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Cas, a /boi;— a into oi, clach, cloiche.
Cas.foot. Casan, feet.
Choise, of foot. Cas, of feet.
Chois, to foot. Casaibh, to feet.
Chas, Ofoot. Chasan, Ofeet.
Clann, children, offspring, clainne or
cloinne, in nom. plu. — sometimes clannaibh
and clanna.
Allt, a mountain-stream ;— a into ui,
baU, buill.
Allt, a stream. ùillt, streams.
Uillt, of a stream. allt, of streams.
Allt, to a stream, àlltaibh, to streams.
Uillt, stream. àUtan, streams.
Gob, a beak, bill of a bird ;— so, lorg, ord
N. Gob, a bill. Guib, 6;//« or beaks.
G. Guib, of a bill. Gob, of bills or beaks.
D. Gob, to a bill. Gobaibh, tobills.
V. Ghuib, biU. Ghuib, Ghoban,
bills, &c.
Seol, a sail; — so ceòl,— cuil, of music.
Seòl, a sail.
Siuil, of a sail.
Seol, to a sail.
Sheòl, sail.
Siuil, sails.
Seol, of sails.
Seoltaibh, to sails.
Sheòltaibh, shiuil,
BROG.a shoe; — so eròg.fròg, bròn, ròn, on.
Bròg, a shoe. Brògan, shoes.
Bròige, of a shoe. Bròg, of shoes.
Bròig, to a shoe. Brògaibh to shoes.
Bhròg, shoe. EhrOgan, shoes.
Bruach, a bank; — cuach, sluagh, luadh.
Bruach, a bank. ' Bruachan, banks.
Bruaiche, of a bank. Bruach, of banks,
Bruaich, to a bank. Bhruachaibh, to
Bhruach, bank. Bhruachan-aibh,
CRlocH,>red;— so cloch, sion, siol, lion.
Crioch, an end. Criochan, ends.
Criehe, of an end. Crioch, of ends.
Crich, to an end. Criochaibh, to ends.
Chrioch, end. Chriochan, ends.
FiON, wine;— so crios, lios, sometimes fios.
Fion, wine. Lios, a garden.
Fiona, of wine. Liosa,lis,of a farrfsn.
Fion, to wine. Lios, to a garden.
Fhion, u'ine. hYios, garden.
Geidh, goose, has geoidh, geese.
Geadh, a goose. Geoidh, geese.
Geoidh, of a goose. Geadh, of geese.
Geadh, to a goose. Geoidh, to geese.
Gheoidh, goose. Gheoidh, geese.
Leanabr, a cltUd; leaba, leapach, leapa.
Leanabh, a child. Leanaba, childreiu
Leinibh, of a child. of children.
heanabh, to a child. • to children.
Leinibh, child. ^-— children.
Exceptions to Gen. Rules.— Bean, a
woman, wife.
Bean, a woman. Mnathan, women.
Mhnà, of a iroman. Ban, of women.
Mhnaoi, to a woman. Mhnathaibh, to wo.
Bhean, woman. ]Mhathaibh-an,0 wo-
A' BHEAN, the leoman.
A' bhean, the wife. Ka mnathan, the
Na rank, of the wife. Nam ban, o/ //le
An 'n mhnaoi, to the Namnathaibh,/o the
wife. wives.
A bhean, wife. A mhathaibh-an, &c.
GoBHAR, a goat.
Gobhar, a goat. Gobhair, goafs.
Goibhre, of a goat. Gobhar, of goats.
Gobhar, to a goat. Gòbhraibh,/o goatu
Ghobhar, goat. Ghobhraibh.O ^oa/.s
Cv, (Zo^, mas.
CÙ, a dog. Coin, dogs.
Coin, of a dog. Con, of dogs.
Chù CÙ, to a dog. Coin, to dogs.
Choin, dog. Chonaibh, dogs.
Boine, of a cow.
Bhoin, to a cow.
Bho, cow.
i, cows, kine.
a, of cows, ^c.
Ba, to ci
Bha, i
Nouxs ENDING in I, m, n, — plural by add.
Lòn, f. a marsh. Lòintean, marshes.
Loin, of a marsh. Lòn, of marsh.
Lòn, to a marsh. Lòinlibh, to marsh.
Loin, marsh. Lointean -ibh,
DiA, God.
Dia, God. Dèe.Diathannanj^orfr.
Dè, Dhè, cf God. Dee, of gods.
Dhia, to God. Dhiathannaibh./o^orfj
Dhè, God. Dheè, gods.
Second declension,— ai 27 is caUed,vihi<:h
Siiil, an eye. Sùilean, eyes.
SÙ1 and siila, of an Sixl, of eyes.
Sùil, to an eye. Sùilibh, to eyes.
Shuil, eye. Shùilibh, eyes.

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