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hill are in the parish of Monifieth, and
West Ferry in that of Dundee; ife is
regularly built, and has improved very con-
siderably during the last few years, having
become the place of residence of many of the
principal bankers and merchants of Dundee.
The town is governed by commissioners of
police and police magistrates, under the
provisions of the Police Act of 1892. It is
lighted with gas and electric light from
works owned by the commissioners, and
is supplied with water from the Dundee
waterworks, and is in the Dundee small
debt court district. At one time the East
Ferry comprised only a few fishermen's
huts, built along the beach, but now the
population is considerable, while persons
â– from various parts of the country visit
it during the summer months to enjoy
Its pleasant scenery, pure air and bathing.
The pier and harbour were constructed in
1871 at a cost of about £3,800, projecting in
the river about 200 feet due south, with a
width of 30 feet; at the outer end of the
pier is a wooden platform and slip, sup>
ported on piles, forming an angle running
eastward in the direction of the North
British railway pier, which gives it a semi-
dock like appearance, and providing berth-
age for four or five small vessels : the slip is
of a uniform breadth of 20 feet, running
from the top of the pier down to low water,
•on a gentle decline; this arrangement per-
mits vessels to lie by at low. water, and
allows the landing and embarking of
- passengers from small steamers at any
state of tide. Storehouse, office, and steel-
vard have also been added. About half a
" mile to the north . of Brou<rhtv-Ferry is
Fort-hill, or Hill of Balgillo. on which
fortifications were erected by the English
in 1548, during the reign of Henry VIII.
and regency of the Earl of Arran, when
they ravaged Dundee and the surrounding
country; in 1550 the works on this hill.
being surrendered to an allied army of
.Scots, Germans and French, under M. Des
'Thermies, were dismantled, and at the
present day they present merely scattered
remains. There are Established, United
Free and Episcopal churches, and Congre-
gational and Baptist chapels. The East
United Free church, built in 1865, is a
â–  'Gothic structure. Branches of the Royal
Bank of Scotland and the North of Scot-
land Bank Limited, and a Savings Bank,
are established here.. There are two public
halls. The " Broughty-Ferry Guide "
newspaper (1886) is published every Fri-
day. There are two public parks, the
Beres Hill Park and the Orchar Park, both
opened in 1887, and each consisting of
about 6£ acres. The principal seats are
Forbes Court, the residence of the Rt. Rev.
Hugh Willoughby Jermyn D.D. Bishop of
Brechin; Carbet Castle, the residence of
Mrs. Grimond; Castleroy, the residence of
3Irs. S. Gilrov; Balgillo, the residence of
John C. Buist esq. J.P. and Dunalestair,
the property of Alexander Bruce Gilroy
â–  esq. of Castleroy, but at present unoc-
.cupied. The area of the burgh is 1,143
-acres, valuation, about £70,000. The popu-
lation of the town in 1891 was 9,256, and
in 1901, 10,482: viz.: first ward, 2,296;
second ward. 2,308: third ward, 2,606;
-fourth ward, 3,272. The population of the
ecclesiastical parish (parish church) in 1901
-•-was 7,031, and of St. Stepen's ecclesiasti-
cal parish, 2,346.
BarnhilL, one mile east from Broughty-
Ferry, in Monifieth parish. and now included
in that burgh, is a station on the Dundee
and Forfar direct line, which has facilitated
the opening out of this locality, and has rrnw
become a favourite place of residence. Here
is a Convalescent Home in connection with
the Dundee Boyal Infirmary, erected
1876, from funds left by the late Sir David
Baxter bart. and opened in March, 1877
and enlarged in 1899. There is a cemetery
five acres in extent.
Post, M. O., T., T. M. O., E. D. & P. O.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. Brook st. Broughty-
Ferry ; William Smeaton, postmaster
"(Railwav Sub-Office. Letters should have
R.S.O. 'Forfarshire added). Dispatches,
â– 5 & 10.45 a.m. 1.45, 2.45, 4.15 & 6
-p.m.; deliveries, 7 & 9.45 a.m. 3.50, 6.40
p.m. ; dispatches, 7 & 8.15 p.m. Sun-
day, delivery to callers, 9 to 10 a.m. ;
dispatch, 3.45 p.m
Post & M. O. O. West Ferry; letter box
cleared at 4 & 10 a.m. & 3.30 & 8 p.m
Brook street.
