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steward; Miss Davidson, matron; Jas.
Grant, head attendant; Rev. James S.
Mackenzie M.A. chaplain; Wm. Sprunt,
Police Station, Birnam, Wm. Kidd, constble
fcth (Perthshire Highland) Volunteer Bat-
talion The Black Watch (Royal High-
landers), head quarters, Birnam
Staff : oHn. Col. The Marquess of Breadal-
bane K.G. , A.D.C. lieutenant-colonel
commanding; Hon. Lieut. -Col. C. Munro
V.D. & G- J- Haynes, majors; Capt. A.
M. B. Grahame, instructor of musketry;
Capt. Colin W. McRae, adjutant; Thomas
Young, quartermaster
G Company, Capt. Thomas Euchanan,com-
manding'; Rev. J. S. Mackenzie M.A.
acting chaplain; Sergt. -Major John King,
drill instructor
Established Church: —
Little Dunkeld, Rev. Jaa. S.Mackenzie M.A
Episcopal Church (St. Mary's), Birnam,
Rev. Francis Atkinson M.A.Oxon. rector
United Free Church, Meikle Trochry &
Dalguise, Rev. John M'Ainsh B.D
Chairman, William A. Rae
Clerk & Treasurer, John A. Harris, Tor-
wood, Birnam
Board Schools: —
Balnaguard, Miss Susan Ironside, mistrss
Dalguise, Miss Jessie Stewart, mistress
Drumour, Miss Maggie C. Forbes, mistrss
Murthly, William Sprunt, master
Torwood, John Purdie B.A. master
Dunkeld & Birnam, Alexander Fraser, sta-
tion master
Murthly, David Nicholson, Btation master
Dalguise, John Macdonald, station master
Wordie & Co. (for the Highland Railway
Co.), Birnam
Little Dunkeld.
Bulloch Mrs. Kinloch house
Hipson Capt. William, Drumour lodge
M'DufE James, Tomnagrew
.M'Kenzie Rev. James S. t M.A. (Estab-
lished), Little Dunkeld manse
'Campbell John, blacksmith, Guay (letters
received through Ballinluig R.S.O.
McDougall William, cattle dlr. Balnaguard
Menzies John, vintner, Balnaguard
Scrymegour Alexander, boot ma. Drumour
Thomson James, joiner, Rumbling bridge
Atkinson Rev. Francis M.A. (Episcopal),
St. Mary's parsonage
Barr Miss, Tigh-na-Beithe
Uuchanan Thomas, Torrpark
Campbell George, Craigby
Carrington Miss, Craigmore house
Croll George Ritchie M.A
Gray Mrs. St. Mary's Tower
Harris John A
Haynes Major George J
Hutton Miss, Bank villa
Jenks Henry, Dunaird
M'Gregor Miss
Montgomery Hon. Mrs. Ladyhill
Paul Allan, Beechwood villa
Peters Henry, Erigmore
Pullar William, Larrichmore
Stewart Mrs. Beechwood
'Tweddell Misses, Tnrwood house
Underwood Colonel T. 0. Heath park
Walker Miss, Oakley villa
Anderson William, blacksmith
Anderson William B. bookseller & tobccnst
Bird John, fruiterer
Birnam Institute (William Murdoch, sec)
Birnam & Rohallion Division of the Murth-
ly Curling Club (Frederick W. Ellis,
sec. & treasurer)
Cameron Isabella (Miss), aparts. Balmore
Cesari Edward (Mrs.), Birnam hotel &
posting establishment
Coffee Rooms (John Brown, librarian), Bir-
nam institute
Dow Grace (Mrs.1. temperance hotel
Ellis Thomas & Fredk. bakers & grocers
GaB Works (Alexander Campbell, sec)
Gow Jane (Mrs.), apartmts. Pretoria vil
Greenhill Andrew M.R.C.V.S. veterinary
Harris John A. heritors' clerk, clerk to
the parish council & to the school board,
inspector of poor & collector of rates,
Hendry John, butcher
Hogg Mary (Miss), fancy goods dealer
Jackson Isabella (Mrs.), aparts. Beeclvwood
King Sergt. -Major John, drill inst. G Co.
