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Hon. Secretary & Treasurer, "Walter Baxter, 31 Murraygate
Organiser, William Smith, 51 Reform street
Church Establishment Association, 32 Bell street, Thomas Little-
john, hon. sec. & treasurer
Dundee Boys' & Girls' Religious Association, 21 "Union street,
Charles street, Alexander Murray, sec
Dundee Burial Society, 2 Bain square, Robert Fulton, sec
Dundee Church of Scotland Office Bearers' Association, 23 High
street, Leslie Owen, president; Chris. J. Bisset, sec
Dundee Horticultural Society (James S.Ritchie, treasurer,l Com-
mercial street; William F. Hill, sec. IS Meadowside
Dundee Seamen's Friend Society, Dock street, Francis E. Scott,
sec. & treasurer, 27 Bank street
Dundee Albert Institute Subscription Library, Albert square, John
Maclauchlan, s-ec
Dundee Public Gymnasium, Ward road, David Bannerman, sec.
& treasurer ; Alexander Sturrock, superintendent ; David
Davidson, instructor
Dundee & Arbroath Joint Railway, Maritime buildings, East Dock
street, George G. Hamilton, manager & sec
Dundee & District Master Butchers' Association, 11 Murray-
gate, Boyd M. McCrae, sec
Dundee & District Mill & Factory Operatives* Union,14 Ireland's
lane ; Miss Margaret Smeaton, sec
Dundee Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 27
Bank 'Street, "Francis E. Scott, sec
Dundee Highland Society, 2 Euclid crescent, John Alrach
Mackay, sec
Dundee Celtic Society,
Dundee Grocers' Benevolent Society, 87 Commercial street,
Horatio T. Baxter, sec. & treasurer
Dundee Institute of Engineers, 2!) Nethergate, Donald Porteous,
sec. & treasurer
Dundee Society of Musicians, 79 Commercial street, William
Campbell Scarlett, hon. sec
Dundee Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 16
Castle street
Dundee Working Men's Coffee Houses & Reading Rooms Associa-
tion Office, 13 Albert square, Daniel M'Intyre, sec. & treas
Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society, 31 Albert square, William
L. Pattullo, local treasurer
Lochee Literary Association Reading Rooms, 133 High street,
Lochee, Robert H. Brown, sec
Lochee Union Weavers' Lodge, 130 High street, Lochee, George
Whitton, sec
Morgan (The) Trust, 39 Murraygate, John M. Hendry, clerk
& factor
Roman Catholic Reading Room, Burnside street, Lochee
Royal London Friendly Society, 74 Murray gate, JohnGuthrie,supt
Scottish Clerks' Association, 31 Albert square, William L. Pat-
tullo, district sec
Scottish Licensed Trade Defence Association, 32 Bank street,
James McFarlane, district organizer
Sanitary Protection Association, 11 Reform street; Alexander
Tosh, local sec. ; George Tudhope, resident engineer
33, 35 & 37 South Tay street & 40 Albert street.
