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â– Wilson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 12 Ann street
Wilson Michael, coal merchant, 1 Regent street; res. 81
Holmscroft street
Wilson Rebecca (.Miss), baker, .14 Ann street
Wilson Eobert, head master Highlanders' Academy, Mount Plea-
sant street; res. 40 Mearns street
Wilson Robert J. tailor, 44 Inverkip street; re«. 1 Bruce street
Wilson Rose Ann (Miss), dress maker, 27 Bank street
Wilson Thomas, solicitor & sec. & manager to the Harbour
Trustees, supt. of transit sheds & warehouses & clerk to the
Clyde Pilot board, Municipal buildings; res. 49 Esplanade
Wilson Walter, eating house keeper, 19 Tobago street
Wilson William, baker, 27 Rue-end st. ; res. lb, Lynedoch st
Wilson William, hatter & hosier, 43 Cathcart street; res. 40
Mearns street
Wilson William, spirit dealer, 11 Hamilton street & 40 West
Burn street; res. 85 Brisbane street
Wilson William, watch maker, 31 Nicholson street; res. 62
Wellington street
'Wilson William, jun. accountant & house factor, 2G
Hamilton street; res. 39 Kelly street
Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co. Limited, coal masters, 5 Chapel street
Wingate & Co. boot makers, 29 West Burn street
Wink J. & Co. cabinet makers, 29 West Burn street
Wink John, cabinet maker (J. Wink & Co.), 17 Robertson st
Wishart Margaret (Mrs.), draper, 25 Nelson street west
Wood Jas. & Wm. Ltd. coal masters & exporters,14 Brougham st
Wood James, district manager Scottish Legal Insurance Co. 89
Dempster street
Wood John, coal merchant, Upper Greenock station
Wood William, cartwright & smith, 5 Bogle street; res. 10
Lynedoch street
Woodburn William de Brassey L.D.S., P.P.S.Glas. dentist, 22
Eldon street
Working Men's Home (John Brown, supt.), 34 Charles street
Working Men's Temperance Hall, 6 Cartsburn street
Wrede & Co. sugar brokers, Citv buildings, 32 Cathcart street
Wrede John C. sugar broker (Wrede & Co.), 20 East Crawfurd st
Wright Peter B. & Son, funeral undertakers, 43 West Black-
hall street
Wright Alexander, sewing machine dealer, 48 Ann street
Wright Alexander, lessee & manager of Theatre Royal, West
Blackball street; res. Seabank, Johnstone street
Wright Alfd. Edwd. first-class customs clerk; res. 21 Bentinck st
Wright David, river pilot, 47 Brisbane street
Wright James, slater &c, 32 Inverkip street; res. Commonhead
house, Larkfield road, Ravenscraig
Wright James, sergeant-major 1st (Renfrewsh.) Vol. Batt. Prin-
cess Louise's (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders), 34 "Union st
Wright Joseph, umbrella manufacturer, 16 Hamilton street
Wright Peter B. jun. funeral undertaker (Peter B. Wright &
Son), 43 West Blackhall st. ; res. 4 Scarlow st. Port Glasgow
Wright Robert, tailor & clothier, 34 West Blackhall street;
res. 7 Lyle street
Wright William, draper, 4 Argyle st. ; res. 42 Holmscroft street
Wright William B. chemist, 9 Lynedoch st. ; res. 11 Roxburgh st
Wright William J. secretary, The Ardgowan Distillery Co. Lim.
