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and paper works, and a Btation on the
Edinburgh and Glasgow section of the
North British railway. Population in 1901
of Plains, 871, and of Caldercruix, 375.
Whiterigg and Stand are small villages in
the parish of New Monlcland. The popula-
tion of Whiterigg in 1901 was 639, and
of Stand, 138.
Glengowan is a village about 5 miles east
of Airdrie, and has large calico print works,
which employ most of tile inhabitants.
The population in 1901 was 1,036.
G-lenboig, a village partly in this parish
and partly in the parishes of Cadder and
Old Monkland, will be found under a separ-
ate heading.
Post, T. &' M. 0. 0. & S. B. Caldercruix;
John McLean, postmaster. Letters
arrive through Airdrie. Deliveries, S
a.m. & 3.50 p.m. ; dispatches, 9.50 a.m
& 2.50, 5 & 8 p.m
Post & T. 0. Greengairs ; Mrs. Janet
Murray, postmistress. Letters received
through Airdrie. Delivery, 9.15 a.m. ;
dispatch, 1.10 p.m. Postal Orders are
issued & paid here. The nearest money
order office is at Longriggend, 3 miles
Post Office, Glenmavis; William Irvine,
postmaster. Letters arrive through Air-
drie. Delivery, 7.30 a.m. & i & 4.45
p.m.; dispatches, 2.15 & 4.50 p.m. Pos-
tal Orders ore issued & paid. The
nearest money order & telegraph office
is at Airdrie, 1J miles distant
Post, T. & M. O. 0. & S. B. Longriggend
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters Bhould
have Ii. S.O.Lanarkshire added to them) ;
John Hunter, postmaster. Deliveries.
7.25 a.m. & 5.35 p.m. ; dispatches, 11.10
a.m. & 1.10 & 7.20 p.m
Post Office, Whiterigg; David Crosbie,
postmaster. Deliveries (from Airdrie),
8 a.m. & 6 p.m.; dispatches at 10.30
a.m. & 6 p.m. Postal Orders are issued
& paid here. The nearest money order
office is at Rawyards & telegraph office
at Airdrie, 2 miles distant
North Bridge street, Airdrie.
Chairman, Jas. M.Goldie.Lilv bank.Airdrie
Inspector of Poor & Parish Clerk, Andrew
T. Alston
Collector of Poor Rates, John Benson
Members, Twenty-five
Landward Committee.
Chairman, W. B. Rankin, Cleddans house
Clerk, Andrew T. Alston
Members, Eleven
Workhouse, Commonhead.
Governor, James J. Wvness
Matron, "Miss Catherine Robertson
Chaplain, Rev. William Reid
Surgeons, Hugh Arthur M.D. ; Thomas P
Gemmell & Samuel Martyn M.B
Auditor, W. Ferguson C.A
Office, Parish Council chambers, Airdrie.
Clerk & Treasurer, Andrew T. Alston
Superintendent, William Young
Police Station, P:ains, David Midd'eton
Registrar of Births. Deaths & Marriages
George Andrew, 26 Anderson st. Airdrie
Established Churches: —
New Monkland (Glenmavis), Rev. John
M'Gavin Boyd
Greengairs, Rev.Robert Chambers Anderson
Lcngnggend, Rev. Neil Livingstone
Caldercruix, Rev. William Black Jack
United Free Churches: —
Caldercrufx, Rev. John Miller
Greengairs, Rev. Samuel Mathers M.A
Longriggend, Rev. R. P. Dickie
Roman Catholic: —
Longriggend, Rev. John Nyhan
Whiterigg, Rev. James Paul Towie
Chairman, Rev. J. McGavin Boyd
Clerk & Treasurer, G. B. Motherwell, Royal
Bank buildings, Airdrie
Members, Seven
Board Schools: —
Airdrie Hill, James McLuckie, master
Caldercruix, Thomas Stark, master
Greengairs, James Arthur, master
New Monkland, Thomas Philip, master
Moffat, Miss Maggie Donald, mistresB
Riggend, James Roger, master
Roughrigg, Joseph Gorman, master
Longrigg, D. S. Masterton, master
Drumbreck, James Miller, master
Avonhead, Miss McGregor, mistress
St. Mary's Catholic, Longriggend, Miss
Mary Grant, mistress
Meikle Drumgray Catholic, Miss Catherine
Macdonald, mistress
Whiterigg Catholic, Miss Eliza Cook
Caldercruix, William Aitken, station master
Longriggend, William Wann, station mastr
Plains, William TurnbuU, station master
Whiterigg, Alexander Lumsden, stn. mstr
New Monkland.
