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St. Mary's, Forebank road, Rev. Canon Michael Phelan, Rev.
John Casey, Rev. Patrick Hurley & Rev. John Roche
St. Mary's, High street, Lochee, Very Rev. Thomas Canon
Crumly, Rev. John Kilcullen & Rev. Robert Gordon
St. Patrick's, Arthurstone terrace, Albert street, Very Rev.
Canon Peter L. Butti, Rev. John McDaniel & Rev. "Patrick
Wellburn, Lochee, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Robert Clapperton
Rattray street, Rev. "Walter Richards
Jamaica street, Maxwelltown, Rev. John Dick
Union street, Lochee, Rev. William Cleland
Ward road, Rev. Arthur Turpin Walker
Well road, Rev. Alexander Piggot
Mission Room, King's Road hall
Baptist Chapel Hall, Well road, Rev. Alexander Piggot
Constitution road (Ward Chapel), Rev. K. C. Anderson D.D
Panmure street, Rev. Thomas Johnstone
Castle street, Rev. Joseph Vickery
Lindsay street, Ber. Alfred Gardner
Princes street, Rev. David Barran
Russell Chapel, Rev. William Henry Chesson
Guthrie street (Morison), Rev. Andrew James Forson
Victoria road (Trinity), Rev. William Hamilton
Catholio Apostolic, Constitution road, Rev. John Rankin & Rev.
David A. Cherry
Christadelphian Church, Nicoll street
Christian Church, Constitution road, Ministers various
Dundee Boys' & Girls' Religious Association, Alexander Murray,
sec; Mission room, 21 Union street, Charles street
Evangelical Mission Church, Cherryfield Hall, Blackness road,
Charles W. Scrimgeour, sec
Faiths Mission Rooms, Bank street
German Church, 76 High street (vacant)
Gilfillan Memorial Church, Whitehall crea. Rev. Walter Walsh
Glassite, Cowgate street, Ministers various
Hebrew, Murraygate, Rev. Gabriel Zacutta
Lemuel Mission, Dudbope Crescent road, Edward Shepherd, supt
Methodist (Wesleyan), Victoria road. Rev. Thomas Wm. Peeling
Methodist (Wesleyan), Ward road, Rev. William Johnson
St. Roques Mission Hall, Foundry lane
Salem Chapel, Constitution road
Salvation Army Barracks, North Lindsay street ; 40 King's rd. ;
41 Rosebank street & 42 Victoria road
Seamen's Chapel. Candle* lane
Society of Friends' Meeting House, Whitehall crescent
Unitarian Church, Constitution road, Rev. Henry Williamson
United Original Seceders, Euclid crescent, Rev. Peter M'Vicar
Zion Christian Mission, Wellgate hall, 59 Wellgate
Principal, J. Yule Mackay M.D., LL.D
Mathematics, John E. A. Steggall M.A. ; assistant, R.NorrieM.A
Natural Philosophy, J. P. Kuenen Ph.D., D.Sc
Assistant Lecturer & Demonstrator in the Physical Laboratory,
W. G. Robson A.R.C.S
Chemistry, James Walker, Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S., &c
Assistants Chemistry, J. S. Lumsden D.Sc, Ph.D. & J. E.
Wood D.Sc
Engineering & Drawing, T. Claxton Fidler M.I.C.E
Assistant Engineering & Drawing, Angus R. Fulton
Biology, D'Arcy W. "Thompson M.A., C.B. ; assistant, W. F.
Lanchester M.A. King's College, Camb
Botany, Patrick Geddes F.R.S.E.; assistant. Marcel Hardy B.Sc
Anatomv, J. Yule Mackay M.D., LL.D.; assistant, T. E. Mit-
chell M.B., Ch.B
Physiologv, E. Waymouth Reid B.A., M.B., F.R.S.; assistant,
F. W. Young
Surgery, D. MacEwan M.D. ; assistant, James Gray M.A., M.B.,
Medicine, A. M. Stalker M.A., (M.D. ; assistant, W. E. Foggie
M.A., M.B., CM
Materia Medica & Therapeutics, C. R. Marshall M.A., M.D. ;
assistant, J. H. Wigner Ph.D
Pathology, Lewis R. Sutherland M.B., CM
Midwifery, A. J. Campbell Kynoch M.B., CM
Moral Philosophy, John Sim M.A
French & German, Alfred Mercier M.A. & M. H. Durlac, officer
English Language, Literature & Modern History, H. Belly se
Baildon M.A., Ph.D
Classics & Ancient History, T. R. Mills M.A
Clinical Surgerv, D.MacEwan M.D.&D.M.GreigCM.,F.R.CS.Ed
Clinical Medicine, A.M.Stalker M.D., M.A.& Mackie Whyte M.D
Education, James Malloch M.A
Clinical Midwifery & Cynecology, R. C Buist M.D
Mental Diseases, J. Rorie M.D
Medical Jurisprudence & Public Health, Charles Templeman
M.D., D.Sc; assistant, R. Thornton M.B., CM
Ophthalmology, Angus M'Gillivray M.D
Diseases of Ear & Throat, George T. Guild M.B., CM
Scots Law, James Allison M.A., LL.B
Fine Art Teacher, C. A. Mitchell
Music, David Stephen
Phonetics, W. Herbert Hill M.A
Treasurer & Secretary, W. Arnot Watterston
Librarian, R. N. Kerr F.E.I.S
Janitor, A. C Smith
Teaching Staff.
