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Mitchell Mary (Miss), refreshment rooms,
46 High street
Mitchell John, watch maker, 20 High st
Moir George A. watch maker & jeweller,
36 St. David street
More & Dargle, engineers & ironfounders,
Montrose street
More Margt. (Miss), tobacnst. 6 Montrose st
Morgan Robert, general draper & dress
maker, 15 High street
Muir Thos. Son & Patton Lim. coal & Kme
merchants, St. ENinian's place
Murray David, gunsmith & fishing tackle
maker, 23 St. David street
Murray John C. teacher of music, 25
Church street
Myles Thomas Patrick M.B., C.M.Edin.
physician & surgeon, 1 Castle street
Nairn Margaret (Mrs.), refreshment rooms,
7 Union street
Napier William, ironmonger & tinplate
worker, 21 High street
National Bank of Scotland Lim. (branch)
(John Shiell & James Don, agents ;Gregor
Cumming, accountant), 14 St. David st, ;
draw on London office, 37 Nicholas lane
E C; Bank of England E C; G-lyn, Mills,
Currie & Co. EC; Coutts & Co. "W C &
Union of London & Smiths Bank Lim.
E C, London
Neish Mary (Mrs.)* shopkpr. 65 Market st
New Club (J. L. Aird, sec), Argyll street
Ogilvie George, timber mer-
chant & joiner, 8 6 Montrose st
Ogilvie Grant, grocer, 19 Market streeb
Oswald John, blacksmith, 14 Damacre rd
Oswald Robert, grocer & wine &
spirit dealer, 4 High street
Ower Robert, spirit dealer (Exchange), 8
& 10 Church street
Parish Church Hall (W. F. Myles, keeper),
Church lane
Paterson David Eaton, draper, 61 High st
Paterson William, shopkeeper, 28 Bridge st
Peterkin James, confectioner, 9 High street
Petrie John Gilbert, grocer & spirit dlr.
17 River street
Philip Alexander, solicitor, notary public &
clerk to justices (see Will & Philip),
sheriff clerk depute & factor for Mrs.
Canel Carnegy Arbuthnott, of Balnamoon,
& factor for Balhall Estate, 11 Pan-
mure street
Photographic Association (J. C. Robertson,
Plrie Alexander, Commercial
hotel, Clerk street
Police Court (James Scott, clerk), Bank st
Police Treasurer's Office (William M. Archi-
bald, treasurer), Bank street
Pollock Peter, spirit dealer (Rob Roy),
125 River street
Pringle Alexander, tobacconist, 5 Market st
Public Free Library (Wm. Manning, clerk
6 librarian), St. Ninian's square
Public Steelyard (John Hardie, weigher),
7 St. Ninian's place
Public Telephone Call Office, 10 Swan st
Reid & Barrie, butchers & cattle dealers, 56
& 58 High street & 9 Market, street
Reid James (Mrs.), butcher, 5 High street
Reid John, Dalhousie hotel, Market street
Reoch Walter, grocer & spirit dealer, 204
Montrose street
Richards Benjamin, spirit dealer (West End
Bar), 44 St. David street
Ritchtie James, baker, 40 Montrose street
Robertson David, boot & shoe maker, 32
Damacre road
Robertson David Brown, book-
seller, stationer, news agent,
& post office, 80 Montrose street
Robertson Jane Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper,
198 Montrose street
Robertson Joseph Clark, draper &â–  clothier,
97, 99 & 98 High street
Robertson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14
Trinity road
Robertson Thomas, grocer & spirit dlr.
