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1164 PERTH,
Grocers— continued.
City of Perth Co-operative Society Lim.
(John Clark, manger), 70 to 86 Scott st
tClyne Alexander D. 28 South street
Cooper & Co. 40 & 42 South Methven et
Coupar Miss Mary, 27 King street
tCuthbert James, 120 South street
tDingwall Alexander, 36 St. John street
tFranee John, 107 & 109 South street
jFraser John, 40 High street
t-Gowans J. & D. 19 High street
Graham Alexander, 31 South street
Home & Colonial Stores Lim. 176 High st
tHowat George & William, 36 High st
Kennedy Alexander J. 250 High street
+Laing A. & Co. 72 St. John street
Lawson John, 65 Priory place, Craigie
Lipton Limited, 112 High street
London David, 256 High street
fLow William & Co. 16 & 18 County place
& 124 High street
IMacarthur P. & Sons, 28 Nth. Methven st
fM'Callum John W. T. 12 & 14 Main street,
McDiarmid Donald, 164 to 170 South street
& 1 Glover street
|M Diarmid John, 3 Hospital street & 4
County place
tM'Ewan Thomas, 44 Long causeway
McLagan Mrs. Annie McNeil, 51 Strath-
more street
jMcLaren Alexander, 6~5 George street
M'Neill Peter, 286 High street
Menzie Miss Kate, 5 North Methven st
Molr Alexander, 347 High street
tMoir Mrs. Mary A. 1 Leonard street
Moncrieff Thomas, 8 Leonard street
tMorganJn.5 Main st. Bridgend & 1 Scott st
Paton John, 240 High Btreet
Rae David, Barrack street
Kobb Peter, 354 High street
tRohertson Robert & Co. 21 George street
tRohertson Charles, 43 High street
Robertson Robert Hay, 22 High street
Scotland Miss Isabella, Cherry bank
Scrimgeour David, 17 'South Methven st
fSmith David, 23 Hospital street
Smith Peter, 191 South street
Stewart David, Cherry bank
tStewart James, 7 Kinnoull street
Stewart William G. Kinnoull street
tStuart Charles C. &â–  Sons, 43 South Meth-
ven street
flainsh James, 90 High street
fThomson A. & Sons, 271 High street
•[Thomson John, 26 Caledonian road
tWright James & Son, 2 South Methven st
Gun & Rifle Makers.
McLagan Peter, 33 County place
McNauchton James & Sons, 44 George st
IMalloch Peter D. Scott st. See advert
Hair Dressers.
Hardie John K. M. 39 George street &
27 Hieh street
Hodge William, 274 High street
Lang Miss Marian, 52 George street
Lang Robert, 7 Princes street
Liebow Hugh E. L. 30 South street
Moncur George M. 3 South Methven street
Muego George, 71 South Methven street
Ramsay David, 10a, High street
Reid Henry, 7 Bridge lane
Reid James, 23 Main street, Bridgend
Rodgie Charles, 215 High street
Scrimger Robert, 223 South street
Stewart Alexander, 2 County place
Stewart John, 38 Caledonian road
Thornton John, 10 Meal vennel
Yeoman Benjamin, 12 Kirkgate
Toung Mrs. Jesse, 43 Scott street
Ham Curers.
Chalmers James. 58 Victoria street
Robertson & McNab, Mill wynd
Smith Thomas, 372 High street
Small Alexander. 230 High street
Darling A. & Co. 36 George street
Dewar John S. 78 High street
Frazer & Sons, 49 & 51 High street
Miller Alexander, 241 High street
Miller John. 61 High street
Taylor Daniel, 93 High street
Torrance Alex. 36 South Methven street
Wotherspoon Archibald, 25 St. John st
Hay & Straw Dealers & Importrs.
Halley R. & D. 1 Bath buildings, North
Methven street & Balhousie grain mills
See advert
Mncgregor Malcolm & Co. North station,
High street
Robertson William, 6 Barrack street &
St. Catherine's road
Hide & Skin Dealers.
Spalding Robert & Son, St. Catherine's rd
Horse Dealers.
Dunbar George, 33 Princes street
Stewart John, 57 Princes street
Wilkie David, Caledonian road
Hosiers & Glovers.
Allan Robert. 33 High street
Darling A. & Co. 35 George street,
Dewar John S. 78 High street
Henderson William, 223 High street
Mechie Charles J. 1 South St. John's place
Miller Alexander, 241 High street
Miller John. 61 High street
Muckersie Miss Maggie, 226 High street
Taylor Daniel, 93 High street
Torrance Alexander, 36 South Methven st
Wotherspoon Archibald, 25 St. John st
Hospitals & Homes.
See Official.
Hot "Water Engineers.
Frew, Watson & Co. Limited, Mill street
County Place, James Miller, 26 & 28
County place
Exchange. Wm. McCracken, 30 George st
Market. Bavid Wilkie, Caledonian road
Queen's, Michael Bruce, Leonard street
Royal British, Miss C. Black, manageress,
Leonard street
Royal George (family & commercial), Jas.
Leslie, George street. See advert
St. John's, Peter McGregor, 6 St. John's pi
St. Leonard's, Hugh Mackay,30 Leonard st
Salutation (family &, commercial), Walter
Geddes Mowat, proprietor, 24 South st
Station (Arthur Foster, mgr.), General stn
Waverley, Perth Hotel Co. Lim. York pi
House Agents.
See Agents — House, Land & Estate.
House Factor.
Ballantine Thomas, 1 Hospital street
Hydraulic Engineer.