Boyd Rev. Jn. M'Gavin (Estab.),TheManse
Chapman William, Meadowhead
Gerard Lieut.-Gen. Sir Montague Gilbert
K.C.B., K.C.S.I., D.L., J.P. Rochsole
Macdonnell Charles, Stanrigg
Mitchell James J.P. Auchengray house
Rankin Matthew, Cleddans
Stark Robert, Ryding
Starkie Peter, Brackenhead
Stevenson John, Raebog cottage, Stand
Taylor Alexander, Couther villa
Waddell James, Braco
Taylor Peter, Easterton
Waddell Matthew, North Medrox
Watt John J.P. Drumgray
Aitken Richard, spirit dealer, Rigghead
Anderson Andrew, grocer, Arden
Blair Robert, bus proprietor, Wattsfcown
Crawford Joim, quarry owner, DalmacouKer
Curran Hugh, spirit dealer, Wattstown
Danskin Robert, grocer, Riggend
Darngavil Coal Co. Limited (John Pollock,
managing director), Darngavill; regis-
tered office, 40 St. Enoch's square, Glas-
gow; TA "Darngavil, Glasgow"
Darngavill Co-operative SocietyLimited(Jn.
Higgins, sec), Darngavill
Ferrier & Strain, coal masters, Braidenhill
& Rigg collieries
Forrest Daniel, corn & flour miller, Brownie-
side mills
Gilmour James, spirit dealer, Drumbreck
Govan Lillyan (Mrs.), dress ma. Wattstown
Govan Thos. grocer, Meikle Drumgray
Higgins John, secretary, Darngavill Co-
operative Society Limited, Darngavill
Jack Isabella (Mrs.), spirit dlr. Kirkstyle
Kane Edward, confectioner, Darngavill
Macdonald Catherine (Miss), school mis-
tress, Meikle Drumgray
Macfarlane William, grocer, Wattstown
McGregor Joseph, confectioner, Stand
Miller James, school master, Drumbreck
Moffat Peter, spirit dealer, Stand
Philip Thomas, school master
Porter James, grocer, Drumbreck
Reside Mary (Mrs.), spirit dlr. Riggend
Roger James, school master, Riggend
Shanks John, grocer, Rigghead
Shanks John, spirit dealer, Darngavill
United Collieries Limited, coal masters,
Stanrijnr. Brownieside, Arden & Broad-
rigg collieries, & brick & tile makers,
Stanrigg brick works
Waddell Jeanie (Mrs.), spirit dlr. Rigghead
Wilson Thomas, grocer, Arden
Wilson Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer,
Aitken Alexander, Wester Glentore
Aitken George, Fedderland
Aitken William, Wester Myvot
Aitken William, Whinrigg
Allan Archibald, Staylea
Allan Mrs. Ann, Raebog
Anderson Alexander, Glenhove
Anderson Thomas, Langdales
Black John, Leaend
Black William, Muirend
Bryers James, Drumbow, Woodside &
Bulloch John & James. Bellstane
Chapman William W. Meadowhead
Cul'en Archd. Woodend & Birkenshaw
Cullen Robert, Arden
Cullen Robert, Midtown
Duncan Stewart, Crooked Dyke
Dunlop John, Milncroft & Limekilns
Dunlop Matthew, Blairlinn
Dunsmore Jame6, Springwells, Gaindvke-
head & Blast
Dykes John, Kipps
Findlay John, Pleamuir
Fleming James, Billhead
Forrest Andrew, Brownieside
Forrester James, jun. Dryflat
Forsyth David, Flowerhill"
Forsyth John, North Myvot
Gallocher Thomas & Peter, Mossywood
Gardiner Elizabeth, East Greengairs &
Black Tongue
Gardner George, Drumgray