Secretary, Miss A. Scott, 40 Albert street
Lochee branch, High street, Lochee, Miss Ellen Peattie, supt
President, William Henderson
Secretary, William Stewart
Treasurers, James Low & B. L. Nairn
Lochee branch, 149 High street, Lochee, Chas. Batchelor, sec
Balgay Park, Balgay hill, John Carnochan, superintendent
Baxter Park, Arbroath road & Pitkerro road, Walter T. Currie,
sec. ; Andrew Pattison, superintendent
Dudhope Park, Barrack road & Lochee rd. John Carnochan,supt
Lochee Park, Ancrum road, James Leslie, superintendent
Airlie Hall, 11 Peter street
Ancient Masons' Hall, 79 High street
Arcade Hall, 46 King's road, Mrs. Scott, hall keeper
ArgyleHall, 1 Overgate
Blackness Hall, 35 & 37 Blackness road, Wm. Ramsay, hall keepr
Burgh Court, Council chambers, High street
Camperdown Masonic B3all, James McGlashan, keeper, 22
Barrack street
City Assembly Rooms, Shore terrace
Cutlers' Hall, 68 Murraygate; George Stewart, proprietor
Dundee & District Total Abstainers' Club Hall, 6 Bain, square,
David Pitkethly, caretaker
Forfar & Kincardine Masonic Hall, 13 Meadow street; John
Macgregor, hall keeper
Free Gardeners' Hall, 31 Overgate, Robert Nicol, hall keeper
Forresters' Halls, Nicoll street, John Henderson, keeper
Gilfillan Memorial Hall, Whitehall cres. Fred. F. Eassie.hall kpr
King's Road Hall, King's road, Mrs. High, hall keeper
Kinnaird Hall, Bank st. Walter T. Currie, sec. ; John Ronald, kpr
Logie Hall, Scott street, William Younger, hall keeper
Maxwelltown Hall, Jamaica street, Maxwelltown, Thomas Hill,
hall keeper
Operative Masonic Hall, 43 Overgate, James W. Murray, keeper
Plumbers' Hall, 40 King's road, A. Mackenzie, hall keeper
Ryehill (V. F.I Church Hall & Institute, Mid wynd
Tailors' Hall (Operative), 51 Overgate â–  ,
Thistle Masonic Hall, Peter street, James Walker, hall keeper
Trinity Hall, 70 Victoria road, Peter Martin, hall keeper
~w>i] ^ate Hall, 59 Wellgate, William McL. Thorburn, proprietor
West End Assembly Rooms, 26 Perth rd. J. & J. Gray, proprs
Western Hall, Taylor street, Lochee, William Towns, hall keeper
Her Majesty's Theatre, S^-Hg^te, Robert Arthur,lessee &. manager
People's Palace, Nethergate, Livermore Brothers, proprietors;
Ernest Sheldon, general manager
Empire Theatre, Roseban. 1 ' street, F. Shelton, manager
Gaiety Theatre of Varieties, Victoria road, James M. Creighton,
general manager
And their Clergy.
St. Mary's (Parish Church), Nethergate, Rev.Colin CampbellD.D
St. Paul's (South Church), Nethergate, Rev. James B. Wood
M.A., B.D
St. Clement's (Steeple Church), Nethergate, Rev. J. M. Benson
St. John's (Cross Church), South Tay street, Rev. Peter Grant
D.D. & Rev. George Christie B.D
St. David's, North Tay street. Rev. Robert S. Warren
Brown street. Lochee, Rev. William Wright
St. Mark's, Perth road, Rev. Charles M. Grant M.A., B.D
St. Andrew's, King street, Rev. Harccurt M. Davidson
Chapelshade, Constitution road, Rev. Archibald Bell M.A., D.D
Clepington, Rev. David R. Robertson B.D
Logie, Scott street, Rev. Stewart Galloway
Maryfield, Morgan street, Rev. James Dowie M.A
Wallacetown, Crescent street, Rev. James M. Campbell
St. Enoch's, Nethergate, Rev. Hugh G. Watt D.D
St. Matthew's, Ferry road, Rev. John Mills M.A
Rosebank, Constitution street, Rev. David B. Cameron M.A
St. Luke's, High street, Lochee, Rev. William May M.A
St. Thomas's, Lochee road, Rev. William Hall
