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An t-suil, the eye. See note, first page.
An t-suil, the eye. Na suilean, the eyes
IVa SÙ1, of the eye. Nan sùl, of the eyes.
An t-sui), O the eye. 'Na.sùi\ea,ìi,Otheeyes
Dail, credit, ^c. See sail, heel, lair, dad,
Dail, delay, SfC. Dàltan, delays, SfC.
Dàlach, of delay. Dail, of delays.
Dail, to delay. Daltaibh, to delays.
Dhail, delay. Dhàltan, O delays.
Mhuir, the sea. See Anomalies.
A mhuir, the sea. Marannan,muirtean,
Na mara, of the sea. Nam marannan, of
An 'n mhuir, to the Na muirtibh, to the
Mhuir, the tea. Na marannan, the
CviD, property, part.
Cuid, a part. Codaichean, parts.
Codach, of a part. Codaichean, of parts
Cuid, to a part. Codaichibh, to parts.
Chuid.O par<. Chodaichean, Oi^arij.
Cathaib, a chair. See saothair, lasair,
nathair, &c.
Cathair, a chair. Cathraichean, rtairj
Cathrach, of a chair. Cathraichean, of
Calhair, to a chair. Chathraichean, to
Chathair, chair. Chathraichean,
Nathair, a serpent.
Nathair, a serpent. Nathraichean, ser-
Nathraich, of a ser- Nathraichean, of
JizthniTito a serpent. Nathraichean, to
Nathair, serpent. Nathraichean,
i>l\TaiLiR,amother. See athair.piuthar, &c.
Màthair, mother. Mhàthraichean, mo-
Màthar, of a mother. Màthraichean, of
Mhathair, <o a Màthraichean, /o
Mhathair, mother. Màthraichean,
PiUTHAR, a sister.
Piuthar, a sister, Peathraichean, sis-
~g ters.
Peathar, of a sister. Peathraichean, of
Piuthar, to a sister. Pheathraichean, io
Phiuthar, sUter. Pheathraichean,
Baille, a town. See àithne, smaoin,
collie, &c.
Baile, a town. Bailtean, towns.
Bhaile, of a town, Bailtean, of towns.
Baile, to a town. Bailtibh, to towns.
Bhaile, town. Bailtibh-an, towns.
Aithne, an injunction, or properly fàithne.
Fàithne,an iry'unciion; fàithntean, injunc.
tions. Also with the article, an fhàithne,</i«
injunction; na fàithne, of the injunction ;
an 'n fhaithne, to the injunction ; O
fhaithne, injunction .'—Plural, Fathant-
an, faithatean, &c.
Banais, a wedding. See gamhain, fiac-
ail, &c.
Banais, a wedding. Ba.innsean,weddi>igf.
Bainnse, of a Bainnsean, of
Banais, to a wedding. Bainnsibh, to
Bhanais, wedding. Bhainnsibh-an,
Gamhainn, a steer.
Gamhainn, a steer. Gamhna, steers.
Gamhna, of a steer. Gamhna, of steers.
Gamhainnjo a steer. Gamhnaibh, /o
Ghamh^aa, steer. Gamhnaibh-a,
Duthaich, a country.
Dùihaich, a country. Dùthchannan, coun-
Dùthcha, of a Dùthchannan, of
Duthaich, to a Dùthchannan, to
Dhùthaich, Dhùthchaanan,
Note. You know that adding the taiTaibh
to any noun having more than one syllable
is absolutely sheer nonsense— downright
blarney. See Maidinn.
Rich, a king. See Anomalies.
Righ, a king. Righre, -rean, kings,
mgh, of a king. Righre, -rean, of
Righ, to a king, Righribh, to kings.
O righ, king. Righre, •ibh,0W7!^i.
An Adjective is a word that expresses
the nature or sort of a noun, or a name,
and is declined as nouns in every particular.
I. Declensions, Marbh, dead, lifeless,
Singular. Plural.
M. 4- F. Asp.f. ST. Sf F. Asp. f
MarBH, mharbh, marbha, mharbha.
Mhairbh, mhairbh, marbha, mharbha.
Marbh, mhairbh, marbha, mharbha.
Mhairbh, mharbh, marbha, mharbha.
Rules fob Inflections.— Singular
The Nominative of an initial conso.
nant, when it is mutable, is aspirated for
the feminine gender, and terminates like
the masculine ; thus, duine mar, a great
man; bean mhor, a great woman; mac

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