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Btodart Thomas, coach & carriage hirer
& jobmaster
Struthers John, tailor
Subscription Library (Gavin Scott,librarian)
Symington John, grocer, grain & seed mer
Taylor Lachlan, plumber
Thomson Isabella (Miss), dress maker &
Town Hall (Gavin Scott, keeper")
Walker John, blacksmith, Pathfoot
Watson James, china dealer
Whitefield Margaret (Mrs.), draper
Wilson John, inspector of poor & clerk to
the parish council
Young: James, hair :• antique
bookseller, stationer & news
Bathgate *Thomas Thomson M.B., Ch.B
Walker Rev. Peter (United Free Church)
Adam James, butcher, grocer & general
dealer & carriage proprietor
Auchenheath Co-operative Society (Coal-
burn branch)
Bathgate Thomas Thomson M.B., Ch.B.
Coalburn Co-operative Society
Gold James, grocer & beer retailer
Graham James, shopkeeper
Gray Edwin, boot & shoe maker, Braehead
Morris James, grocer & general dealer &
wine & spirit dealers
Muir James, Station hotel
Paterson Joseph John, Coalburn inn
Ritchie Andrew Brown, grocer & genrl.dlr
Smith & Co. grocers & beer retlrs.Bank end
United Collieries Lim. (Alexander Bailey,
manager), Sitehill
Waddell & Son, coal masters (James Allar-
dice, manager). Dalquhandy colliery
Wilson Charles G. carting contractor
Forreefc Archibald, Clyde grove
Forrest Thomas, Hut-on-Clyde
Forrest Walter, Underbank
Mathewson Rev. John (United Free
Milne Andrew, Boat house
Brown Margaret (Miss), grocer
Brown William, draper
Carluke Co-operative Society Ltd. (branch)
Chalmers James, joiner <fc saw mill owner
Cleland John, spirit dealer (Tillietudlem)
Coldwell James (Mrs.), grocer
Cranston John, butcher
Crossford Curling Club (junior) (Gavin
Hamilton, sec)
Crossford Public Library & Reading Room,
Thomas Speedie, caretaker
F?,irlie Margaret (Mrs.), grocer & general dlr
Forrest James, joiner
Forrest Robert, fruit grower
Frame John, carriage propr. Alma cottage
Frame John H. carriage proprietor
Law John, grocer & general dealer
Leiper James, baker
Martin John, blacksmith
Millar James, fruit grower, Holmhead
Miller James, news agent
Mitchell Thomas, fruit grower, Nathanfoot
Orr Marion (Miss), boot & shoe maker
Thomson John, grocer & refreshment rms
Thomson Mary Ann (Mrs.), Crossford inn
Watson William, Ironmonger, grocer &
general dealer & draper
Wilkie Isabella (Miss), grocer
Wilson Marion (Miss), dress
maker & draper. Post office
Young Men's Christian Association (Walter
Forrest, sec)
Kerr Rev. Robt. M.A. (United Free Chrch)
Lindsay John M.D., J.P. Lochanbank cot
Miller Hugh, Blackwood cottage
Burns James, wheelwright, joiner & eaw
mill owner
Dempster John (Mrs.), grocer & genrl.dlr
Hamilton John, tailor
Hamilton Mary (Miss), grocer & genrl. dlr
Howie John & Co. brick & tile manufrs
Jackson Robert, boot & shoe maker
Lindsay John M.D., L.F.P. & S.Glas. sur-
geon, Lochanbank street
Lithgow Marion (Mrs.), watch maker
M'Askie Margaret (Miss), draper
McCartney George, tailor & cvcle agent
McRae John, blacksmith
McSkimming Andrew, tailor & draj er
M'Skimming Peter, shopkeeper
Murray Alexander, blacksmith, Burnfoot
Nimmo Adam, Blackwood Arms P.H