Director of Studies, John S. Lumsden B.Sc, Ph.D
Preliminary â–  Arithmetic, Evan H. Fraser
Mathematics, J. W. Kippen
Theoretical Mechanics, John M'Cowan M.A., D.Sc
Sound, Light & Heat,
Magnetism & Electricity,
Chemistry (Theoretical & Practical), J. K. Wood B.Sc; John
Foggie F.C.S. & John Annan
Steam, Mechanical Engineering, Electric Lighting & the Trans-
mission of Power, William A. Thain M.I.C.E
Plumbers' Work, Andrew L. Peacock, John Foggie F.C.S. &
James Campbell
Wood Working Tools, Wood Carving & Modelling, John Kidd &
Thomas M. Pryde
Practical Plane & Solid Geometry, Machine Construction &
Drawing, Building Construction & Carpentry & Joinery,
George Malcolm
Art Classes, Thomas D. Dunn & John D. Revel
Textile Fabrics, T. Ferguson & Thomas Woodhouse
Painters' Work, William Anderson & assistants
Telegraphy, J. Bell
Applied Mechanics, John M. Malloch
Naval Architecture, John Dick
Secretary, John Lumsden B.Sc, Ph.D
Treasurers & Law Agents, Messrs. Shiell & Small, 5 Bank sfc
In the River Tay, off Woodhaven, Newport.
(For Homeless & Destitute Boys.)
Captain Superintendent of the "Mars," Commander Augustus
Lennox Scott
Surgeon, Dr. John Stewart, Newport
Secretary & Treasurer, Alexander Mackay, 13 Albert square
Held at the Town Hall, first monday every month.
Clerk to the Board, John E. Williams
Treasurer to the Board, C J. Marquis, 32 Castle street
Architect, J. H. Langlands, 81 Murraygate
Officer, John Robbie, 32 Castle street
Assistant Officers, Peter Grant, William Smith, Thomas Patter-
son, Charles Mackenzie
Government Navigation School, 33 Dock street, Alexander Wood^
teacher; Robert T. Leitch, sec
HIGH SCHOOL, Euclid crescent.
Rector, George Ross Merry M.A.Oxon., LL.D
Treasurer, Alexander Mackay, Albert square
Secretary, John L. Stevenson, 46 Reform street
Classics, Adam Wilson M.A., LL.D
English, Easton S. Valentine M.A
French, William Herbert Hill M.A
Mathematics, John B. Meiklejohn M.A
Science, Thomas S. Murray D. Sc
Lady Superintendent, Miss Jane Galloway Anderson L.L.A
James Brebner M.A. rector; J. B. Robb M.A., B.Sc. second
master; Miss Porter, lady supt
MORGAN ACADEMY, Forfar road.
William Balfour Irvine B.A. rector; Alex. Leighton M.A.,
B.Sc. second master
SKERRY'S COLLEGE, 2 India buildings.
George Edw. Skerry, principal; George Stewart, vice-princi-
pal; Alex. McGregor M.A. res. sec. & principal tutor
Girls' School, Balgay, Blackness road.
President, Sir Reginald Ogilvy bart
Vice-Presidents, The Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore, the
Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird, George Armitstead esq. & Sir W.
Ogilvy Dalgleish bart
Secretary & Superintendent, William M. Dickson
Treasurer, Robert C Thomson
Physician, David M. Greig M.D., F.R.CS.Edin
Teacher, Miss Smith
Matron, Mrs. Christina Mitchell
BoyB' Home, 7 Park place (in connection with the above).
Superintendent, David Richard
Matron, Mrs. Richard
Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Inverary ter. Mother Superioress
Dens Works Schools, Crescent street, Andrew Strachan, master
Oral School for the Deaf & Dumb, Dudhope park, Miss Ellen
Crassweller, principal

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