Mission Hall (St. Enoch's), 161 Overgate
Mission Room (St. Mark's), 16 West wynd
Albert square (English & Gaelic), Rev. George R. M'Phail M.A
St. John's, Perth road, Rev. Alexander B. Macaulay M.A
St. David's, Ward road, Rev. Angus C. M'Kenzie M.A
St. Andrew's, Meadow place, R*v. Charles Shaw
St. Peter's, St. Peter street, Rev. John Jenkins M.A
St. Paul's, Nethergate, Rev. John Martin
Chalmer's Territorial, Hunter street, Rev. Robert H. Logan M.A
Baxter park, Arbroath road, Rev. James Fenton M.A
Bonnethill, Hilltown, Rev. James Cameron
Chapelshade, Bell street, Rev. Alexander Adamson B.D
Dudhope, Crescent road,Rev. James Wilson & Rev.James Bayne
High street, Lochee (East), Rev. David Thorn M.A
Lochee (West), Rev. A. B. Connel M.A., D.D. & Rev. Hugh
D. Morton
Hill street, Butterburn, Rev. Robert A. Watson D.D
Hilltown, North Wellington street. Rev. John M'Pherson
Hospital wynd, Rev. Francis J. Maclauchlan M.A
James', Bell street, Rev. James Robbie M.A., B.D
Martyrs' Church, Annfield road, Rev. Alexander Osborne M.A
Lochee road (Logie street), Rev. James Burnett
Lochee road (Dudhope), Rev. Arthur C. Abel
Perth road (M'Cheyne Memorial), Rev. Andrew N. Sutherland
Perth road, Ryehill, Rev. James Aitken D.D
Willison, Barrack street, Rev. William Nelson
Ogilvie, Albert street, Rev. Henry K. Henderson M.A
St. Stephen's, Dudhope street. Rev. Donald Cook B.Sc
Park avenue, Rev. James George
School wynd. Rev. George Smart
Tay square, Rev. John Reid M.A
Victoria street, Rev. William Rose
Wishart Memorial, King street, Rev. W. A. Dunbar
West Bell street. Rev. John Beveridge M.A., B.D
Willison Free Church Mission, Overgate
Hillbank Mission Hall, Cotton road
Mission Room (St. John's), Park wynd
Mission Room (Panmuir), Hilltown
Mission Room (St. Paul's), 145 Overgate
Mission Church, 23 Dallfleld walk
West Port Mission, Artillery lane, South Tay street
Ogilvie Mission Hall, Dundonald street
Brown Street Mission Hall
Mission Room, Taylors lane
St. Paul's, Castle hill, Right Rev. Hugh Willoughby Jermyn D.D.
Bishop of Brechin ; res. Forbes court, Ferry road ; Rt. Rev.
William Moore Richardson D.D.; res. 11 James place,Broughty-
Ferry; Rev. Kenneth Mackenzie M.A.Oxon. incumbent ; "Rev.
George Cuthbert Murdoch M.A.Oxon. Rev. Robert Fairley
Strathern M.A. Rev. Hu^h Colin Robert Cunnynghame M.A.
Oxon. Rev. Edward William Millar B.A.Oxon. & Rev. Roger
Rawson Lingard-Guthrie M.A.Oxon. (hon.), curates
St. John the Baptist's, Albert street, Rev. James J. Dunbar
St. Luke's, Blackscroft, Rev. Cecil Joseph Jones M.A.Oxon
St. Margaret's, Ancrum road, Lochee, Rev. Joseph Charles
Cater T.C.D. rector; Rev. James RogerB, curate
St. Mary Magdalene's, Blinshall street, Rev. Francis Burdon,
rector; Rev. Edw. John Smyth Teviotdale M.A., B.Sc. & Rev.
Hugh Clement Williams B.A. curates
St. Salvador's, Maxwelltown, Rev. George Murray Duncan M.A.
incumbent; Rev. James Alexander Boyes M.A. & Rev. Thomas
Steaurt, curates
Mission Room, Well road, Hawkhill
Mission Hall,
Roman Catholic Diocese of Dunkeld, Rt. Rev. Angus Mac,Far-
lane D.D. bishop; Rt. Rev. Mgr. Robert Clapperton, vicar
gen. & provost; Very Rev. Peter L. Canon Butti, sec
St. Andrew's Pro-Cathedral, Nethergate, Very Rev. John Canon
Turner & Rev. Richard Aylward
St Joseph's, Wilkie's lane, Very Rev. Joseph Canon Holder,
Rev. Anthony Sweeney & Rev. William McCurrah

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