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Chrystal George, St. John's foundry,
Foundry lane
Bobertson William, 40 Canal street
Stewart John, St. Andrew utreet
Muir & Martin, 121 Canal street
Wright John & Co. Perth brewery, 18 North I
Methven street
Manure Manufacturers.
Ferguson Wm.S. & Co.Friarton & 13 Kirkgte
Langdales Chemical Manure Co. Lim. Shore
Manure Merchants.
Campbells, M'Lagan Oc Co. 107 High street
Cunningham J. & J. (Leith). Lower Har-
bour & on friday at 35 High street
Cunningham John G. Canal street
Ferguson William S. & Co. (chemical),
Friarton & 13 Kirkgate
Galloway D. & J. 9 St. John street; stores,
James street
Lowe John, 12 Charles street
M'Cash John & Son, Dovecotland
M'Gregor Malcolm & Co. North station,
High street
Whittet J. & T. 67 High street
Marine Store Dealers.
Keegan & McKearney, 187 & 189 South st
McLaughlan Peter, Castle gable
Market Gardeners.
Brough William & David, Barnhill
Brough David, Isla road, Bridgend
Cowieson William, Strawberry bank.Barnhill
Dawson David, Barnhill
Dawson James, Barnhill
Dawson William, Cherry bank
Dow James, Barnhill
Drummond & Co. Cherry bank. See advert
Ferrier Mrs. Margaret, Hawthorn cottage
Herd Lawrence, Barnhill
Hutohison John, Barnhill
Murray John, Barnhill
Taylor Miss Elizabeth, Cherry bank
Mat Makers.
Spalding Bobert & Son, St. Catherine's rd
Marked thus * are Ordained.
*Campbell Wm. 32 North Methven street
Stephenson & Scott, 38 Tay street
Meal & Flour Dealers.
Black Mrs. Margaret, 4 Mill street
Christie James, 185 South street
Cochrane Andrew, 14 Gowrie st. Bridgend
M'Donald Wm. & Robert, 39 South street
Malcolm Miss Isabella, 61 South street
Mechanical Engineers.
See Engineers — Mechanical.
Medical List.
Carruthers David Allan M.B. & C.M.Edin.,
D.P.H., B.C.P.S.I. 12 Rose terrace
Ferguson James M.B. & C.M.Glas. 5 Char-
lotte street
Graham John Thomas M.D. & C.M.Glas.,
M.K.C.S.En°\ Muirton bank
Hume Jn. M.B. & C.M.Edin.17 Marshall pi
Hunt Leigh M.B. & C.M.Glas. 1 Graham's
place, King street
Kennedy Duncan Sinclair M.D. & CM
Glas. D.P.H.St.And. 13 York place
Lyell John M.D. & C.M.Glas.loMarshall pi
Macaulav Colin McCulloch M.A., M.B. &
CM.GIas. 3 King's place
Norwell John Stewart M.B., CM. & B.Sc.
21 York place
Paton Edward Lev M.A., M.B. & CM.
Glas. 2 Atholl place
Beid James Maclagan M.D. & C.M.Edin.
41 King street
Stewart Charles Parker M.B., CM. & B.Sc.
Edin. 21 Marshall place
Stirling David H., M.D.Edin. L.E.C.S.
Edin. Itiversdale, Main street
Stirling Robert M.A., M.D. & C.M.Edin.,
F.R.CS.Edin. 4 Atholl place
Taylor William Atkinson M.B. & CM.
Edin. 10 Marshall place
Trotter Alexander M.B. &. Ch.B.Edin. Tay-
side house, Tav street
Trotter Robert de Bruce L.R.CP.Edin.,
L.F.P. & S. & L.M.Glas. Tayside house,
Tay street
Campbells, M'Lagan & Co. 107 High street
Galloway D. & J. 9 St. John street
Honey James, South street
M'Cash John & Son, Dovecotland
Stewart & Dick, King Edward street
Whittet J. & T. 67 High street
Metal Merchant.
