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Wake-Robin or Cuckow-Pint. Anglis.
Under hedges and in fliady places, but not fo fre-
quent as in Ejigland. %. V.
The root is tuberous and flefhy, with fibres grow-
ing out of the bafe : the leaves are radical, fliap-
ed like the barb of an arrow, fupported on
footftalks, fmooth and glolTy, and often ftain'd
with dark or white fpots : the fpatha is whitifli,
deciduous, and fhap'd not unlike a hare's ear :
with.n it is a purple club-lhap'd7^;^i/>, the bafe
of which is furrounded with numerous ^tr;;;/;/^,
with many feffile quadrilocular Anthers above
them, and again over thefe fome roundifli Fa-
pillo'^ terminated with deflex'd hairs. The ber-
ries when ripe are fcarlet, full of juice, and con-
tain each one or two round, hard feeds, reticu-
lated on the furfacc.
The whole plant is extremely acrimonious to the
tafte, inflaming the mouth for a long time after-
wards •, but the roots when boil'd or dry'd lofc
all their acrimony, and become perfedly infipid,
and being of a farinaceous quality, have fometimes
been made into bread and flarch. They arc
efteem'd good in aftmatic complaints, and ob-
ftrudions of the Bronchia j but are rarely ufed
in the prefent pradtice.
ZOSTERA. Gen. pi. 1032.
Spadix linearis, altero latere fruftifero. Cat. o.
Cer. o. Stam. alterna. Sem. folitaria alterna.

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