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to verb as subject : bíuu-sa, guidme-ni, ad-rothreb-si, etc.
Attached to predicate of copula : am cimbid-se, nídad
foirbhthi-si, romatar bidbdaid-som, etc.
B. — Absolute Forms
Singular Plural
I. mé, emph. messe sní, emph. snisni, sníni,
sisni, sinni
■ 2. tú, emph. tussu sí, emph. sib, sissi
3. m. é, hé, emph. (h)ésom'^
/. sí ^'é, hé
n. ed, hed J
C. — Pronouns Suffixed to Verbs
Singidar Plural
1. -um -unn
2. -ut
3. rn. n. -i| _^^
/. -us J
These are used to express the object after the 3 Sg. absolute
forms of simple verbs, e.g. sástum, ' satisfies me ' (sásaid) ;
beirthi ' bears it ' (berid) ; léicsius, ' he let her, or them, go '
D. — Infixed Pronouns
n° denotes an eclipsing n.

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