Sleigh Charles W., M.A., J.P. factor for
James Charles Hope-Vere esq. D.L., J.T.,
C.C. uf Blackwood
White James, carting contractor
Yuill Mary (Mrs.) & Co. milliners
Baxter William
Baxter Robert
Hope-Vere James Charles D.L., J.P.Black-
wood house
Howie John, Heathfield
Howie John, Mossend villa
Pippet Rev. John Cuthbert (R.C)
Sleigh Charles W., M.A., J.P
Barr Elizabeth (Mrs.), Southfield inn
Baxter John & Sons, joiners &. eaw mill
Blackwood Bowling Club (James Carvel, sec)
Blackwood Curling Club (Charles B.Robert-
son, sec)
Brown Ellen (Mrs.), stationer & news agent
Brown John, coal dlr. & carting contractor
Brown Martha (Mrs.), coal dealer & cart-
ing contractor
Brown Robert, fruit grower, Park view
Clark John, grocer & general dealer
Dempster Peter, fruit grower
Harvey Robert, draper
Lees John, confectioner
Paul James, grocer & general dealer
Scottish Estate Factor's Society (Charles
W. Sleigh, sec)
Stewart & Taylor, quarry owners
Walker Janet (Miiss), dress maker
Blackwood Elizabeth(Miss), grocer & gen.dlr
Brown James, grocer & general dealer
Sandilands James, grocer
Symington Andrew, grocer & general dlr
Lancaster John J.P. Auchenheath house
Auchenheath Provident Co-operative Society
Limited (John Tull, sec)
Brown Archibald, brick & tile manufac-
turer, Auchenheath brick & tile works
Clydesdale Quarry Co. quarry owners (Alex.
McMurdo, manager) (letters received
through Hamilton)
Hamilton William, coal dealer
Howie William, coal master & lime burner,
Netherton lime works
Sinclair Alex, news agent, Post office
Tait James L. master of board school
LIBERTON" is a parish in the Upper ward
and small debts court district of Lanark,
about 8 miles east from Lanark, 1^ south
from Bankhead station on the Carstairs
and Dolphinton branch of the Caledonian
railway, 2^ from Carnwath, 4 from Car-
stairs, and 5 from Biggar; the parish fis
bounded on the west by the river Clyde
and on the north by the river Medwin.
The church stands on the high road from
Lanark to Peebles, and was built in 1812
on the site of the old church. The inhabi-
tants are chiefly employed in agricultural
pursuits. Nathantiel Dunlop esq. of Shield-
hill, Biggar, Daniel William Collyer esq.
of Cormiston and Sharpies Hall, Bolton,
Lancashire, Col. Sir Simon M. Lockhart
bart. M.V.O., D.L. of Lee, the Governors
of the Trust for Education in the High-
lands and Islands of Scotland and Arthur
J. Thomson esq. of Huntfield, Biggar, are
the principal landowners. Cormiston
Towers, a modern mansion situate on the
banks of the Clyde, and the property of
Daniel William Collver esq. is now occupied
by R. Chrystal esq.* Shieldhill is the seat
of Nathaniel Dunlop esq. The area is
8,232 acres; rateable value, £6,722; the
population in 1891 was 486, and in lflGl,
Letters received through Carnwath, which
is the nearest M. 0. & T. 0. Delivery,
every lawful day; runners by Kaimend,
Newbigging, Ogscastle, Greenshields &
Liberton to Carnwath. Also runner from
Biggar for Shieldhill, Quothquan, Cor-
miston, Gladstone & east of the parish
Letter Box collected 9.30 a.m. daily
Parish Council, Rev. John Picken M.A.
