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J4 F I N G A L, Book L
burning around. Dufronnal * fnorted over the bodies of heroes ;
and Sitadda -[■ bathed his hoof in blood. The battle lay behind
them as groves overturned on the defart of Cromla ; when the blafl:
has palled the heath laden with the fpirits of night.
Weep on the rocks of roaring winds, O maid of Inillore j;,
bend thy fair head over the v.-a^-es, thou fairer than the ghofl: of the
liills .; when it moves in a fun-beam at noon over the filence of
Morven. He is fallen ! thy youth is low; pale beneath the fword
of Cuthullin. No more fliall valour raife the youth to match the
blood of kings. Trenar, lovely Trenar died, thou maid of Inif-
tore. His gray dogs are howling at home, and fee his pafling
ghoft. His bow is in the hall unftrung. No found is in the heath
of his hinds.
As roll a thoufand wa\'es to the rocks, fo Swaran's hod came on ;
as meets a rock a thoufand waves, fo Inisfail met Swaran. Death
raifes all his voices around, and mixes with the found of fliields.— ■
Each hero is a pillar of darknefs, and the fword a beam of fire in
his hand. The field ecchoes from wing to wing, as a hundred ham-
mers that rife by turns on the red fon of the furnace. Who are
thefe on Lena's heath that are fo gloomy and dark ? Who are thefe
* One of CuchuUin's horfes. Dubh- nar are fenfible at home of the death of
flron gheal. their mafter, the very inftant he is killed.
f Sith-fadda, i. e. a hngjliide. It was the opinion of the times, that
\ The maid of Inijl-jie was the daughter the fouls of heroes went immediately after
of Gorlo king of Itiiflore or Orkney iflands. death to the hills of their country, and
Trenar was broti er to the king of Iiiif- the fcenes they frequented the mofl happy
con, fuppofed to be one of the iflands of time of their life. It was thought too that
Shetland. 1 he Orkneys and Shetland dogs and horfes faw the ghofti of the de-
were at that time fubjcift to the king of ceafed.
Lothlin. We find that the dogs of Tre-

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