'PrWost & Chief Magistrate.BaxterGray J.P
Bailies, William Park & Peter Sim
Commissioners, twelve
Law Clerk, E. Cowan
Treasurer, Robert Morrison
Medical Officer of Health, John Frederick
Sturrock M.B., CM
Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector, Douglas
Winning; office. Brook street
Gas Manager, Forbes Waddell
Superintendent of Police, James Brechin
Broughty Bowling Club, Claypots road,
J. Walker, sec
Cemetery, Barnhill, Wm. Simpson, supt
Corbet Library, Grove academy, Alexander
Inh.es, librarian
Fire Station, Fort street
Forfarshire County Cricket Club, Fort hill,
W. R. Sharp, sec
Gas & Electricity Works, Brook street,
Forbes Waddell^ manager
Gnnd Templars' Hall, Gray street
Life Boat Institution, The Beach
Monifieth Parish Council Office (William
Moyes, clerk), 53 Brook street
Police Office, Brook, street, James Brechin,
1st Forfarshire Boyal Garrison Artillery
("Volunteers); heiad quarters, Dundee;
11 & 12 Companies, Drill hall, Church st.
Captain, J. D. Fleming (No. 11) & Lieut.
A. Rae (No. 12); Medical -Officer, Surg. -
Lieut. H. C. Colman; Acting Chaplain,
Rev. A. Campbell ; Sergt.-Instructor,
William Jones
The Tay Division Royal Engineers (Volun-
teers) Submarine Miners; head quarters,
Broughty Castle. In Command, Lt.-Col.
W. H. Fergusson; Major, F. S. Stephen;
Officers Commanding A, B & C Com-
panies, Capt. J. H. White, Capt. J. A.
Murdoch & Capt. W. G, M. Thomson;
Quartermaster, J. H. Luis (hon. capt.) ;
Medical Officers, Surgeon-Major G. 0. C.
Mack'ness M.D. & Surg. -Lieut. J. Y.'
Mackay M.D. ; Acting Chaplain, Rev.
H. M. Davidson
PLACES OF WORSHIP. & their Clergy.
Established Churches: —
Brook street, Bev. James Wilson M.A
West Ferry (St. Stephen's), Eev. James
Least D.D
Barnhill. Rev. Thomas N. Adamson
Beach Mission Church, Bev. J.Mackechnie
United Free Churches : —
Brook street (West), Bev. G. Elmslie Troup
Brook street (East), Eev. Malcolm Donald
McGilvrav M.A
West Ferry (St. Luke's), Bev. Lewis Muir-
head B.D
Fort street, Bev. Thomas F. Best
Queen street, Bev. David H.Lawrence M.A
Episcopalian, Queen street (St. Mary's),
" . George Mackness D.D. (Oxon)
Baptist. St. Vincent street, Rev. George P.
Congregational, Brook street, Rev. J. E.
Link* Mission Hall. Castle street
Mission Hall, Dundns street
St. Stephen's Mission Hall, East Home st
Chairman, Rev. James Leask D-D
Clerk, Edward Cowan
Board Schools : —
Grove academy, Camperdown street,
Alexander H. Hutt M.A. master; D. A.
Cumining M.A. second master
Eastern, Brook street, for 538 children;
average attendance, 465 : William Sim,
master; Miss Margaret Menzies, infants'
Southern, The Beach, Rt. Cameron, master
Western, Brook street, John T. Thomson
M.A.' master
On the Dundee & Arbroath joint line (Cale-
donian & North British).
Station, Broughty-Ferry, Alexander Lamb,
station master; Alexander Lammond,
goods agent
Station, West Ferry, David Gray,statn.mst
On the Dundee & Forfar branch of the
Caledonian line.
Station, Barnhill, Jas. Coutts r station mastr
To Tayport (or Ferry-Port-on-Oraig), Bail-
way Company's steamers
To Dundee fdailv).— Globe Parcel Express,
King street; George Longair, 8 Gray st.
& Duncan Stewart, Brook street
Adams Capt. William, Bayridge, Hill st
Adie Mrs. 3 Cedar villas, Cedar road
Agnew Alexander, Balwherrie, West Ferry
Air David, Cedar Lea house, Cedar road
Alexander Geo. Douglas pi. Monifieth road
Alexander W. P. Seafield cot. Seafield road
Alison Mrs. 7 Taymouth pi. Monifieth road
Allan Robt. T. M. Fernlea, Davidson road
Anderson David, Mount Rosa, Seafield road
Anderson Miss, 10 Taymouth place
Anderson Miss, Linden bank, Hill street
Anderson Robert, Bridge ho. St. Vincent st
Anderson Wm. St. Helens, Camphill road
Anderson Wm. G. 3 Gladstone pi. Brook st
Baillie Miss, Suvabank, Queen street
Bain Mrs. 5 Ramsay place, St. Vincent st
Baird Mrs. 3 Camperdown place
Baird Miss, 5 Grange ter. Monifieth road
Baird Vaness C. Gowanbrae, Seafield road
Raid John, Cairney mount, West Ferry
Ballardie Thomas, Castle street
Bahnerman John, 10 Castle ter. Esplanade
Barclay Grant, Netherlea, Seafield road
Barclay William, Castle street
Rarrie Alexander,9 Home terrace.WestFerry
Barrie Charles (Lord Provost), Airlie pk.
