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Alexander David C. solicitor & notary (D.
C. & C. Alexander), West port
ALiun Maria (Mrs.), glass & china dealer,
24 West port
Aederson George & Co. woollen yarn spin-
ners, Ettricfc Vale mill
Anderson Andrew, hair dresser, 26 High st
Anderson -John, confectioner, 9a, High st
Angus John, grocer & spirit dealer, 46
Back row
Armstrong- William, srocer & spirit dealr.
12 West port
Ballantyne James, joiner, Enccleuch road
Baron & Hogurth, reed & heddle makers,
Buccleuch reed works
Bartie James, road surveyor, Alva cottage
Blair John, butcher, 21 Tower street
Blair John.grocHT -t spirit dealer, Market pi
Bonson Henry W. grocer, 14 Green terrace
Borthwick Alexander J. chemist & drug-
gist, 6 Market place
"Bourke Patrick, china, glass & earthenware
dealer, 12 Kirk wynd
Brierylaw Cemetery (William Fowler,
superintendent; Anthony Hvmers, kpr)
British Linen Co. Bank (branch) (John
Steedman & J. Strathearn Steedman,
-joint agents). Market plnce ; draw on
London office, Threadneedle street E 0,
& Bank oE England E C, London
Brodie Charles, joiner, Chapel street
Brawn, Allan & Co. woollen varn spinners,
Riversido mills; TN 107;' T A " River-
side, Selkirk "
Brown Andrew, hosier, 10 High street &
hosiery manufacturer, Croft factory
TBrown Andrew S. draper, 11 Green terrace
Sirown Herbert B. woollen manufacturer,
Cheviot mills
Xrown Jane (Miss), dress ma. 13 Green ter
Brown Jn. watch ma. & jeweller,12 High st
Brown Jn. A. accountant, National Bank ho
Brown Maggie T. (Miss), school, Dunreay
£<rown Walter, carting contractor. The Glebe
Brydon James, coal mer. Railway station
Burns John, commission agent, Hillside ter
Chalmers James George, solicitor (P. & G.
Rodger & Chalmers), & notary public,
depute procurator fiscal for the county
& depute town clerk, High street
Chisholm James, cart owner, South port
Chisho'm. James, tweed mer. 8 Ettrick ter
â– Christie John, grocer & spirit dealer, 12
Market place ; T N 123
Clapperton Adam & Son, plasterers, Halli
â– day's park
â– Clapperton Rt. photographer, Meadow cot
Cleghorn James, joiner, Back row
Cochrane, Smith & Co. dyers & finishers.
Selkirk dye works ; T N 115
•Cockburn William, nurseryman, Thornie-
hall nursery
Colquhoun M'isses, school, Marion crescent
Commercial Bank of Scotland Lim. (branch)
(Mathison & Chalmers, joint agents).
High street; draw on London office, 62
Xombard street E C & Coutts & Co. W C,
Conn Catherine (Mrs.), temperance hotel,
High street
Connoehie William M.R.C.V.S. veterinary
surgeon, 47 High street; TN 114
•Connoehie William D., M.R.C.V.S. veter-
inary surgeon, West Port
Conservative Club (William Fear, sec. ;
John Howden, keeper), Ettrick terrace
Coutts William & Son, boot & shoe makers,
18 High street
Coutts James M. cashier, Marfion crescent
Coutts Janet(Miss), dress maker, 18Market pi
Cowan James, hair dresser, 14 West port
Craig-Brown T. & Co. woollen yarn spinners,
Yarrow mill ; T Ni 108
Cunningham & Hall, woollen yarn spinners,
Burn mill, Philiphaugh
Cunningham George & Son, drapers, 22
High street
Curling Club (Thomas Dunn, sec). High st
Currie Ellen (Mrs.), grocer, Dunsdalehaugh
Currie Robert, hosiery manufr. Millburn
Dalgleish & Co.provSsion dealers, Markeb pi
Dickenson George, spirit dlr. Market pi
Dickson Thos. boot & shoe makr. 15 High st
Dickson William, coal mer. Railway station
Dobson Walter D. tailor, 19 Tower street
Born John C. Station hotel, Station road;
TN 113
Douglas Andrew, bookseller &
stationer, Market place
Douglas James, bill poster, Green terrace
Douglas Mary T. (Miss), confectioner &
tobacconist, Buccleuch road
©ouglas Robert, baker & confectioner, 17
Market place
Downie George B. grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 6 West port
Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, boot makers,
14 Market place
Dunn Thomas, registrar of births
& marriages, 5 High street
Dunn Thomas, chemist & druggGst,5 High st
Edwards Andrew R.photogrphr.33 Tower st
Elliot Henry.grocer & spirit dlr.ll Tower st
Elliott James & Son, grocers, 7 Market pi
Emond Robert, butcher, 24 High street
Fair Beatrice (Mrs. ), fruiterer & game
dealer, 16 High street
Fairbairn John, cart owner, Kirk wynd
Faulds James, spirit dealer, West port
Fire Engine Station (Andrew B. Ruther-
ford, officer-in-charge), Flesh Market st
Forrest Brothers, tanners, Mill street
Fowler James, tweed manufr. Buccleuch rd
Fowler William, clerk to Parish Council,
inspector of poor & collector of rates, 7
Tower street
Free Library (James G. Chalmers, hon.
