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Bi'ack-Lcch, at the top of the pari ill of Tiniz^rJdy
and in many other pidces and ftagnani: waters.
Dr. Burge/}, ii\ YIL
The ilalk is fix feet high : the leaves a yard long,
h.Trdly an inch Avide, convene on one fide: the
Amentum^ or cylindiical club, which terminates
the fialk, is about fix inches long, of a dark
brown or fuicous colour-'
Cattle will fometinies eat the leaves, but ^iihreher
thini:s them noxious : tlie roots have foir.edr.^cs
been eaten in fallads, and the down of the Amen-
tum ufed to fluff mattrclles and cufliions : and
Linn^us informs us, that the leaves are ufed by
the coopers in Sweden to bind the hoops of their
caikse \i\ EngJcivd the coopers ufe the ilalks of
the Scirpus lacuftris, or Bull-ruili, to fallen the
joints of the timber m the heads of their calks.
One ilalk opened longitudinally, and laid be-
tv/een each junclure, anfwers the intention, as
it prevents the oozing of the liquor through it.
SPARGANIUM. Gen. p!. 1041.
MASC. Amentum fubrotundum. Cal. 3-phyllus.
Cor. o
FEM, Amentum fubrotundum. CaL 3-phyilus.
Cor. o. Stigma 2-fidun").
Drtipa exfucca, i-fperma.
creclmn i. SPARGANIUM foiiis eredis triquetris. Sp.pi,
1378 {Ger. en?. 45. /. i.' Pet. herb, t.yi.f.g,

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