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22 CHA
Cadsewayside— continued.
264 MacOwen William, sta-
tioner & tobacconist
266 Anderson Edivd.R.draper
270 Bain Miss Isabella, draper
272 Smith Miss Elsie, confectr
274 Finlayson Peter, plumber
& zinc worker
276 Finlayson Peter,hardware
280 Gray MissElizabeth.fruitr
282 MathiesonAndrew,butchr
284 ThomsonAlexander,grocr
286 Rudolph Wm. hair drssr
..-. here is FounUnnluill rd ...
Chalmers cres. Sciennes
road to Beaufort road.
I Glendinning Andrew,
teacher <tf dancing
I Glendinning William
1 Glendinning Miss Mary,
teacher of dancing
3 Matheson Angus
3A, Burns Rev. Thos. r.E.S.E.
5 Landale Mrs
here is Palmer sionrd
7 Inglis J. A
9 Gray Mrs
II BlythMiss
13 Aitken Alexander
15 Macpherson John
here is Ji'emifort rd
• ^ 'east side.
Abgtle Place United Fijee
Fraser David, church officer
hereis Hiitton pi
2 Thin James Hay
4 Hardie Robert P. li.a
4 Hardie William Ross m.a
6 McGregor James G. d.sc,
LL.D., F.B.s. professor
of natural philosophy
8 Sayce Rev. Archibald" H
M.A., LL.D., D.D
10 Stewart John, tailor
i2.Macmiilan Mrs
14 Grey Mrs
14 Grey J. Ogilvies.s.c. &N.r
16 Hunt George, tailor
^ here is JJeaufort rd ...
16 Mason Mrs. Margt. aparts
16 Whyte Fredk. stock broker
18 Benvie Rev. Andrew b.d
20 Ross Mrs. Isabella, ajiarts
22 McGregor Mrs
24 Laing John H. A. surgeon
26 Mackay James
23 Dodds Mrs. Grace, aparts
30 Watson Robert
32 Bett Miss Ellen, aparts
34 Caughie Miss .
36 King Joseph Augustus
38 Young James Robertson
Chamberlain road, Green-
hill gardens toMorningside rd.
1 Armour Harry
3 Cousin John W. assistant
actuary Edinboro' Life
Insurance Co
5 Jackson John
5 Jackson Mrs
Itere is Forbes rd ...
7 Olipbant Mrs
7 Oliphant Stuart "W.s
9 Ford iliss
1 1 Taylor Mrs
13 Taylor James
2 Campbell Miss
4 Rolland Mrs. ( Sindola)
6 Wightman Alexander J.
3 Alexander Mrs
Chalmers street, 49 Lauris-
ton pi. [No thoroughfare.]
1 Hately Waltr. tchr. of mus
3 Chiene John r.B.c.s.^E.c.B.
nursing home
5 Thomson James
7 Dods Mrs
9 Calderwood Rev. Robt. R.s
Ti Elmslie George William
13 Phin Miss
15 Pollard Mrs
17 Ferguson Mrs .
19 Bowie Rev. John S
21 Brook Alexander J. S
23 Eadie Mrs
27 Murphy iMrs
29 Drummond Rev. Robert
J. D.D
31 ReathRev.Geo.Murray M.A
33 Balfour Rev. Robt. Gordon
35 Little Mrs
37 Porter Robert
39 Riddle Miss
41 Mark Mrs
43 Foulis David.
2 & 6 St.Catherine'sConvent
6 & 2 St.Catherine'sConvent
8 Smith F'rederick Joseph
10 Rollo Rev.DavidAndrw.B.D
12 Baird MissesMary& Grace,
14 Nelson Mrs. E'len, aparts
14 Miller George, solicitor
Chambers street, 74 South
biidge to George the Fourth
1 Edinburgh Shoe Co. boot
2 Tait David & Co. tailors
3 Rankine Thoma.s & Sons,
who. boot warehousemen
5 Operetta House,
H. E. Moss.man.dirctr
6 University hotel, Johnson
W. Swan
7 Stewart & McDonrld,ware-
housemen (Gco.Brunton
& Alex. H. Grant, repre-
7 Knight Charles F'rederick
M.D. medical tutor
8 Macfarlane Daniel & Co.
here is Guthrie St
9 Brown JIatthew & Sons,
10 Kirkwood James,hardware
11 Mann, Byars & Co. ware-
1 1 Waldie John & Co. woollen
11 Anderson R.& Son, printers
12 Harrison George & Co.
woollen merchants
13 BaxendineAndrew.booksUr
14 Craig Brothers &, Co. wool-
len merchants
15 Fleming Thomson & Co.
electrical engineers
16 Church of Scotland Train-
ing College
16 Laurie Professor Simon
17 Campbell (Archibald),
Hope & King Limited,
brewrs.( Argyle brewery)
18 Scottish Co-operative
Wholesale Society Lim.