clerk; Mrs. Agnes Scott, librarian), Et-
trick terrace
Gardiner Edward & Sons, woollen manu-
facturers, Tweed mills ; T N 116
Gibson & Lumgair, woollen manufacturers,
St. Mary's mills; T N 129 ; TA " Mar-
mion, Selkirk "; & 31 Brewer street.
London W
Gibson Robert, tailor, Mill street
Gray William, tailor, Market place
Grieve Adam, builder, The Glebe
Grieve Walter,factor forDuke ofBuccleuch,
Guthrie Archibald, boot & shoe maker, 45
High street
Hall George, fishmonger, 16 Market place
Hall James, confectioner & fruiterer, 2
Market place
Hall Thos. cabinet ma. & joiner, Chapel et
Hardie John, tailor, 13 Tower street
Hardie Robert, tailor, la, Tower street
Harper John J. coal & potato merchant
Railway station & Ettrick terrace
Heather Mills Co. tweed manufacturers,
Buccleuch road; TA "Heather"
Henderson Andrew, watch ma. 21 Market pi
Henderson Daniel, boo* & shoe maker, 1
High street
Hislop David, fishmonger & poulterer, 23
High street
Hogg Brothers, woollen manufacturers
TA "Hogg, Selkirk "
Hogg Isabel(Mrs.),dyer & clnr.Bucclench rd
Hogg James, tailor, Castle street
Hope Robert, baker, 9a, High street
Hospital for Contagious Diseases (John
Muir M.B., CM. medical superintendent)
Hutchison Janet (Mrs.), berlin wool & fancy
repository, 25 Market place
Ingles Walter, boot & shoe ma. 19 Chapel st
Irvine Benjamin, dogger, Scott's place
Jeffrey Agnes(Mrs.), apartments, 19Back row
Johnstone Alex. tailor & clothier,5 West port
Johnstone Archibald, bookseller & stationer,
24 Market place
Johnstone Archibald, grocer & spirit dealer,
11 High street
Johnstone Jane (Miss), confectioner, 5a,
West port
Johnstone John, slater, 56 Forest road
Johnstone John James, County hotel &
posting & commercial house, High st.
See advert
Johnstone Robert, saddler & harness maker
10 Market place
Keddie Thos. & Rt. blacksmiths, Heatherlie
Kemp Ninian & Co. woollen dyers, Ettrick
dye works
Kirkpatrick Jas. wool agent, 15 Hillside ter
Laidlaw Robert, blacksmith, Tower street
Lamb George, nurseryman & seedsman, 2
Chapel place
Lamb Robert, hair dresser, 14a, High st
Lang & Steedman, solicitors. Market place
Laurie Robert, ironmonger & oil merchant,
19 Market place
Lawrie William, hair dresser, Ettrick ter
Lees William, tailor, 11 Market place
Leithead John, plasterer, 25 Back row
Lewis George & Co. printers & publishers
of the " Southern Reporter & Selkirk
Advertiser," 19a, High street; TN 118
Lewis James, stationer, publisher & book-
seller, 13 High street; TN 117
Liberal Association (John Anderson, sec),
Elm row
Lidderdale Peter H. draper & clothier, 9
Market place
Lindsay James, fishmonger & poulterer, 23
Market place
Linton Alexander, tailor, 31a, High street
Linton Walter, builder, 1 Glebe terrace
Linton William, grocer & beer retailer,
Sloethorn bank
Linton William, nurseryman, Old Bridge rd
Little Thomas, auctioneer & cabinet maker,
Flesh Market street
Lothian Coal Co. Limited, coal merchants
(William Mitchell, agent). Railway station
Lothian James, tailor, The Green
iLow William & Co. grocers, 31 High street
Lunn George, tobacconist, 4 High street
Lunn Walter J. cashier, Rosemount
Lunt Sarah (Miss), dress maker, 28 High st
Mabon John, blacksmith, Henderson's court,
Chapel street
Macaulay Christian & Annie (Misses),
dress makers, 1 The Glebe
Macaulay John, clerk to school boards of
Selkirk & Kirkhope parishes, Market pi
Macaulay William, nurseryman & seeds-
man, 1 The Glebe
McGee James, fishmonger, 12 Green terrace
Mclntyre John, draper, 8 West port
Mackintosh Donald M. sheriff" clerk &
clerk of the peace, County buildings
McKay Alexander, confectioner,32a, High st
McLean James C. stationer & bookseller &
Post office, Statfion road
Masonic Hall (George Robertson, sec),
Back row
Millar George & John, tailors & clothiers
& cycle makers, 32 High street
Millar John, launderer, 1 Heatherlie terrace
Miller Thomas Scott, ironmonger,
11 West port
Milne James, chief constable, Grange cot
Mitchell D. & Sons, timber merchants,
Philiphaugh saw mill
Mitchell Alex, blacksmith, Mitchell's close
Mitchell William, coal agent, Railway statn
Muir John Stewart M.B.. CM., L.R.C.S.E.