Kavanagh Peter (scrap), St. Catherine's rd
Black John, Mill street
Halley R. & D. 1 Bath buildings, Methven
st. & Balhousie grain mills. See advert
M'Donald James, 52 & 54 South Methven
street & City nulls, West Mill street
See also Dress Makers.
Bayne A. & L. 10 Charlotte street
Bruce Miss Annie, 76 St. John street
Calderwood & Co. Ill High street
City of Perth Co-operative Society Limited
(John C'.ark, manager), 18 to 3*6 Scott st
Coulthard & Lyall, Glasgow road
Dalgleish Mrs. Alexander, 24 Barrack st
Dow Miss Maggie, 60 George street
Gall Miss Jane, 189 High street
Hunter David Thomson, 7 County place
Kennedy Misses Margt. & Mary, 73 High st
M'Cowan Miss Jessie, 14 George street
Macfarlane Miss Agnes, 37 North Meth-
ven street
Miller Mrs. Mary, 143 High street
Robertson Miss Catherine, 62 High street
Scott Miss Jane, 21 County place
Sharp Miss Kate, Stormont street
Sime John B. 225. 227 & 22!) High street
Stewart Miss Charlotte, 148 High street
Wighton Mrs. Mary, 18 Gowrie st. Bridgend
See also Machine Makers ; also Engineers —
Barker George, Tay iron works, Market
street & New row
Chrystal George, St. John's foundry,
Foundry lane
Gorrie David & Son, South Methven street
Mineral "Water Manufacturers.
Allan Mrs. David T. North port
Campbell John, Fens road. See advert
Craik J. & Co. Glover street
Cuthbert James, 120 South street
Mackay Hugh, Milne street
Reid & Donald, 29 George street
Thomson W. B. Limited, Canal street
Wright John & Co. Perth brewery, 18 North
Methven street
Monumental Mason.
Thomson James L. 64 Princes st. See advt
Music & MusicallnstrumentSellrs.
Buchanan James H. 52 Atholl street
Dewar James, 24 Scott street
Methven Simpson Limited, 29 Countv pi
Miller James M. 13 Countv place
Paterson, Sons & Co. 10, 12, 14 & 16
Princes street
News Agents.
Bruce George, 4 West Bridge st. Bridgend
Carstairs David, 277 High street
Craven John E. 1 North Methven street
Cunningham J. & J. 35 High street
Duncan Brothers, 6 George street
Fraser Mrs. James, 242 South street
3-arvie Alexander, 35 South street
Glass James, 301 High street
Halley Archibald, 226 South street
Hampton William L. (& who.), 34 Scott st
Harris Mrs. Anne, 68 South Methven st.
& Glasgow road
Henderson Miss Annie, 349 High street
Lyon Mrs. Amelia, 15 Leonard street
M'Farlane James, 22 & 24 Sth. Methven st
McMahon Philip, 45 Meal vennel
Malcolm David, 72 South street
Menzies John & Co. General station
Moore Mrs. Elizabeth, 196 South street
Munro Miss Annie, 25 County place
Robb Peter, 354 High street
Robertson David, 94 High street
Robertson Miss Davina, 35 County place
Robertson Robert, 3 West Bridge street,
Sprunt Thomas, 59 Princes street
Tavlor Peter, 263 High street
Taylor Peter, 19 South street
Walker Robert, 19 Kinnoull street
Dundee Advertiser (daily) (James B.Bouick,
reporter) ; branch office, 12 High street
Dundee Courier & Argus (daily) (William
L. Hampton, district, manager) ; branch
office, 34 Scott street
Dundee Evening Post, branch, 34 Scott st
Dundee Weekly News (Saturday) (William
L. Hampton, dist. mgr.), 34 Scott street
Dundee Weekly Welcome, branch, 34Scott st
Evening Telegraph (Dundee — daily) (James
B. Bouick, reporter) ; branch office, 12
High street
People's Friend (Dundee — Wednesday) (Jas,
B. Bouiek, reporter) ; branch office, 12
High street
People's Journal (Dundee — Saturday) (J. B.
