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Ceudach, Son of the King of the Colla Men.
White Dew, son of the King of Gold, and White
Hand, son of the King of France, and Ceudach, son of
the King of the Colla Men, were companions. Ceudach,
son of the Colla King, was a poor lad, but had every
accomplishment and gift befitting a King's son. One
day, when the three companions were returning home
driving a ball (shinty, or football playing, it does not
appear which) before them, the ball by chance went into
the house of a woman whose occupation was working at
silver-work, and destroyed the work. The scheme pro-
posed and agreed to by the three boys was, that he who
was standing nearest the door should go in to get the
ball. White Hand, son of the King of France, went
in, and roughly demanded the ball to be thrown out,
but the woman refused until she got payment from him
for the loss of the silver-work, saying to him, " More
than asking it is necessary, young man ; come in and
pay it." But he said to her, " You will keep it a long
time before I pay it."
White Dew, King of Gold's son, went in the same
way, and was equally unsuccessful in recovering the
ball. Then Ceudach went in gently where the woman
was bending over the fragments of her labour, and asked
modestly and cheerfully, with the utmost grace and
polish, that the ball be given back. It was returned to
him with a handful of gold and silver for his civility.
She then laid the three under crosses and spells, " That
you will fall back to back in the same battle."

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