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Class A is used after prepositions and particles originally end-
ing in vowels : ro, no, do, di, fo, ar, imm, ní. ro, no, do,
di, and fo lose their vowel before an°, a'. Before prons.
beginning with consonants ar has the form aru, aro, ari, ara ;
imm has the form immu, immi.
Class B is used after etar and for ; combined with the dental
of the pronoun fri(th) becomes frit- and con- (com) becomes
cot- ; ad-, aith-, ess-, in- (ind-) all become at-.
Class C is used (a) after prep. + rel. : dia n- ' from whom,
from which ', lassa n-, ' by whom, by which ', etc. (and i n-,
* in which ', the rel. being understood) ; hence after the con-
junctions dia n-, ' if ', ara n-, ' in order that ', co n-, ' so that '.
(b) in rel. clauses when rel. is subject.
(c) after rel. n.
(d) after the interrogative particle in n-.
NoTE I. — In I and 2 Sg. and Pl. Class A is common in rel.
clauses : intí no-t ail or intí no-dat ail, ' he who nourishes
thee ' ; in tan no-t ail or in tan no-n-dat ail, ' when he
nourishes thee '.
NoTE 2. — From con-gair, ' he calls ' : non-rel. (B) cota-
gair, ' he calls them ', but rel. (C) intí con-da-gair, ' he who
calls them ', and in tan con-da-gair ( = con-n-da-gair),
' when he calls them '.
Infixed pronouns after ná, nád.
Singular Plural
1 . náchim' , nacham' nachin, nachan
2. nachit', nachat' nachib, nachab
3. m. nach n° "^
/. nacha V nacha
n. nach', nachid' J
NoTE. — Sg. I and 2 nachi- in Wb., nacha- in Ml.

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