5th (Perthsh. Highland) Vol. Batt. The
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
Kinnaird John, coal mer. Railway station
Low Charles, postmaster & registrar of
births, deaths & marriages
M'IntoshAgnes & Margt.(Misses), dress mas
Mackenzie Andrew F. photographer
M'Leish John, boot maker & session clerk
McMartin Christian (;Miss), dress maker
M'Martin James, boot maker
McQueen Peter, fishmonger
Marshall Maurice, coal & hay & straw
merchant, Railway station ; & at Inver,
Menzies John & Co. booksellers, Rly. statn
Rattray Thomas, coal mer. Railway station
Reid James D. grrocer, baker,
ironmonger & seedsman
Rutherford John, fruiterer
Sim J. & J. carriage builders, cycle agents
& repairers
Sim Ann (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, Burn-
side cottage
Stewart & Fraser, grocers
Stewart James & Co. general
drapers, milliners & dress makers
Tennent Emily (Miss), confectioner
Wordie & Co. railway carting agents,
Railway station
Menzies Fletcher N. Balmacnell
Reid John, boot & shoe maker, Kincraigie
Christie Thomas, grocer
M'Leish William, blacksmith
Duff Helen (Mrs.), grocer
Marshall Maurice, timber merchant & saw
mill owner, Inver saw mills, Dunkeld ;
& coal & hay & straw dealer, Railway
station, Birnam
Robertson James, miller, Inver mills
Meikle Trochry.
M'Ainsh Rev. John B.D. (U. F. C)
Fraser Alexander, tailor
M'Gregor John R. dyer & woollen manufr
M'Pherson Donald, boot maker.MeikleLogie
Robertson John, joiner & blacksmith
Bruce Lewis Campbell M.D. Perthshire
District Asylum
Peebles Alexander Spalding Mackie M.B.
Perthshire District Asvlum
Rae William A., J.P. Douglasfield
Scrymsoure-Steuart-Fothringham Walter
Thomas Jas. D.L., J.P. Murthly castle
Simpson Surgeon-Major David M.D. Stor-
mont villa
Thompson John
Drydon William, coal merchant,
Railway station
Cameron Jane (Miss), grocer
Campbell David, boat builder
Dow Neil, slater
Duncan William & Charles, stone masons
Duncan Andrew, clerk of the works,
Chapel house
Keay John W. factor's clerk, The GauU
Laurie James, head gardener to Walter Jas.
Scrvmsoure-Steuart-Fothringham esq.
D.L., J.P
McLee Peter, head gamekeeper to Walter
James Scrymsoure-Steuart-Fothringham
esq. D.L., J.P. Kingswood
M'Leish James, millwright
Malloch James, blacksmith, Railway Btatn
Mitchell James, joiner
Murray Alexander, head forester to Walt.
James Scrymsoure-Steuart-Fothringham
esq. D.L., J.P. Kingswood
Panton Ann (Mrs.), draper
Paton Catherine Scott (iMiss), postmistress
Perthshire District Lunatic Asylum (Lewis
Campbell Bruce M.D. & C.M.Edin.,
F.R C.P.Edin. medical superintendent ;
Alexander Spalding Mackie PeeblesM.B.
& Ch.B.Edin. assistant; John Chisholm,
steward; Miss Davidson, matron; Jas:
Grant, head attendant; Rev. James S.
Mackenzie M.A. chaplain ; William
Sprunt, choirmaster)
Rae William A. factor, Murthly estate office
Robertson James & Son, coach owners
Rogers David, boot maker
Sutherland Margaret (Mrs.), vintner
Dunbar Alexander, joiner
Kennedy Isabella (Miss), grocer
Marked thus * receive their letters through
Murthly R.S.O.