55 High street
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch") (David
Guthrie & Sons, agents; Robert S. Cargill,
accountant), 19 Swan Btreet; draw on
London office, 123 Bishopsgate street
within E C ; Coutts & Co. W C & Bank
of England E C London
Robertson Jas. C. postmaster, 1 Panmure st
Sandison John, boot maker, 19 River street
Scott & Sons, coal & slate merchants,
Bank street
Scott Alexander, insur. agent, 24 City rd
Scott James, solicitor & insurance agent,
14 Panmure street
Scott James, slater, 15a, Clerk street
Scott John Guthrie, grocer & spirit
dealer, 27 High street & fruiterer & con-
fectioner, Panmure street
Shaw Jn. grocer & spirit dlr. 21 Union st
Sharpies Alexander, watch & clock maker,
28b, Bridge street
Shepherd George, agent to British Linen
Co.'s Bank & insurance agt. 5 Clerk st
Sherret David, blacksmith, 6 Clerk street
Sherritt Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 25 Union st
Shiell & Don, solicitors & notaries public,
agents to National Bank of Scotland &
insurance agents, 16 St. David street
Shiell David G. solicitor (Shiell & Don), 16
St. David street
Shiell John S.S.C. solicitor (Shiell & Don),
agent, factor to the Earl of Dalhousie,
William Shaw Adamson of Careston &
Augustus W. Cruikshank of Langley park
& insurance agent, 16 St. David street
Silver James, photographer, Latch rd
Simpson & Son, coach builders, 14a, Clerk st
Simpson David, blacksmith, Aldbar
Sinclair James, hair dresser, 51 Montrose
street & 4£ Union street
Sinclair Norman James M.B., Ch.B. &
D.P.H.Aberd. physician & surgeon, medi-
cal officer of health for the burgh, medi-
cal officer for Farnell & Menmuir & sur-
geon to the police, Balgownie, Argyll st
Small David, seedsman, 20
Swan street
Small Margaret (Mrs.) & Jessie (Miss),
â– wool dealers, 72 Market street
Smart J. & J. linen manufrs. 45 River st
Smart David, taElor & clothier, 42 St.
David street
Smart George, beer retailer, 9 & 11 Park rd
Smart Nellie (Miss), milliner, 63 High st
Smart William N. grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 69 High street
Smith Annie (Miss), shopkeeper, 181 Mont-
rose street
Smith Chas. cattle dlr. Myrtle bank.Park rd
Smith David, potato merchant, furniture
dealer & shopkeeper, 22 River street
Smith David, shopkeeper, 99 Montrose st
Smith James, tailor, 95 High street
Smith John, glass & china warehouse, 59
High street
Smith John, ironmonger, 21 St. David street
Smith John A. hair dresser, 103 High st
Smith John Inglis, hair dresser & tobacco
nist, 51 High street
Smith Robert, beer retailer, 1 Bridge street
Soppet Elizabeth (Miss).cnfctnr. 78 High st
Southesk Fishery Board (Don & Shiell,
clerks), St. David street
Soutter Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 64 High street
Spalding Alex, insur. agent, 43 Park road
Spence David, hair dresser & tobacconist,
8 Swan street
Stamps & Taxes Office (William Johnston,
sub-distributor & sub-collector), 40High st
Steel William, fishing tackle maker, 15
Church street
Steele John, photographer, Bank street
Stevenson George (Mrs.), spirit dealer (Rail-
way tavern), 33 Damacre road
Stewart Alexander, spirit dealer (Eagle
P.H.), 105 & 107 High street
Stewart Annie (Miss), tobacconist, 3 St.
