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Walker Jessie (Mrs.), apartments
Watson &. Co. grocers & news agents
Watson Alexander, painter &
Wilson James & David, grocers, bakers &
coal merchants
Young Men's Christian Association (Donald
Chrisholm, sec)
Cameron James D. Kirkton & Drummuie
Forsyth James, Culmaily
Gordon John, TJppat & Drummuie
Graham Mrs. Alexander, Morvich
Harrison Alexander, Gtflspie
Stractham James (for the Duke 01 Suther-
land), Dunrobin mains
See Strathy.
HELMSDALE is a modern village, in
the parish of Kildonan, and in the Suther-
land poor combination ; a small debt court
district is held here twice a year. There
is a station here on the Golspie and Wick
section of the Highland railway. The vil-
lage is 50 miles south-by-west from Wick
and 17 north-north-east from Golspie, at
the mouth of the river from which it
takes its name, and on the coast road
that passes northward to Wick. A har-
bour was constructed in 1896 at a cost of
£14,000. During the herring fishing sea-
son large fleets of boats resort here. The
river that flows through the extensive
strath to Kildonan abounds with salmon,
and fish curing is carried on here. In the
village is a branch of the British Linen
Company's Bank. Just opposite the village
stand the ruins of a castle, built by Mar-
garet Baillie, Countess of Sutherland, after
the death of her husband, John 7th Earl of
Sutherland, in 1460 ; her son, with whom
she had some differences, damaged it, but
it was restored in July, 1567 : these ruins
serve as a landmark to mariners. The
principal landowner is the Duke of Suther-
land K.G., L.L. The population in 1901,
including East Helmsdale, was 779.
West Helmsdale is a village on the west
bank of the river Helmsdale. The popula-
tion, including Marrel and Gartyniore, in
1901 was 480.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. (Eailway Sub-Office.
Letters should have E.S.O. Sutherland-
shire added) ; Jas. Paterson. postmaster.
Deliveries, 10.40 a.m. & 2 p.m. ; dis-
patches, north, 1.30 p.m. ; south, 10.30
a.m. & 4.30 & 10 p.m
Police Offices, Geo. Murray, police sergnt
Fishery Office, Alexander Wood, officer
Harbour & Shore Dues .Office, Donald
M'Kay. master
Custom House Officer, William Shaw
Coast Guards, Henry Quaine & James
1st Caithness Artillery (No. 7 Garrison Co.),
Commanding, Capt. Donald Sutherland ;
Sergeant-Major Wm. Hide, drill instrctr
Established Church, Kildonan, Eev. Archi
bald Black Scott B.l)
United Free Church, Eev. John Cameron
Public School, Henry Cooper Robertson
M.A. master; William Chalmers M.A.
second master
Eailway Station, Alex. Macdonald, agent
Cameron Rev. John (United Free Church)
Couper George, Rosemount
Davidson Samuel M.D
Hill James J
Scott Rev. Archibald Black B.D. (Estab
lished Church), The Manse
Sutherland Capt. Donald, Proncy house
Bannerman Cath. (Mrs.),drpr.grcr.&gen.dlr
British Linen Co. Bank (branch) (James J.
Hill, agent); draw on London office,
Threadneedle street E C & Bank of
England E C, London
Bruce George, baker
Bruce John, tailor
Campbell Helen (Mrs.), drpr.grcr.&gen.dlr
Campbell James, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages & inspector of poor •■
parish of Kildonan
Cormack Gana D. fish curer & cooper
Couper George, fish curer & cooper
Davidson Samuel M.D., CM. physician &
surgeon & parochial medical officer &
public vaccinator for Kildonon & Loth
Fisherman's Welcome Institute Club (Jas.
Winter, manager), refreshment rooms
Ffaser Jas. & Donald, fish curers & cooprs
Fraser ElizK. (Miss), Belgrave Arms hotel
Fraser John, chemist, druggist & news agt
Fraser Oliver, stone mason&building cntrctr
Fraser Robert, temperance hotel
Gordon & Macpherson, joiners & wrights
Gordon Paul & Co. drapers
Gordon Alexander, coffee house keeper &
beer retailer
Gordon Alexander, grocer & general dealer
Gordon Alexander, joiner & wright
Holme Wilhelmina (Miss), meal dealer
Hyde Sergt. -Major William, drill instructor
No. 7 Co. 1st Caithness Vol. Artillery
Little Donald, butcher & meal
Macaulav John, fish curer & cooper
Macdonald Alexander, station agent
McDonald William, blacksmith
McHardy Alexander, draper
McHardy Alexander, ground officer
M'Kay Donald, commission agent
M'Kay Donald, harbour master & collectoi
of shore dues
M'Kav John, tailor
M'Kenzie James, grocer & general dealer
Mackenzie James, butcher
M'Kenzie John, fish curer & cooper
Macleod Alexander, blacksmith
McLeod Alexander Eobert, blacksmith
Macleod Jane (Miss), baker & temperance
Macleod Jessie (Miss), grocer & gen. dealr
M'Lend John, blacksmith
McLeod William, photographer
Macpherson Murdo, boot & shoe maker
Matheson John S. plumber & gasfitter
Milne John, joiner & wriglit
Murray George, police sergeant
Paterson James, chemist, druggist, news
agent, grocer, general dlr. & postmaster
Poison Hugh (Mrs.), grocer & draper
Ross Jn. & Co. grocers, gen. dlrs. & bakrs
Ross George, Commercial hotel
Rutherford Robt. & Sons,drapers, grocers &
general dealers
Shanlin Owen, fish curer & cooper
Shaw William, custom house officer
Sutherland David, tailor
Sutherland Nicholas, butcher & meal dealer
Sutherland William, boot & shoe maker
Sutherland William, carpenter
Temperance Coffee Rooms (Temperance
Society! (Rev. Andrew Grant, president)
Winter "James, manager of Fishermen's
Welcome Institute Club
Wood Alexander, fishery officer
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
James Campbell, Helmsdale
Inspector of Poor, Jas. Campbell, Helmsdale
INVEKAN, see Creich.