West Ferry
Barrowman John, Bellrenie, New road
Barry Miss, 20 Louise terrace, West Ferry
Barry William, Airlie lodge, West Ferry
Ratchelor David, 9 Duntrune ter. West Ferry
Batchelor David, Cairnie cot. Camphill rd
Batchelor Miss, Bridge End cottage
Bates Alexander, 14 Seaview place
Baxter Robert, 5 Douglas terrace
Beedie John, Tarfside, Camperdown street
Bel ford James, Tarfside, Camperdown street
Bell Allen, 8 Rugby terrace, Esplanade
Bell Charles, 9 Benny place, West Ferry
Bell John Alfred, 4 Douglas terrace
Bell John B. Castle hill
Bell Miss, Tay cliff. West Ferry
Bell Thomas J.P. Hazlewood, West Ferry
Berg Emil P. 5 Duntrune ter. West Ferry
Berg Robert, 12 Duntrune ter. West Ferry
Best Rev. Thomas F. (U. F. C.),, The
Manse, Albert road'
Bissett Miss, Gowanbank, Hill street
Black NormanL.D.S.R.C.S.Eng.361Brook st
Blackadder Robert, Edrom, West Ferry
Blacklaws Mrs. Beechwood, Camphill road
Blair Wiliam Buchan, 8 Dougas terrace
Blakenev Mrs. 2 Ca3tle ter. Esplanade
Boland Mrs. 3 Victoria place, West Ferry
Bowden Wm. Thos.4Hunter pl.Monifieth rd
Boyack Alexander, Links villa, King street
Boyd William, Claremont, West Ferry
Bremner George, Finnery villa. King street
Bremner William, Fort William house,
West Ferrv
Brocklev Rt. M.A. 6 Home ter. West Ferry
Rrodie Robt. M. 4 Grange ter. Monifieth rd
Brown Andrew H. 3 Gray street
Brown Miss, Mossburn, King street
Brown Mrs. Edmonton place, Fort Hill rd
Brown Mrs. Rosemount, Camphill road
Brown Mrs. The Grove, West Ferry
Brown Peter Saunders, Craigmount, West
Brown Wm., M.A. 13 Louise ter. West Ferry
Brown Wm. 3 Newington ter. Esplanade
Bruce Graham, Willow grove. Whinny brae
Buchanan Robert M.A., M.B. Brook cot-
tage. Brook street
Buick Thomas, Monifieth road
Buist John C, J.P. Balgillo house
Buist Mrs. Reres mount, Beres road
Bullock Archibald, 1 Links place. Castle st
Butchart- Misses, 6 Benny place, We. Ferry
Caithness Mrs. 1 Kenmore pl.Monifieth rd
Calder Mrs. Aftonbank, Brook street
Calder Bobert, 6 Fintry place
Cameron Augustus S. Bay house, West Ferry
Cameron Bobert, 4 Rugby terrace
Campbell James, 1 Norma ter.CamphiU rd
Campbell Mr.s. Willow bank, West Ferry
Cargill Wm. 2 Caenlochan ter. West Ferry
Carmichaol George, Tay mount, WestFerry
CarmichaelMiss.Drummond vil.Maryfield rd
Carmichael William, 2 Fintry place
Cassadav John, 86 Brook street
Chadwick John, 5 Norma ter.Camphill rd
Chalmers Alfred James, Oak grove, West
Chalmers Wm. Mabel bank. West Ferry
Chalmers William M. 4 Laurel villas, Bam-
say park
Christie Henrv, Burmah cot. New road
Christie John B. 3 Alpha terrace. Brook st
Christie Mrs. Alexandra cottage. West Ferry
Clark John B. 8 Bagillo terrace
Clark R. Duncan M.B., Ch.B. Whinny
bank. Rhona place
Clark William â–  Lawson, 2 Home terrace,
West Ferry
Clarke Mrs. 9 James place
Cleghorn William, jun. Bayfield, West Ferry

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