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a great thing for thee to keep thy mouth
shut and thy tongue dumb on coming
home here and obtaining the shelter of
the dwelHng on a cold wintry night.'
' Well/ said the hunter, * I may do that,
keep my mouth closed and keep my
tongue dumb, on my coming home and
receiving hospitality from thee ; but, by
thy father's hand, and thy grandfather's,
and by thine own two hands to free
these, were some others of the world's
people to see this blood -drop whom
thou hast in hiding here, it is not long,
O King of the elements and of the
world, that they would leave her with
thee.' * What people are these or who
are they ? ' said Deirdire. ' Well, I
will tell thee that, maiden,' said the
hunter. ' They are Naoise, the son of
Uisne, and Aillean and Ardan, his two
brothers.' ' And what is the likeness
of these on being seen, should we see
them?' said Deirdire. 'Well, those

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