surgeon & medical officer of health to
the burgh, police surgeon, medical officer
& vaccinator for Selkirk, Ettrick, Kirk-
hope & Yarrow & Lilliesleaf & Bowden
in Roxburghshire, Thorncroft; TN 120
Muir Michael, draper & dress maker, 3
Market place
Muldoon & Brydon, cabinet makers, Flesh
Market street
Muldoon James, grocer, 13 Kirk wynd
NairnsGeorgeHenry, Fleece hotel, Market pi
National Bank of Scotland Lim. (branch)
(Charles Alexander, agent), West port;
draw on London office, 37 Nicholas lane
E C, Bank of England E C, Glyn, Mills,
Currie & Co. E C, Coutts & Co. W O &
Hnion Bank of London Lim. E C, Londn
Neilson Davie & Son, reed & heald
makers, Mill street
Nichol John, joiner, 30 Tower street
Nichol William, painter & paperhanger, 9
Tower street
Nicole Walter, deputy chief constable & in-
spects of weights&measures, County bldgs
Oliver Mary (Mrs.), glass, china & earthen-
ware dealer, 3 Tower street
Park William, grocer & spirit dealer,
Buccleuch road
Paterson Andrew, confectioner,Buccleuch rd
Pennel & Rodger & Co. yarn spinners,
Phillips Matthew, cart owner, Bridge street
Pollok John, solicitor, procurator fiscal &
J. P. fiscal of Selkirkshire, town clerk &
clerk to the income tax commissioners,
County buildings; TN 111
Pringle John, coal merchant, Railway statn
Pritty John C.E. burgh surveyor, master of
works, sanitary inspector &c. Flesh
Market street
Public Telephone Call Office, Mill street
Purves Jane(Mrs.),confectioner,23 Tower st
Reekie Christopher, confectioner, 2 Mill 'et
Reid John, joiner, Yarrow terrace
Renwick Jane (Miss), dairy, 10 Green ter
Renwick John, milliner, 7 High street
Ritchie Cosmo, butcher, Heatherlie terrace
Roberts George & Co. Lim. woollen manu-
facturers (tweeds & tartans), Forest mill
& Philliphaugh mills; TN 101; TA
"Rocambole, Selkirk;" & 6 Great Pul-
teney street, London W
Robertson A. & Sons, railway contractors,
Ettrick place
Robertson Gideon, joiner, The Green
Robertson Walter O., M.R.C.Y.S. veterinary
surgeon, Ettrick place
Rodger (P. & G.) & Chalmers, solicitors,
High street
Rodgers David, grocer, Cannon street
Ruthven Peter, plumber & gasfitter, 22
West port
Saturday Advertiser Newspaper (Walter
Thomson, publisher ; published saturdav),
29 High Htreet
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society
Lim. woollen manufacturers (Andrew
Westland, manager; Andrew Miller,
sec), Ettrick mills ; TN 103 ; T A
" Tweeds, Selkirk "
Scott Agnes (Miss), tobacconist & news-
agent, 1 West port
Scott Andrew, draper, 1 Tower street
Scott Andrew Thomas, sheriff officer,
County buildings
Scott Francis NJ. painter &c. 25 High street
Scott George, saddler & harness
maker, 8 Market place
Scott George, tailor, 24a, High street
Scott Gideon T. wine & spirit merchant
& aerated water manufacturer, 5 High st

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