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46 Colonial Real Property Co.
46 Miller J. A. c.A
.-. here is I'ounr/ st
48 Anderson J. & F. w.s
48 Edinburgh, Argyle, Bute
& Western Isles Assocn
4S Smith Kieliard Baird,
52 Moir John m.d., f.k.c.p.
54 JTewZealand & Australian
Land Co. Limited
56 Gladstone Miss, dress ma
56 Saunders Mrs
58 Gardiner J. Douglas &
Mill s.s.c
58 Heritable (The) Investors
Co. Limited
58 Younger David J. solicitor
58A, Jameson John & Son,
fish & game salesmen
60 Bartholomew Jn. advocate
60 Hamilton Alexander M
60 Paterson T. S. s.s.c
60 Galletly Alexander, solicitr
60 Andrew Miss Bruce, artist
60 Craig D. & Son, contctnrs
60 Century Club
60 McAlpine Alexr.apartmnts
60 The Edinburgh Milk Sup-
ply Association Limited
( Lawrence Watson, mgr)
Castle terrace, Lothian rd.
to Spittal street.
I Military Staff Headquar-
ters, Scottish district
I Adiutant-General's Office,
Lieut. -Gen. Sir A.
Hunter k.c.e. , d.s.o.
commanding the forces
in Scotland
I Royal Engineers' Office,
Col. St.G.M.Kirke, com.
I Royal Artillery District
Office, Lord Col. G. J.
Playfair, officer com-
manding Royal Artillery
Army Service Corps, Maj.
A. E. Buckle.officer com-
I Ordnance Store Depart-
ment, Capt. C. M.
Matthew,senior ordnance
store officer
I Army Pay Department, Col,
J. A. R. Bell, chief pay-
1 Army Medical Department,
Col. F. W. Trevor m. b
.2 Gibson Donald, antique
furniture dealer
4 De Greiner Madame
Lilly, teacher of singing
4 Christie Robert H
4 Cap & Gown Club
5 Paterson James V. m.A.,
M.B., F.R.c.s.E. surgeon
6 Thomas Alexander,solicitr
7 Jlorrison Miss Isabella,
Unitarian Chapel (St.
8 SalomonMadame,corsts.&c
S Salomon Henry & Co. boot
& shoe makers
8 Swayne Mrs. Jessie
9 Roberts Miss
9 Somerville Francis R
10 Spence Thomas F. H. m.a.,
M.B. surgeon
1 1 Thomson Alexander B
II Johnston Miss J. C
11 Sawers Miss
12 Brander Phineas Bell, law
agent & n.p
13 Grant Mrs.Elizh.aprtmnts
here is Camhridcfe st
Edinburgh Parish Council
Chambers (Andrew Ferrier,
inspector of poor ; Alex-
ander Fraser, collector)
Davidson Charles & SonsLim.
paper makers
School Board of Edinburgh
(James Arnot m.a. clerk ;
William B. Gibson, treas)
here is Cornwall st ....
25 Thain John W. w.s
26 RutherfordRichd.p.H.o.v.s
26 Rutherford Zerub B.
27 Hall Misses
27 Denham James G
27 Powell James Scott
8 Bruce Mrs
29 Queen Victoria's Jubilee
Institute for Nurses
(Scottish branch) (Miss
Jane Wade, supt)
29 Beattie Adam
32 Scotland John Thomas
32 Legget Mrs
32 Casey John
35 Muirhead Charles
35 BannermanRbt.cracl.trvllr
Croall John & Sons Lim.
Royal Horse bazaar
Croall John E. auctioneer
Irons James H. auctioneer
Moir Edward J. auctioneer
here is Johnston ter
Castle wynd, 46 Grass-
market to Castle hill.
3 WardaleT.&Son,saw mas
5 Armstrong A. K. cabinet
case maker
Tyrrell Bros, gold beaters
6 Millar H. & RT tnrret clock
Cathcart place. Dairy road
to DvS street.
12 Davidson Alexander,grocer
16 Kinnaird Geo. life insur.agt
26 & 30 Cattanach Donald,
dairyman & grocer
here is Duff st
3 Urquhart William, boot &
shoe maker
5 Dovey Jlrs. Helen, confctr
9 Burgess Mrs. Susan, dairy
15 Waugh Adam C. joiner
21 Messer MissMrgt. dress ma
23 Dickson William, engineer
23 Martin Peter, coal agent
,. here is Dnff st
Cathedral house.
See YoEK place.
Catherine court.
See Leith steeet.
Cattle market.
See Lauriston place.
Cause*wayside, Summer-
hall to West Mayfield.
3 St. Cuthbert'sCo-oporative
■ Association Limited
S Weir Cochrane, painter
5 Graham James, plumber
7 Forrester Jas.C. watch ma
9 Craw Mrs. Marj',greengrcr
II Ambrose jMiss Susanna,
hardware dealer
HA, Wilson Peter, chemist
... here is West Preston st ...