Duchal terrace, Ardgowan street west
Wright William James, solicitor & notary, 27 West Burn street ;
res. 76 Union street
Wyer Sergt. C. J. drill instructor, Heavy Battery, 1st Renfrew
'& Dumbarton Royal Garrison Artillery ("Volunteers), West
Burn street
Wyllie John, jeweller, 45 Lynedoch street
Wyse James, confectioner, 29 Hamilton street
Torston Jessie (Miss), spirit dealer, 81 Roxburgh street
Young J. & R. & Co. ehipbrokers & agents, City buildings,
32 Cathcart street
Young James & Co. drapers, 36 Hamilton street
Young James & John, bakers, 42 Lynedoch street & 83 Holms-
croft street
Young & Co. bakers, 24 Tobago street
Young Men's Christian Association (James Chalmers, sec),
West Stewart street
Young Women's Christian Association (Miss Lang, sec), 23
West Stewart street
Young Andrew, schoolmaster, 15 Robertson street
Young George, baker (Young & Co.), 29 Nelson street west
Young Hugh S. spirit dealer, 7 Main street ; res. 20 Grant st
Young James, draper (James Young & Co.), 26 Robertson street
Young John S. coal merchant (Salmon & Young), 57 Esplanade
Yuill James, coal dealer, 9 Laird street
Account Book Manufacturers.
M'Kelvie James & Sons, 4 West Black-
hall street
Marked thus f Scottish Chartered
Alexander & Dixon, Old Post Office build-
ings, Wallace square
*f Allan & fClapperton, 2 Church place
Blair William, 1 Watt place
Bone & Buchanan, Municipal buildings
tHardie & fRowan, Clydesdale Bank build-
ings, 50 Cathcart street
J-Hardie William fHardie & Rowan), Clydes-
dale Bank buildings, 50 Cathcart street
Morison John, 29 West Burn street
Nicoll & Carmichael, 2 Bank street
Pater^on & Anderson, 13 Hamilton street
Paul John, 14 Hamilton street
Ritchie Huerri, Wallace square
-{â– Rowan R. Houston (Hardie & Rowan),
Clydesdale Bank buildings, 50 Cathcart st
^-Sinclair & Co. 46 Cathcart street
Welsh, IWalker & Macpherson, 33 Cath-
cart street
Williamson .Alexander, 49 Cathcart street
Wilson William, jun. 26 Hamilton st
Advertising: Contractor.
McMillan Matthew, 23 Cathcart street
Aerated Water Manufacturers.
See Mineral & Aerated Water Manufactrs.
Love James A. (consular for the United
States*!. 2 Hamilton street
Sale & Co. (debt recovery), 2 Hamilton st
Simpson John A. & Co. 10 Brougham street
& 6 Tobago street
Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, 33 Cathcart st
Agent — Coal.
Burnside James, 2 Dellingburn square
Agents — Commission.
Baxter Brothers, 19 Shaw street
Buchanan George, Cathcart 'arcade
Campbell Nicol, 45 Crawfurd street
Cuningham Charles, 49 Cathcart street
Denholm J. & J. Sugar exchange
Ewing Robert & Co. Arcade
Finlay Campbell & Co. 12 Bogle street
Hunter T. 0. & Co. 13 Hamilton street
Hyndman John G. 4 East breast
Jamison John, 6 Cathcart street
Kerr Daniel, 29 Cathcart street
Leckie William F. 8 East Blackhall street
Lindsay Wm.& Co.Citv bldgs.32 Cathcart st
Maclean, Todd & Co. 7 Virginia street
Macneilage Adam & Co. 26 Brougham st
Kamsav Charles G. Exchange buildings,
27 Cathcart street
Roberts & Bernsten, Dock breast
Ross, Corbett & Co. 46 Brymner etreet
Scott Jos. D. 41 Cathcart street
Smith A. C. & Co. 4 Brymner street
Williamson Peter S. 9 Highland close
Ag-ents— Cycle.
See Cycle Agents.
Ag-ents — Forwarding-.
Ross & Marshall, Main street
Ag-ents — General.
Campbell Jamea & Co. 23 Cathcart street
Gatherer Peter & Son, 21 & 23 Crawfurd st
Nicoll & Carmichael, 2 Bank street
Agents — Land & Estate.
Cameron Robert M. 30 West Burns street
Paterson & Anderson, 13 Hamilton street
Welsh, Waiker & Macpherson, 33Cathcart st
Ag-ent — Oil.
