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Ijpus. Lin. Ducks are well kaown to be fond
of this plant, and the Phakna Lemnata of Lin-
yiaus^ breeds upon it.
Vo'yrhlza 3 LEMNA fcliis felhlibus, radicibus confertis, Sp.
/• ^^11- {R^j- Syn. p. 129. /. 4. /. 2. Michel,
Xen.t, i\,f. i)
Great Duck's Me.u. ^^ngUs.
In ftagnant waters. G. VII.
The leaves of this are often red underneath : it
fmks to the bottom of the water in the Winter
fcafon, and rifes to the furface again in the
ISpring, ais does alfo the preceding, it is readily
diftinguilhed by having a clufter or pencil of ra-
dicles under each leaf-, whereas the preceding
has only one fingle radicle.
TYPHA. Gen. /;/. 10^0.
MASC. Amentum cylindricum. CaL obfoletus, tri-
phylhis. Cor. nulla-
F£M. Amentum cylindrxum infra mafcuios.
Cal. capillo villcfo. Ccr. o.
Sem. I, infidens pappo capillari.
i^iifclia I. TYPHA foliis fjbenfiformibus, fpica mafcula fe-
mineaq J approximatis. Sp. pL i^lT {Ger. em.
p. 46, Moris^ hiji, f. 8, /. 13./^ i, ordinis infe-
ricivis, bona J)
Great Cat's -Tail, or Reed-mace. Ang^is.
In the borders of ponds and lakes, as in Gofehurn-
J.cch^ about eight miles above Dumfries, in the

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