or England.
The terminal syllable seems merely to denote a region,
and the initial syllable "Alb" is perhaps connected with
Alpine, denoting a wild or mountainous region, and was
probably applied at first to some region bordering upon
the Highlands and Lowlands. Breadalbane means only
the heights of Alban; the word braigh denotes the
upper part of districts, the d being only accessory and

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