Gardner Jairies, East Cullochrigg
Gardner James, Boglea
Glasgow Corporation, Breckenhurst &
Goodlet James, Bridgend
Hamilton Mrs. Burnfoot
Hamilton Thomas, TJppertown
Hodge Alexander, Craighead
Hunter Henry, Craigend
Inglis John, Hafrmuir
Jack Isabella (Mrs.), Kirkstyle
Jack John, Cowbrae
Jack Thomas, Pinwinnie
Jamieson Andrew, Woodhead
Johnston John, HSghriggend
Logan James, Cameron
McBeth Daniel, West Cullochrigg
Macfarlane Thomas, East Glentore
Maclachlan Ewen, Glentore
M'Laws William, Inchneuk
M Lean James, South Medrox
M'Lean John, Greenfoot
Main Thomas, Longrigg
Millar John, Summerhill
Moffat Alexander, Holehills
Morton John, East Meadowhead
Motherwell Thos. Garngibbock & Loanfoofc
Muirhend John, Gartcoulter
Murray Marv, Caldercruix
Paterson John, Rydingmains
Paterson William. Thrushbush
Rankin Gavin, Glenbofig
Rankin George, Greyrigg
Rankin James, South Myvot
Rankin Matthew, Cleddans
Riddell David, Burnhead
Robb Andrew, Whitehills
Robb William, Rochsolloch
Scott Donald, Meadowfield
Shanks David (representatives of),Blackrfgg
Shanks David, Mochriesinch
Shanks David, Luckenhili
Shanks George, Auldshields & Muirhead
Shanks Jane, Palace
Shanks Maggie, Caldercruix
Shanks Richard, Madgescroft
Shanks Robert, Moss-side
Shanks William H. Drumshangle
Shaw James, Gartlea & Springwells
Shaw John, East Blairlinn & Greenscroffc
Slater George & John, Longriggend
Smellie Mrs. Elizabeth, Easterton
Smellie Thomas, Bredenhill
Smellie Thomas, Whiteside
Steel James, Blacklands
Steel Robert, East Glentore
Steel Robert & George, Glentore
Stirling Alexander, Bogside
Tennant Robert, Luckenhili
Torrance William, Crossrigg
United Collieries Limited, Stanrigg*
Warldell Archibald, Gain
Waddell Gavin, West Arbuckle
Waddell James A. Caldercruix
Waddell Matthew, North Medrox
Waddell William, Whiterigg
Walker Daniel & Geo. East & West CoathiD
Walker James, Annathill
Walker John, Kippsbyre
Waterston Andrew, Roughcraig & Dalma-
Watt Alexander, Roughrigg
Watt John, Drumgray
Waugh Thos. Avonhead & Greendykeside-
White John, Shields
Weir William, Ballochney
White Wm, Little & Meikle Drumbreck
Whkcelaw William, Greencroft
Wilson John, Westergartmillen
Wilson William, Rigg
Wood Robert, sen. & jun, Rawyards <fc
Wotherspoon Robert, Cullochrigg
More John, The Glen
Condorrat Quarrying Association LimitecL,
quarry masters
Corner Jane (Mrs.), grocer
Fletcher Neil, quarry master & stone mer-
chant. Riding quarry
Frater Alexander, spirit dealer
Irvine William, grocer, & post office
Jack Jame3 & Co. quarry masters
McLaws George & Co. quarry masters,.
Greenfoot sand quarries
McMorren James, builder & grocer
More John, contractor, quarry master &.
stone merchant, Thrushbush, Rough-
craig & Wellside quarries
Nelson J. & J. quarry masters, Burnhead
Nelson W. & D. quarry masters, Brecken-
hurst quarry

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