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marina u ZOSTERA pericarpiis feffilibus. Syji. nat. 605.
Sp. pi 1374. {Ger. em. 1569. /. 8. Oed. Dan, t.
1^. cpt,)
Grafs-WnKk. JngUs.
It is thrown up on the fea-coafts frequently. %*
The leaves are long, narrow, linear, and grafs-like,
fheath'd with JiipuU at the bale. The flowers
grow on one fide of a thin fiat, Wncav fpad^Xy
^ imbedded in a cavity on one fide of the leaf,
at its bafe. The Jlamina and germina grow al-
ternate to each other upon thcfpadix, about ten
in number of each fort.
Linn-^us informs us, that the humble Inhabitants
of Gothland in Sweden condefcend to thatch their
houfes, fluff their beds, and manure their land
with this plant.

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