Bouick, reporter); branch office, 12 High cer, operator)
street - I Spark John, 49 York place
PERTH. 1165
Perthshire Advertiser & Strathmore Journal)
(monday, Wednesday & friday) (Cowan &
Co. Lim.), Victoria buildings, 38 Tay st
Perthshire Constitutional & Journal (mon-
day & Wednesday evenings) (Thomas-
Hunter), South St. John's place
Perthshire Courier & Farmers'Journal (tues-
dayl (Smart & M'Kanlay, proprietors),.
Charterhouse lane
See Solicitors.
Nurserymen & Seedsmen.
See also Florists.
Brown William, 85, 87 & 89 High streat
& Hatton nurseries, Kinnoull
Dickson & Turnbull, 26 George street, Perth
nurseries, Kinnoull
Farquharson William, Comely bank
Leslie Brothers, 1 George street
McGregor Andrew, Craigie
Watt William, 24 St. John street
Anderson Mrs. Isabella, 11 Gowrie street,.
Dewar Miss Eliza, 37 George street
Henderson Mrs. Agnes, 12 George street
Kethel Mrs. Robert, 3 Scott street
Nurses' Home.
Perth Sick Nursing Society Nurses' Home,
Stormont street
Oil Cake Merchants.
Cunningham J. & J. (Leith), Lower Har-
bour & on fri. 35 High street
Oil & Color Merchants.
Garvie & Syme, 42 & 79 High street
Grieve George, 29 Scott street
Macaulay Robert F. 11 & 13 Scott street
Mackenzie Alexander, 42 Scott street
Rae Brothers, 147 High street
Outfitters— Ladies' & Children's-
Anderson Joseph (athletic), 8£ High street
Calderwood & Co. Ill High street
Forbes Miss Jane, 63 George street
Forshaw Miss Emma, 252 High street
Maclean Duncan, 41, 43 & 47 George st
Miller Mrs. Mary, 143 High street
Templeton James, 15 George street
Valentine George P. 133 & 135 High street
Painters & Decorators.
Agnew Thomas, 65 South street
Banks Mrs. Alexander, 62 Scott street
Campbell Joseph B. 97 High street
Dougrlas Alexander & Son, 4, &
& 8 Charlotte street
Douglas G. R. & Son, 52 Princes street
Dow Robert & Son, 59 George street
M'Intyre Donald. 73 George street
Mackay Hugh, 10 & 18 Main st. Bridgend
M'Vicar & Son, 14 York place
Muirhead George & Sons, 12 & 18 Atholl st
Paul H. 20 Leonard street
Roger & Barclay, 56 Scott street
Smith William R. 22 Gowrie st. Bridgend.
Stalker «fe Boyd, 27 & 29 South street
Stewart Robert, 19 Hospital street
Thomson & Nicol, 11 High street
Young Ebenezer, 305 High street
Young John, 4 North Methven street
Campbell Joseph B. 97 High street
MTntyre Donald, 73 George street
Mackay Hugh, 10 & 18 Main st. Bridgend" 1
M'Vicar & Son, 14 York place
Muirhead Geo. & Son, 12 & IS Atholl st.
Roger & Barclay, 56 Scott street
Stalker & Boyd, 27 & 29 South street
Thomson & Nicol, 11 High street
Pavement Merchant.
Beveridge Alexander, New row
Pa wnb roke r s .
Fyfe William W. Kirk close, 80 High street
& 181 & 183 South street
Heraughty John, 33 to 37 MCI street
Aimer William, 87 High street
Art Photo Co. (The), 30 George street
Bourke Thomas, 213 South street
Burrows George, 62 Princes street
Henderson John, 1 Albert place
Ireland Charles, Alexander street
Kelly James, 25 York place
Leslie J. Chalmers, 14 South Methven st
Mitchell David K. 70 Tay street
Myles George, 11 County place
Parker Frederick J. 10 Scott street
Raeburn Portrait Studio (William B. Mer-

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