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Book I. A n E P I C P O E M. 15
like two clouds * and their fwords like lightning above thenn ? The
little hills are troubled around, and the rocks tremble with all their
mofs. Who is it but Ocean's fon and the car-borne chief of
Erin ? Many are the anxious eyes of their friends, as they fee them
dim on the heath. Now night conceals the chiefs in her clouds,
and ends the terrible fight. It was on Cromla's fhaggy fide that
Dorglas placed the deer -j-j the early fortune of the chace, before
the heroes left the hill. A hundred youths collect the heath ;
ten heroes blow the fire -, three hundred chufe the polifh'd ftones.
The feafi: is fmoaking wide.
CucHULLiN, chief of Erin's war, refumed his mighty foul.
He flood upon his beamy Ipear, and fpoke to the fon of fongs ; to
Carril of other times, the gray-haired fon of Kinfena|. Is this
feafl fpread for me alone and the king of Lochlin on Ullin's flaore ;
far from the deer of his hills, and founding halls of his feafts ?
Rife, Carril of other times, and carry my words to Swaran ; tell
him from the roaring of waters, that Cuchullin gives his feaft.
Here let him liiten to the found of my groves amidft the clouds of
night. For cold and bleak the blufiering winds rufh over the
foam of his feas. Here let him praife the trembling harp, and
hear the fongs of heroes.
* As v.'hen two black clouds heated with heath. Then they laid fomc
With heaven's artillery fraught, come venifon in the bottom, and a Ilratum of
rattling on the flones above it ; and thus they did al-
Over the Cafpian. Milton. ternately till the pit was full. The whole
t The ancient manner of preparing was covered over with heath to confine the
feafts after hunting, is handed down by fteam. Whether this is probable I cannot
tradition. A pit lined with fmooth fay; but fome pits are fhswn, which the
flones was made; and near it flood a heap vulgar fay, were ufed in that manner,
of fmooth flat flones of the flint kind. J Ccan-feana, i, (,the h(adofth(p:epk.
The flones as well as the pit were properly

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