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math, a good son ; nighean mhath, a good
(laughter; fear glic, a xvise man ; tè ghlic
a wise female ; an t.amadan gòrach, the
silly fool; anamaid ghùrach, the silly fool;
duine coir, a worthy man ; but, fir choire,
mnàthan còire, (when the article is prefix-
ed. See Rule for article before adjectives),
worthy men, worthy women ; gen. cuid
nam ban còire; cuid nan daoine coire;
dat. do'na daoine coire ; do na mnathaibh
coire; o dhaoine coire, o mhathaibh-an
Oblique cases singular of each gender,
are like those of the first declension, and
follow the same rules of construction.
Genitive Singular Feminine, for the
most part, is formed from the genitive sin-
gular masculine by throwing aside the as-
pirate form of the initial consonant, and
monosyllables generally add a or e to the
last letter, but when a or e is the final let-
ter of the masculine it suffers no change
Rule II. Words of one syllable in all change a into oi (properly at) in the geni-
tive, masculine and feminine ;—ont, onn,orb, orm, change o into ui ;— andea, eu, and ia,
into «'.
Some change ea into i ; as, beag, bhige,
teaim, tight, tinne or teinne, &c. ; breac,
spotted, bhreac, hhric, brice; geal, white,
gheal, ghil, gile ;— but eo suffers no change;
as, beo, bheò, bheò, beò, lively.
Note. — Adjectives beginning with a vow-
suffer no initial change; as,
ait, odd, ait, ait, aite.
aosrta, aged, aosda aosda, aosda.
iiT, fresh, ur, tiir, uire.
Rule III. Adjectives of more than one syllable do not generaJiy add any thing to
the genitive singular feminine ; as.
Cinnteach, sure,
Eagallach, dread.
Excepting Bodhar, deaf, odhar, dun j as, bodhar, bhodhar, bhuidhir, buidhir, and
buidhire, &c.
DiTivE. General Rule. — The dative singular masculine, without the article, as
that of nouns, is like the nominative singular ; and the Dative singular feminine is
like the genitive masculine ; as.

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