Marked f receive their letters through
Ballinluig R.S.O.
Marked t receive their letters through
* Allan John & Thomas, Pittensorn
{Anderson James, Ballinloan
{Anderson James, Ballintaggart
{Anderson Robert, Bradystone
{Borrie Donald, Dalbeathie
•Burnfield Peter, Broompark
tCameron Archibald, Glenalbert
{Cameron David, Meikle Trochry
{Campbell Alexander, Ballachraggan
{Carstairs George & Jas. Easter Dalguise
{Crichton James, Thomas & Mrs. Ann,
{Downie James, Drumour
•Duncan William, Charles & Thos. Ardoch
JFerrie David, Little Findowie & Rosecraig
{Forbes James, John & James jun. Little
,-Forbes Robert & Duncan, Balnamuir
JForbes James, Deanshaugh
tGordon John, Balycock
{Gow Robert, Balhomish
{Lowe Thomas, Woodinch
{M'Diarmid Alexander, Kennacoil
{McDonald Donald & Duncan, Milton
{M'Donald James, Ballintaggert
McDonald John, Sketewan
• McDougall Duncan & Hugh, Craignuisy
{M'Duff James, Tomnagrew & Tomnagairn
{M'Gilchrist Mungo, Inchmagranoch
IMcGregor Robert, Meikle Logie
{M'Leish Donald, Middle Pitleoch
*M'Leish James, Byres
{McLeish James, Darnoch
{McLeish James, Wester Ballachraggan
{McRaw Charles P. Tarfuach
Menzies Colin, KincraigB
{Menzies James & Alex. Dalmarnock
tMenziea John, Balnaguard
fMenzies John, Balnavert
{Moon John, Lower Pitleoch
tfieid Robert, Balnaguard
;jttobertson John & James, Balmacneil
{Robertson John&Jas.Parktown of Ballinln
{Robertson Donald, Borlick
fiiobertson James, Inver
{Shaw John, Scots town
{Steele John, Meikle Findowie
tStewart Daniel, Cultullich
{Stewart Donald, Girrion & Dalreoch
{Stewart Donald, Meikle Trochry
tThomason James, Duireaskin
{Wallace John, Dullator
DTJNNINGr is a rather extensive parish
in the Upper Strathearn poor law combina-
tion and small debt court district of Perth ;
the village is near the centre of the parish,
on the banks of the Dunning water (a tribu-
tary of the Earn), and on the road from Stir-
ling to Perth and is half a mile north from
the base of the Ochil bills, about 2 south
from the river Earn, 9 south-west from
Perth and 5 east from Auchterarder, with
a station on the Crieff Junction and Perth
section of the Caledonian line. By the
" Local Government (Scotland) Act,
1889 " (52 and 53 Vict. c. 50, sections 44 to
50), boundary order 12, a part of Auchter-
arder, without population, has been trans-
ferred to Dunning. This place was de-
stroyed by fire in 1715, by the Earl of Mar's
army, on the retreat from Sheriffmuir to
Perth. The parish church has a tower of
very ancient date. A corn market is held
on Wednesday. Here is a branch of the
Union Bank of Scotland Limited. Duncrub
Park, the seat of the Ri^ht Hon. Lord Rollo
D.L. who is the principal landowner and
lord of the ntunor, is situated here. Kelty
Castle, and Garvock House, the residence
of Col. Oonyngham M'Alpine, are in this
parish. The civil parish comprises 14,379
acres; rateable value, £12,650; population,
1891, 1,345; and 1,141 civil parish, 1,141
in the ecclesiastical, and 701 in the village.
Post, T. & M. O. 0., T. M. O., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Dunning (Railway
Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O.
Perthshire added) ; Mrs. Christian
Penney, postmistress. Deliveries, 7.50
a.m. & 6.45 p.m. j dispatches, 1.40, 3.25,
5 & 10 p.m

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