(furniture dept.),
Geo. D. Lawson,mangr
20 Medical College for Women
20 School of Medicine (Minto
20 City Analyst's Laboratory
20 King John Falconer, city
Heriot-Watt College
30 Beattie T. & A. private
inquiry agents
Alex. Little, manager
30 Office of the Associated
Caryienters & Joiners
Wilham Mclntyre, sec
31 Incorporated (The) Edin-
burgh Dental Hospital &
31 Odonto-Chirurgical Society
of Scotland
here is George the Fourth hrdg
33 Craig George, boot maker
36 Smart J. & R. butchers
37 Hunter John F.c.s., f.i.c.
37 Boys' Purity Band (The),
B. McCall Barbour, sec
38 Gilbey W. & A. Limited,
spirit merchants
39 Mitchell Missi Annie W.'W.
umbrella maker
40 Hossack ThomasM.sc?ond-
hand bookseller
41 MaxtonA. &Co. shirt mfrs
41 Giffen Miss Grace Haxton
I.. B.C. P. medical tutor
41 Rhind Thos. map mounter
42 Donaldson Miss Jemima,
43 & 44 Cumming James,
marble cutter
IMusenm of Science & Art
... here is U'est College st ...
... here is I^'icolson St
Chancelot cres. Ferry rd.
[No thoroughfare.]
I Ogilvie M'illiara, bnilder
Chancelot terrace.
See F'EunY road.
Chapel lane, Quality street.
[No thoroughfare.]
15 Buchan Anthony.spiiit dlr
Chapel street, 71 Bristo
St. to West Crosscauseway.
lA, Fraser Mrs.Mary,confctr
f Edgar James, watch ma
' I Post, M. O. O. & S. B
3 Miller MissAgnes, dress ma
5 Carrol Charles & Co. tailors
7 Williamson Wm. hair drssr
II Irwin AVm. glass&china dlr
13 Potts Mrs. Margt. news agt
17 Cubie Miss Annie, tobccnst
here are H'indiiiill st. tj*
Bucclcuch st
EAST side.
4 McKenzie Walters, cricket
hat &c. maker
6 Wilson William, baker
10 Gray Miss Nellie, milliner
12 & 14 GrinstpadLaurie,drpr
i: Barker Patrick, pawnbrkr
... here is IVes-tXicolson .«( ...
18 Hardie George & Son,
joiners &c
20 McHardy Chas. coach bldr
here is Buccleuch .'it
Charles street, 25 Bristo
street to i George square.
WEST side.
... here is Charles Street la ...
17 & 19 Notman James, grocer
23 & 25 McGregor William,
spirit dealer
here is George »y
east side.
2 Young Brothers, bakers
12 McBeath John, chimney
22A, McDermaidJnca'o propr
here is Crichton st
here is George sq
Charlotte lane (Leith), 2^
Charlotte street.
[No thoroughfare.]
Thomson J. F'. & Co. distillers-
Sutherland Jas. S. plasterer
Scott William, joiner
Charlotte lane, Randolph
place to Queensferry st.
I Redpath Alexander, slater
4 Fleming Hugh &, Son, jol>
masters & smiths
i8b, LauriePeter&Sons,joinrs.
Charlotte place.
Now called Randolph pl^
Charlotte Place lane.
Now called Charlotte la.
Charlotte square. North)
Charlotte st. to Glenfinlas st.
north side.
I Adair Peter s.s.c. & n.p
1 F'enwick Bruce s.s.c
2 Leslie Miss
3 Couper Charles T, advocate-
3 Couper John C. w.s
4 Barbour Alexander Hugh
F'reeland m.d., f.r.c.p
5 Bute Marquis of
6 Mitcliell - Thomson Sir
Mitchell hart
7 \^'hytc Rev. Alexander d.d-
S RonaldsonThomasRuther-
ford M.B. surgeon
9 Hill George
10 Amoore John S. dentist
10 Warrack Malcolm l.d.s.,.
D.D.s. dentist
11 Forman & Bennet Clark.
w.s. & N.p
11 Clark George Bennet w.s
12 Robertson J. Morton
13 Caird Francis Mitchell
M.B ,c.M.,F.n.c.s. surgn
14 Burn-Murdoch Thomas-
Monck M.B., CM.,,
M.R.C.P.E. physician
15 Macgillivray Chas. Watson.
M.D., F.B.C.S.E
16 Watson Patrick H. m.d.,.
LL.D., F.E.S., F.B.C.S.E..
17 Jordon John
St. George's Chubch
18 Robertson D. Argyll m.d..
19 Hope Todd & Kirk w.s..
& N.p
19 Chartered Bank of India,.
Australia & China (Hope
Todd & Kirk w.s. &
N.p. agents)
20 TnkeSirJn. Batty m.d.,d.sc..
private lunatic asylum
20 Fordyce William M. A., M.D.
21 Drummond & Reid s.s.c
21 Stirling Irvine R. s.s.c
22 Ritchie James m.d,, cm.,.
F.R.c.s.E. surgeon
SOUTH side.
24 Pringle & Clay w.s
24 Middlesex Banking Co. of
24 Western Ranches Limited
24 Glegg Andrew H. w.s
24 Flnlay Ninian J. w.s
Worshipful Company of
i I'ishmongera (Charles-
I W. Morris, inspector)
SOUTH side.
[25 Croom Sir John Halliday
m.d.,f.b.c.p.e. physician.
26 Chiene John M.D., F.B.C.S.E.
26 Chiene Hall C. C.A
37 Dallas Forbes & Co. w.s..

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