INVEESHIN, see Ckeich.
Cirnrch of Scotland(parish church in Helms-
dale village), Eev. Archd. Black Scott B.D
United Free Church, Eev. John Cameron
Chairman, George Bruce
Members, William Sutherland, William
Cuthbert, Peter Poison & JohnRutherford
Clerk, Archibald Golspie
Eailway Station, John Seaton, agent
Cameron Rev. John (United Free Church)
Henderson Alexander, Achintoul
Macfarlan Alexander, Torrish
Nutting Frederick G. Achintoul
Kadcliffe Miss
Seaton John, postmaster
(Letters through Kildonan R.S.O.)
Banner.-nan Adam, Blarmohr
Fraser Robert •
Henderson Alexander, Achintoul
Hirch Leopold, Suisgill
Hill Robert, Navidale
Ormiston James, Claggan
Pilkinton Edward, Dalcharn
Rutherford John, Kildonan
Sykes Frank, Borrobol
Taylor John B. & Frank
Trotter William, Harvieston
McLeod John
Fraser John, stone mason
McLeod Alexander, road contractor
McPherson William, carpenter
Murray George, road contractor
Egerton Miss
Hill Robert J.P
M'Pherson Alexander, stone mason
KILDONAN is a parish, having a narrow
sea border of about 5 miles along the Moray
Firth, and extending inland towards the
north-west for a distance of 24 miles, with
an average width of 11 miles; it is in the
small debt court district of Helmsdale and
poor combination of Sutherland, and is
hounded on the east by Caithness-shire,
north by Eeay and Farr, west by Clyne and
Loth, and includes the villages of Helms-
dale and East Helmsdale, to the east of
the river of same name, West Helmsdale,
on its western bank, and the hamlet of
Kildonan. The parish church stands in
the village of Helmsdale. The Highland
railway passes through the entire length
of the parish, having stations at Helms-
dale, Kildonan, Borrobol and Kinbrace.
The land is mostly heath on each side of
the vale of the Helmsdale. Ben Griam
Mhor is 1,936 feet in height, and Ben
Dobhrain, on the 6outh border, 2,060 feet
the northern part of the parish are
three large lochs — Nun Cuinne, 5 miles in
length, Nun Buathuir and Lewn. A small
debt court is held at Helmsdale, in this
parish, twice yearly. The principal land-
owner is the Duke of Sutherland. The
parish trea comprises 134,550 acres; rate-
able value, £11,401; the population in
1891 was 1,828, and in 1901, 1,772, in-
cluding 779 in Helmsdale and East Helms-
dale, and 480 in West Helmsdale.
Post & T. O. (Railway Sub-Office. Letters
should have E.S.O. Sntherlandshire
added); John Seaton, postmaster. De-
liveries, 8 & 11.23 a.m. & 3.30 p.m. ;
dispatch, 2.50 a.m Postal Orders are
issued & paid here. The nearest money
order office is at Kinbrace.
Chairman, John Fraser
Clerk, James Campbell
Medical Officer, Samuel Davidson L.F.P
. & S.Glas. Helmsdale
LAIBG is a parish, in Sutherland poor
combination and the small debt court dis-
trict of Dornoch, and is 25 miles in length
by a breadth of from 7 to 10 miles; it is
bounded on the north by Farr, south-west
by Creich, east by Rogart and west by
Eddrachillis. The village, which is at the
head of Loch Shin, is about 15 miles north
from Lairg station on the Tain and Brora
section of the Highland railway, and 20
north from Dornoch. Loch Shin, one of
the largest lakes in Scotland, is m this
parish, and is about 16 miles long by 1
broad, being fed by several rivers, chiefly
the Fiag and the Terry: the loch contains
snlmo-ferox and trout. Loch Merkland, a
feeder of the Shin, is about 3 miles in
length by 1 in breadth; Griam Loch,
about 2 miles long by 1 broad, is the source
of the river Garvie, which empties itself
into Loch Shin. There are eight other
smallers lochs in the parish. Ben Hee
mountain is 2,864 feet high. The Duke of
Sutherland K.G. and Major Lewis Mathe-
son are the principal landowners. Acreage
of the parish, 121,359; rateable value,
£6,728 ; population in 1881, 1,355, and in
1901, 1,081. T . _. . .
Achany is 2 miles south of Loch bnin, in
South Sutherland.
Post, T., M. O. O. & T. O., T. M. O., E. D.,
P. P., S. B. & A. & I. O. Lairc; Angus
M'Neill, postmaster. Deliveries, 7.35
(mondays only) & 9.40 a.m. & 1.15 p.m.;
dispatches, 6.52 & 11.40 a.m. & 6.52 p.m
Post Office, Colaboll; Murdo McLeod, sub-
postmaster. Letters through Lairg.
Delivery, 10.35 a.m. ; dispatch, 4.20 p.m.
Nearest telegraph & money order office
is at Lairg, 3 miles distant
Chairman, John E. Campbell
Olerk, Alexander Gray
Collector of Poor, Alexander Gray

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