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The fons of Innis-fail defcend, or ruftling winds * roar in the di-
ftant wood. Such is the noife of Gormal before the white tops of
my waves arifc. O fon of Arno, afcend the hill and view the dark
face of the heath.
He went, and trembling, fwift returned. His eyes rolled wildly
round. His heart beat high againfl his fide. His words were
fauitering, broken, flow.
Rise, fon of ocean, rife chief of the dark-brown fliields. I fee
the dark, the mountain-ftream of the battle. The deep-moving
ftrength of the fons of Erin. The car, the car of battle comes,
like the flame of death ; the rapid car of Cuchullin, the noble
fon of Semo. It bends behind like a wave near a rock ; like the
golden mifl: of the heath. Its fides are embofled with fl:ones, and
fparklelike the fea round the boat of night. Of polifhed yew is its
beam, and its feat of the fmoothefl; bone. The fides are repleniflied
with fpears ; and the bottom is the foot-fl:ool of heroes. Before
the right fide of the car is feen the fnorting horfe. The hi?h-
maned, broad-breafl:ed, proud, high-leaping flrong fteed of the
hill. Loud and refounding is his hoof ; the fpreading of his mane
above is like that fl:ream offmoke on the heath. Bright are the
fides of the fteed, and his name is Sulin-Sifadda.
Before the left fide of the car is feen the fnorting horfe. The
thin-maned, high-headed, flrong-hooffed, fleet, bounding fon of
the hill : his name is Dufronnal among the fliormy fons of the fword.
A thoufand thongs bind the car on high. Hard poliflied bits
fhine in a wreath of foam. Thin thongs bright-fl:udded with gems,
bend on the ftately necks of the fl^eeds. The fleeds that like
wreaths of mift fly over the fl:reamy vales. The wildnefs of deer
% As when the holiow rocks retain
The found of bluftering wind. Miltcn"
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