17 Goodlet James, stationer
19 Hart Miss Isabella, draper
21 Nelson James & Sons Lim.
2i.\, Goldie George ]M. painter
25 Mackay Donald, spirit dlr
29 Simpson Mrs. Ann,grngrcr
33 Forman John, baker
39 Graham Mrs. Fanny, drapr
41 Davidson & Co. boot mas
43 Eggie Charles, tailor
45 Park Jas. china & glass dlr
47 Pentland Colin, coal mer
49 Fairley George, news agent
51 Davidson Ralph, dairyman
55 Middleton Miss Jessie,
smallware dealer
57 Meikie Alexander, grocer
61 Inglis James, smallware dlr
63 Hillock Andrew, boot ma
67 Earthgate Jas.fried fish dlr
69 Dobson William, confectnr
j'^ Orr James, chimney sweep
75 McGachie Mrs. Margaret,
77 Robertson Rt.chimny.swpr
83 Adarnson David, coach prpr
89 Shearer William, grocer
93 Sheldon H. & I. (Misses),
95 Chalmers Memorial Mis-
sion Hall
99 Watson John, painter
loi Hepburn Robert, butcher
103 Pershaw James, refresh-
ment rooms
119 Loraine George, joiner
Iiere is Salisbury pi
137 Middlemass R. & Son,
Lim. wholesale biscuit
157 Slurray Jas. corn chandler
161 Taylor James, draper
163 HandysideHugh,coal mer
163 Handyside G. B. & Co.
coal merchants
169 Duncan Alex, cab propr
173 JIailer James, painter
173A, McArdle Mrs. Mary,
17s Clark Robert, newsagent
177 Millar Thomas
179 DicksonJamcs,diningrms
iSi Hopkirk Jliss Ellen,grocr
187 Dail William, hair dresser
189 Spratt George, butcher
191 Valandino Guieuseppe,
19s McAdam James, laundry
197 Jack Miss Mary, draper
199 M'Adam James, laundry
201 Borthwick James, hard-
ware dealer
203 McGregor Thomas, boot
211 Dobbie John, sliopkeeper
215 Jack T.C.&E.C.publishrs
217 Edinburgh Laundry Co.
219 Ritchie Geo. bellhanger
221 Guthrie James, joiner
223 Newington Cycle Depot,
cycle agents
225 Hutchison Peter, jobbing
225 Laidlaw Alex, bellhanger
227 JIcLeod Miss Helen M,
dairy keeper
229 Lees Miss
231 Baillie^\'illiam,undertakr
233 Ross John, plasterer
235 Inglis Mrs. Mary, refresh-
ment rooms
iLere is Duncan st
237 Clow James, cabinet ma
239 Livingstione Alexander,
243 Hillock David, boot makr
245 Harrison Alex, confectionr
247 Smith J. & A. (Misses),
dress makers
249 Archibald Wm. painter
& 253 Forebister John,
255 Shields John, boot maker
257 Mitchell George,news agt
259 M'Dermaid William,
coach proprietor
CAU 21
263 Lees John, chimney sweep
269 Nimmo& Burns,coal mers
271 Young Walter, saddler
273 \\'hytock Miss Helen,
hardware dealer
281 Miller Adam, shopkeeper
283 Leslie John, spirit dealer
289 & 293 St. Cuthbert's Co-
291 Duncan George
291 Jack Miss Susan. milliner
293 St. Cuthbert's Co-opera-
tive Association Limited,
Allan J. &R. Lim. stables
299 & 301 Girdwood Richard,
305 Grandison Thos. painter
309 Paterson Mrs
313 Forbes Athole, collector ^
here is West Mai/Jield ...
west side.
18 Carter Charles, electrical
22 Hart James, joiner
24 Stewart Robei't, corn dealr
25 Rattray John \V. boot ma
30 Hogg John, hair dresser
32 St. Cuthbert's Co-opera-
tive Assoc. Lim. bakers
36 Graham George, grocer
38 McDougall James, chimney
40 Greig George, sculptor
... here is East Sciennes st ...
42 Gray John, confectioner
46 Brown Jlrs. Isabella,
50 RichardsonGeo. hair dressr
52 Spiers Alexander, ward-
robe dealer
56 Pitkethly Thomas,drysaItr
58 Traill Miss Margaret,
dress maker
72 Stonehouse John, grocer &
spirit dealer
78 Hillock Robert, fishraongr
80 Blyth George, confectioner
84 ^^'alker John, fishmonger
herds Draid yl
92 Tait James, fruiterer
96 Lane Miss Flora, dress ma
100 Tait Miss Alice, fruiterer
102 Graham Thos. dairymaa
106 Nimmo James, butcher
114 Wardie liotel, David, B.
116 Robertson Jas. newsagnt
Mission Hall
NewingtonUnited Free
Letter Box
itere is Grange rd
130 GilliesThomas,news agent
134 Alexander Mrs. Margaret,
dress maker
138 Sinclair Miss Catherine,
dairy keeper
Board School (Robert
Mathewson3i.A. master)
Banks & Co.Lim.engrvrs.
(Grange printing \vorks)
164 & 168 Wright Ji.>hn, joiner
180 Brown Mrs. Janet, dairy
182 Linton MissMary, milliner
188 Davies Benjamin, draper
190 Kelly FloranceH.S. grocer
202 Rutherford David, shpkpr
206 Horsburgh John, smith
:o6 & 208 Gibson fiercer &Co.
Ballautyne, Hanson &
Co. printers (Paul's wks)
234 & 236 PatersonBros. joinrs
244 Aitken John, vet. surgeon
246 Swan Robert, grocer
250 Robertson Alex, grocer
here is Grange loan
252 Hunter John, grocer &
spirit dealer
258 Hudden Jn.conftr.&dairy
262 Campbell John, plumber

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