Herk, William B. Smellie
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages &
Inspector of Poor. William B. Smellie
The nearest Police Station is at Carnwath
Sessions Clerk, W. B. Smellie
Established Church, Rev. John Picken M.A
Chairman, Rev. John Picken M.A
Clerk & Treasurer, Rev. John Hcken M.A
Board Schools : —
Liberton, William B. Smellie, master
Quothquan, Miss Barry C.Anderson, mstrss -
Railway station, Bankhead, Alexander Reid,
station master
Names marked thus t receive their letters
throngh Biggar.
tBrown Harold J. Cormiston
IChrystal Robert, Cormiston towers
tCollyer Daniel Wtilliam, Cormiston
tDunlop Nathaniel, Shieldhill
Ferguson James, Ogscastle
Picken Rev. John M.A. (Established)
fThomson Arthur J. Huntfield
Bowstead Thomas (Mrs.), grocer
Calder William, blacksmith
tClarkson Robert, head gamekeeper to D:.
W. Collyer esq
jLeslfie Alex, head gardener to D. W^
Collyer esq. Cormiston
Lyon Charles, blacksmith, Quothquan
Lyon Peter, miller, Quothquan
Pairman John, wright, Quothquan
Smellie William B. master of Liberton board
school, clerk to Parish Council, sessions
clerk &, registrar of births, deaths & maiv-
riages & inspector of poor
Crawford James, Baitlaws
Frame Hugh, East Gladstone
Frame William, Whinbush
French William, Mutirlea
Gibson Robert, White castle
Gilchrist John, Quothquan law
G-ilray Robert, Townhead, Quothquan
Glen James, Midhill
Hodge James, Brownhill
Lyon Peter L. Quothquan mill & East &
West Athershield
Muir John, Townhead
Muirhead John, Liberton mill
Muirhead William, Liberton mains
Paterson Robert, Greenshields
Purdie-Somerville Thomas & Jas. MuirhO'
Ritchie John, White castle
Scott Gavin, Eastertown & Burnfoot
Wi'.son Mrs. Catherine & Robert, Roadhead.
WilBon William, Parkhouse
Wilson John & John, Yett
LONGRIGG-END.see NewMonkland.
LOW BLANTYRE, see Blantyre..
MAKYHILL, see Glasgow.
NEW MONKLAND is a parish, in,
which is situated the burgh of Airdrie, and
contains also the villages mentioned below,
and is in the Middle Ward of the county,
and New Monkland poor combination.
Paper making is carried on both at Moffat
and Caldercruix ; at the latter are calico
printing works. In the district are also coal
pits, stone quarries and brick yards. Mat-
thew Rankin e.=q. of Cleddans, Col. Sir
David C. R. Carrick-Bucbanan K.C.B. r
D.L., J.P. of Drumpellier, and William'
Black esq. are the principal landowners-
Rochsoles is the residence of Maj.-Gen.
Sir Montague Gilbert Gerard K. C.S.I. ,.
C.B., D.L., J.P. The area is 19,885 acres;-
rateable value: landward, £72,306; burghal
{Airdriel. £69,871; the population in 189r
was 36,785 in the civil parish, of whichi
22,288 are in Airdrie burgh.
Glenmavis is a village in New Monkland 1
parish, 1£ miles from Airdrie. The popu*
lation in 1901 was 606.
Greengadrs and Wattstown are other vil-
lages, 4J miles north-east from Airdrie, and
in an extensive coal district. Population
in 1901 of Greengairs was 834, and of
Wattstown, 253.
Longriggend, Roughrigg, Longrigg,
Drumbreck and Avonhead are villages in
this parish, b\ miles north-east from Airdrie
Mining is the chief occupation of the inhabit-
ants. The population of Longriggend tit
1901 was 1,560; of Roughrigg, 311; of
Longrigg, 726, and of Avonhead, 301.
Moffat is a small village, 1 mile south)
from Clarkston railway station. Here are
the extensive paper mills of Robert Craig-
and Sons Limited. The population in>
1901 was 419.
Plains is a small village, 2£ miles east from-
Airdrie, with a station on the Edinburgh-
and Glasgow section of the North British
railway. There are two forges in the neigh-
bourhood for the manufacture of shovels
&c. and a short distance further east, at
Caldercruix, are extensive calico printing 1

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