Ninian's place
Stewart John, town officer, 31 River street
Strachan James M. butcher, 16
High street
Stratton George, tobacconist, 39 High st
Taylor David, hosier, hatter & tailor 89, &
clothier 85a, High street
Taylor Robert, coal mer. Railway station
Temperance Hall (James Wallace, keeper),
City road
Thomson Gilmour & Co. Lim. distillers,
Glencadam distillery
Thomson Agnes (Mrs.), grocer & spirit
dealer, 205 Montrose street
Todd David, reed manufacturer, 10 Black
Bull close
Tosh Annie & Jessie (Misses),confectioners,
17 Market street
Tosh James, mason, 2 Ann ter. City road
Tosh William, hawker, 10 Wilson park
Trinity Golf Club (W. Wood, sec)
Trinity Muir Cattle Market (William Law,
superintendent), Trinity muir
Union Bank of Scotland Limited (branch)
(James Craig & John Lamb, joint agents ;
Thomas Henderson, accountant), 5 Swan
street; draw on London office, 62 Corn-
nill E C & Bank of England E C, London
Unionist Club (David Fleming, sec),
Church street
Walker Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 187
Montrose street
Walker William, tobacconist, 11 High street
Waterworks Office (William Eggie, inspec-
tor), Bank street
Watt & Son, joiners, house agents & under-
takers, 5 Union street
Watt W. Watson, sheriff officer ;
overdue accounts & bills sent
for collection receive prompt
attention ; charges moderate)
5 Union street
Watt W. Watson, accountant, insurance &
shipping agent, 5 Union street
Whitlnw David, rag & waste, ctiina, glass &
earthenware dealer, 22 High street
Whitlaw Marjory (MEss),cnfctnr.47 High st
Will & Philip, solicitors & insurance agents,
11 Panmure street
Willocks Jane, Jessie & Eliza (Misses)*,
milliners, 35 High street
Wilson John, blacksmith, Ardovie
Wilson John, cycle agent &
builder, 202 Montrose street
Wishart David, grocer & spirit dealer, 17
City road
Wood Alexander, tanner, 16 River street
Wordie &â–  Co. carting agents for the Cale-
donian Railway, Railway station
Wyllie Alex, refreshment rms. 6 Bridge st
Wyllie Elizabeth (Mrs.), draper, 116 Mont-
rose street
Young Men's Christian Association & NewB
Room (James Bruce, sec), Bank street
Young Women's Christian Association (Mrs.
Mary Bruce, sec), 59 Southesk street
Young Ann (Miss), dress maker, 1 Bank st
Young John, painter (Aikenhead & Young) ,
Young William, grocer, 9 City road
Abbot Patrick J. Arrat mill
Allison Archibald, Dubton
Arnot David, East Pitforthie-
Baird David, Little Keithock
Brimner Alexander, Mavisbankr
Brown William, Cauldcots
Calder William, Stoneybriggs
Carnegie James, Arrat
Cobb William, Trinity muir
Couper Andrew, jun. West Kintrockat-
Cowan Robert Vans, Balbirnie
Davidson George, Muirside & Westerton k
Dewar Robert Don, Ardovie
Doig G-eorge, Middledrums
Duncan William, West Pittendreich
Grant James, Craigend of Careston
Greig James, Cookston of Grossfield
Henderson James, Kincraig
Hume David, Barrelwell
Johnston John, Balnebreich
Kinnear James, Mountboy
Lyall David, East Mains of Keithock
Milne David, Drumachlie
Mitchell Joseph (reps, of), Stanochy
Officer John, Windy edge
Peter Henry, Tilligloom
Philip William McGregor, Burgh hill'
Risk James, East Pittendreich
Robertson John, West Drums
Scott Mrs. David, Maison Dieu
Ross William, Mains of Pitforthie
Sharpe David, East Drums
Sheriff David, Unthank
Smith James (trustees of), Findowrie.-
Soutar John, Leuchland
Yallentine John, Dalgety
Wallace Mrs. James, Haughmuir
Watt James, Hillhead of Burghill
Wells Mrs. Maggie, Broomfield
Winton James, Mains of Ardovie-
BRIDGEND. see Lintrathen.
BR OUGHT Y-FERRY is a considerable
modern town and police burgh, seated on
the Firth of Tay, with stations on the Dun-
dee and Arbroath railway, about 4 miles
east from Dundee, nearly opposite to Ferry-
Port-on-Craig, or Tayport. The place
takes its name from the old castle of
Brouehty or " Burgh Tay " (the defence of
the Tay), Bituated on its south-eastern ex-
tremity, on a rocky eminence jutting into
the water ; the castle, formerly in ruins, has
been made into a formidable defence for
the mouth of the Tay. Broutrhty is divided
into three districts, East Ferry and West
Ferry and Barnhill : East Ferry and Barn-
SCOT. 45

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