Edelsten Mrs. Agnes, 29 Brougham street
Ag-ents— Ship & Shipping-.
Cuningham D. & Co. Sugar exchange
Laird Alexander & Co. Custom House quay
Lament Hugh, West quay
Little James & Co. Excise buildings
Macfarlane J. M. & Co. 4 Vennel
McMeekin John, West quay
Macreadie Duncan, 4 Brymner street
Millar William, Custom House quay
'•nken Andrew & Co. Arcade
Sinclair William, Excise buildings
Walker William & Co. 2 Church place
Young J. & R. & Co. City buildings, 32
Cathcart street
Ag-ents — Yacht.
Gilmour Robert S. 12 Brougham street
Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast
Ale & Porter Merchant.
Scobie John, 110 Drumfrochar road
Aluminium Manufacturers.
Aluminium Castings Co. Ingleston foundry,
Ingleston street
British Aluminium Co. Ltd. Baker street
American Org-an Warehouse.
Paterson, Sons & Co. 23 West Blackhall st.
Tel. No. 416. See advert
Analysts— Public.
M'Cowan & Biggart, 29 Cathcart street
Black Mrs. Annie, 45 Brougham street
Brenmehl John B. 51 Brougham street
Brown Miss Helen 0. 40 Brisbane street
Collie Mrs. Joseph, 21 Nelson street west
Craig Mrs. Barbara, 35 Kelly street
Crawford Mrs. Margt. Elizh. 47 Brisbane st
Deas Miss Isabella, 21 Patrick street
Dinning Mrs. 13 Kelly street
Gordon Mrs. John, 23 Brougham street
Macmaster Miss Jessie, 26 Patrick street
Walker John Ross, 44 Brougham street
See also Surveyors.
Boston, Menzies & Morton.il William street
Buchanan William G. 17 Hamilton street
Kerr Andrew, Mansion house, Ardgowan sq
McArthur & Orkney, City buildings, 32
Cathcart street
Robson John, 25 West Burns street
Stewart, Tough & Alexander, 2 Hamil-
ton street
Artificial Teeth Makers.
Brenmehl Richard, 32 Hamilton street
Patterson George H. 1 Shaw pi. & Arcade
See Societies & Associations.
Bowman James & Sons, 33 West
Blackhall street
Cameron Dugald, 12 Sugarhouse lane
Cook Robert, 2G West Blackhall street
Crawford John Ferguson, 12
Charles street
Baby Linen Warehouses.
Gilchrist Misses E.& K.25West Blackhall st
Macquarrie Miss Elizh. 10 West Blackhall st
Rougvie Misses M. & K. 5 Grey place
Watson Mrs. Marion, 19 West Blackhall st
Bag Merchants.
See Sack & Bag Merchants.
Bowie Hugh, 46 Hamilton street & 67
Roxburgh street
Brown Archibald, 8 West Blackhall street
& 31 Brisbane street
Brown Herbert, 34 East Hamilton street
Brown James, 50 Holmescroft street
Brown John, 45 Hamilton st. & 11 Union st
Craig John, 28 Lynedoch street
Cunningham Robert, 40 Nelson street west
Dunlop Mrs. Agnes, 67 Nicholson street
f-Jalbreath John, 41 West Blackhall street
Hamilton Duncan, 43 Shaw street
Henry Charles, 24 Ann st. & 1J Kilblain st
Kirkwood Alexander, 92 Roxburgh street
Lvle David, 53 Vennel
M'Aulay Walter G. 31 Cathcart street;
20 Vennel; 44 Rue-end street; 13 Tobago
street & 10 Morton terrace
M'Cowat Thomas, 13 Cartsburn Btre^t
M Dougall Archibald, 5 Hamilton street
Macgregor Alexander, 95 Roxburgh street
Mclnnes Robett, 9 Crescent street

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