See Engineer — Hydraulic.
India Rubber & "Waterproof Mnfrs
Perthshire Rubber Co. (The), 65 South
Methven street
Ink Manufacturers.
Moncrieff John. St. Catherine's road
Todd John & Co. St. Catherine's road
Insurance Offices & Agents.
British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Co.
(Alex. King, local sec), 31 George st
City of Glasgow Friendly Society ("William
Moncur), 7 North Methven street
General Accident Assurance Corporation
Limited (F. Norie Miller J. P. general
manager), General buildings
Pearl (John Gordon), 19 St. John street
Prudential (James Hutchison, supt.), 15
Kinnoull street
Scottish Live 'Stock Insurance Co. Lim.
(Arthur G. Bull, mgr.), General b'.dgs
Iron Founders.
Chrystal Geo. St. John's foundry, Foundry la
Robertson & Robertson, Paul street
Iron Merchants.
Leitham & Davidson, 11 & 13 Kinnoull st.
See advert
Peddie W. & D. Market street
Barlass J. & D. 48 High street
Cunnison William, 21 South Methven street
Garvie & Syme, 42 & 79 High street
Lindsay & Fenwick, 143 South street
McGregor Duncan. 25 to 31 Kinnoull street
Miller Bros. 7, & works 26, Gowrie street,
Robertson Alex. C. 53 North Methven st
Smail James & Robert, 34 South Methven st
See also Watch Makers.
Bayne & Son, 82 High street
Burntield David, 53 South Methven street
Cairncross A. & G. 6 St. John street
Croll Robert (working), 28 High street
Dow William, 26 South Methven street
Macaulay Robert F. 11 & 13 South street
Macgregor D. & Co. (working), 40
George street
M'Intosh Andrew W. 21 St. John street
Munro John (working), 14 Charlotte street
Murphy Mrs. Ann Jane, 47 South street
Anderson D. S. & J. 297 High street
Crichton David, Brown street
Edwards James, 67 Main street, Bridgend
Forgan Thomas & Sons, 85 Scott street
Gray E. & W. 71 Glover street
Hay & Sims, 315 High street
Hill Robert, Charterhouse lane
Jack James, 47 Meal vennel
Johnston David, 54 Leonard street
Johnston Peter. 19 Cow vennel
Johnstone Alexander, St. Catherine's road
Leith T. & Co. 54 Victoria street
M'Donald James, Low street
Mclntyre John, James street
M'Quibban William, 57 Main st. Bridgend
& Shore
Rutherford William, 8 Main Btreet, Bridgend
Stewart & Macfarlane, 23 Mill street
Strang & M'Lagan, 248 High street
Sutherland Bavid, Craigie place, Craigie
Telford Peter & James, 22 Leonard street
& Alexandra street
Wilson & Hood, St. Andrew street
Jute Spinners.
Coates Brothers & Co. Balhousie works
Ladies' Outfitters.
See Outfitters — Ladies'.
Land Agents.
See Agents — House, Land & Estate.
Land Surveyors.
Bell Henry James, 18 Charlotte street
Hay & Co. Victoria street
Macdona'.d, Fraser & Co. Limited; head
office, Perth auction market, Caledonian rd
Lath Splitters.
Brown Charles & Co. Lim. West Mill st
Buist Alexander & Co. South William st
Sturrock Aiexander, 77 Scott street
Weir James, Low street
Craigie Steam Laundry Perth Lim. Craigie
Garvie James, 35 Mill street
Hamilton Robert. Dunkeld road
Perthshire Steam Laundry Co. Limited,
St. Catherine's road
Ramsay Miss Grace, 53 Strathmore street,
Winton Miss Catherine, Alexandra street
Leather Merchants.
Fraser John, 26 Skinnergate
Wilson George, 113 High street
Letter File Maker.
Donaldson Archibald, Feus rd. ; & at Hawick
Libraries — Public.
Bridgend, Strathmore street (open on mon-
day & thursday from 8 to 9 p.m. ; Hy.
Coates esq. hon. sec)
Sandeman Public Library (James Craigie,
librarian), Kinnoull street
Society of Procurators (John A. Stewart,
sec. ; Patrick Martin, hon. librarian),
County buildings
Lightning- Conductor Erectors.
Tosh David & Son (manufac-
turers & erectors of lightning
conductors & chimney shaft
& spire repairers), 77 Queen
street, Glasgow. See advert
Lime Merchants.
Campbell Alexander & Son, C. E. coal depot,
Glasgow road
Skinner John & Son ; office, 9 South Meth-
ven street & N. B. R. coal depot, Glas-
gow road
Linen Manufacturers.
Shields John & Co. Limited (table), Wal-
lace works, Dunkeld road
Henderson John, 58 Tay street
Leslie D. 20 St. John street; works, 32
to 38 Canal street
Live Stock Salesmen & Agents.
Hay & Co Victoria street
Macdonaid, Fraser & Co. Limited; head
office, Perth auction market, Cale-
donian road
Swan John & Sons Limited, Northern Cen-
tral auction mart
Livery Stable Keepers.
See also Coach &c. Proprietors.
McArthur Alex. Simpson, 30 Princes st
Marshall R. & J. Salutation stables & Royal
George stables. See advert
Masterson John, 28 Mill st. & 1S3 High st
Ramsay James, 45 Main st. Bridgend
Thomp'son Charles, 10 North William st. ;
& at 6 Gowrie st. Bridgend ; T N 77
Machine Makers.
See also Millwrights; also Engineers —
Barker George, Tay iron works, Market St.
& New row

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