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12 F I N G A L, Book L
is in their courfe, the ftrength of the eagle defcending on her prey.
Their noife is Hke the blaft of winter on the fides of the fnow-
headed Gormal.
Within the car is ken the chief; the flrong flormy fon of
the fword ; the hero's name is CuchulHn, fon of Semo king of
fliells. His red cheek is like my polilhed yew. The look of his
blue-rolling eye is wide beneath the dark arch of his brow. His
hair f^ies from his head like a flame, as bending forward he wields
the "fpear. Fly, king of ocean, fly ; he comes, like a ftorm, along
the flreamy vale.
When did I fly, replied the king, from the battle of many
fpears ? When did I fly, fon of Arno, chief of the little foul ? I
met the ftorm of Gormal when the foam of my waves was high ; I
met the liorm of the clouds and ihall I fly from a hero ? Were it
Fingal himfelf my foul fliould not darken before him. Rife to
the battle, my thoufands ; pour round me like the ecchoing main.
Gather round the bright fleel of your king ; ftrong as the rocks of
my land; that meet the ftorm with joy, and ftretch their dark woods
to the wind.
As autumn's * dark ftorms pour from two ecchoing hills, to-
wards ecch other approached the heroes. As two dark flreams
from high rocks meet, and mix and roar on the plain; loud, rough
and dark in battle meet Lochlin and Innis-fail. Chief mixed his
llrokes with chief, and man with man ; fteel, clanging, founded
* The reader may compare this pafHige To armour armour, lance to lance oppos'd,
with a fimilar one in Homer. Iliad. 4. v. Hoft againft hoft, with (hadowy fquadrons
446. drew.
Now fhield with fhield, with helmet iie!- The faundin^j darts in iron tempcHs flew ;
met clos'd,

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