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Kope & Twine Makers.
Nicol Alexander & Co. (sail twine), Chal-
mers Street works
Smith James, West links
Tarry Mill Co. Tarry mill, St. Vigeans
Greig David, 155 High street
Mathers David & Sons, 80 High street
Sail Makers.
Gray Charles, 24 North Grimsby
Hayes Edward & Sons, Old Shore head
Keith John, 5 East Grimsby
Sail Cloth Manufacturers.
Anderson & Chalmers, St. Bollox works,
Lindsay street
Balfour & Cumming, Vlictoria works,
Orchard street
Corsar David & Sons; works, Nursery &
Almerieclose mills, Spring Garden fac-
tory; depot, Liverpool ; & agencies at
London, Cardiff, Newcastle-on-Tyne,
Glasgow, Leith, Dublin & Belfast
Fraser Douglas & Sons, Wellgate works
Gordon Alexander & Co. Burnside works
Lowson Andrew Lim. Green's mliU, Baltic
works, Lindsay Street mill, Inch mills &
John Street mill; & at 7 Lawrence lane,
London E C
NetherwardSpinning & Weaving Co. Nether-
ward works, Guthrie port
Nicol Alexander & Co. Chalmers St. works
Ogg Wm. A. & Co. Abbot power loom works
Thomson MalcolmC.&Co.(,Glasgw.),Ward ml
Webster Francis & Sons, Alma wrks.Millgte
Wilson & Cunningham, Dens road
Saw Mill Owners.
Kydd James, 32 Dishlandtown street
M'Donald John & Co. Haysneld saw mill,
Sidney street
Schools & Colleges.
See Official.
Aifcken James Robert, 20a, Keptlie street
Boyle William, 31 Market place
Cuthbert James, 8 to 12 Commerce street
'Thomson James A. 48 High street
Thomson John, 103 High street
Seed Merchants.
Smith John S. & Sons, 124 High street &
17 & 19 Gravesend
Sewing Machine Dealers.
Singer Manufacturing Co. (Joseph K. New-
some, manager), 18G High street
Ship Brokers.
See Brokers — Ship.
Ship Chandler.
Shepherd David, 16 High street
Ship Owners.
Adam Francis, Manora bank, Keptie road
Corsar David & Sons
Dallachie John C. 24 Da'housie place
Dorward John, 66 Nolt Loan road.
Henderson James, 22 Victoria street
Paterson James S. 1 Shore
Renny Samuel, Jock's lodge
Smith William, 24 Victoria street
Beid Charles, Old Shore head
Weir James, Old Shore head
Adam Joseph, 19 West Grimsby
Barnett Mrs. Clementina Mitchell, 58
Guthrie port
Brown David, 75 Lochland street
Euick James, 45 Green street
Buick Mrs. Margt. Stewart, 16 Leonard st
Buick Mrs. Mary Ann, 16 Fergus square
Butchart Miss Georgina, G High street
Calvert William, 24 Marketgarp
Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, 3 South Grimsby
Cooper Mrs. Halliburton, 7 Shore
Coutts Mrs. Margaret, Bussell street
Crockett Miss Christina, 13 St. Mary st
Davidson Mrs. Mary, 94 Keptie street
Davidson Bobert, 47 Helen street
Davis Mrs. Margaret, 3 Sidney street
Pairweather Mrs. Margaret, 4 Panmure st
Paulkner Mrs. Jenny, Eossie street
Porbes Mrs. Betsy, 22 St. Vigeans.road
Frazer Mrs. Annie, 66 Brechin road
Gibb Mrs. Margaret Wilson, 33 Fergus sq
Gordan Mrs. Susan, 41 Panmure street
Gouk Mrs. Jane, 47 High street
Gowans Charles, 29 West Grimsby
Grant James, 19 Hamilton green
Hudson George, 42^ East Abbey street
Irons Mtiss Ellen, 54 Leonard street
Kemp Mrs. Euphemie, 36 Helen street
Kirkwood Mrs. Rose Ann, 71 Lochland st
Kydd Mrs. Margaret, 77£ Keptie street
Low Mrs. Betsy, Allan street
Lowson Mrs. Jessie, 22 Millgate loan -
Lvell William, 69 Millgate loan
McAlpin Mrs. Elizabeth, East Mill wynd
McArdle John, 8 Sidney street
Marnie William, 13 Leonard street
Neave Mrs. Mary Jane, 36 Lochland street
Nicol Mrs. Catherine, 67 Sidney street
Paton William, 32 Cairnie street
Pert David, 47 Lady Bridge street
Petrie Peter, 33 West Abbey street
Procter Mrs. Mary, 77 Keptie street
Boss George, 11 Lordburn
Shand Mrs. Mary, 61 Barn green
Shepherd Mrs. Betsy, 25 Ernest street
Sherritt Mrs. Margaret, 65 Lady loan
Simpson Stuart, 39 Lordburn
Skey George, 32 Lady loan
Smith Alexander, 42 Hamilton green
Smith Miss Margaret, 10 Ann street
Smith William, 5 West Newgate street
Swankie Thomas, 12 High street
Wiikie Mrs. Mary, Market gate
Wishert Mrs. Agnes, 54 St. Mary street
Wylie David, 43 Lordburn
Yeaman Mrs. Jane, Cross Mill wynd
Young Miss Jane, 134; Dishlandtown street
Slate Merchants.
Brand William, 30 Dishlandtown street
Mitchell John & Son, 35 Park street
Brand William, 30 Dishlandtown street
Mitchell John & Son, 35 Park street
Sutbie Alexander, 16 Hannah street
Angus Agricultural Association (James
Kydd, sec), 86 High street
Choral Union (David Steven, conductor)
Destitute Sick Society (Andrew Bennet,
sec. & treasurer), St. Vigeans
Destitute Sick Society (William K. Macdon-
ald, sec)
Horticultural & Natural History Society
(Wm. Boyal, treas. & sec), 64 High st
Liberal Association (Wm. F. Mackintosh,
sec), 107 High street
Liberal Unionist Association (John C.
Dewar, sec), Brothock bridge
Museum Society (William Alexander,
president; John C. Dewar, sec), 66
High street
Philharmonic Society (T. W. Parsons, con-
Young Men's Christian Association (Jsph.
Mott'att, sec), 75 High street
Young Women's Christian Association (Miss
H. A. Hampton, sec), 54 High street
Marked thus * are also Notaries.
Alexander W. & W. H. 62 High street
^Alexander William (W. & W. H. Alex-
ander), 62 High street
Alexander William H. (W. & W. H. Alex-
ander), 62 High street-
Anderson A. D. & A. C. 21 Market place
* Anderson Alexander David J. P. (A. D. &
A. Anderson), 21 Market place
Anderson Archibald Cralig (A. D. & A
C. Andersen), 21 Market place
*Bennet & Smith, 93 High street
*EennetAndrew(Bennet &Smith),93 High st
Chapel D. & W. 79 High street
^Chapel David (D. & W. Chapel), 79High st
Clvipel William (D. & W. Chapel), 79
High street
Clark & Oliver, Brothock Bank house
•Clark John E. W. (Clark & Oliver), Bro-
thock Bank house
*Dalcarno George G. (Miln & Dalgarno), 1
Hill street
Dewar John Carnochan M.A., B.L.
Brothock bridge
Littlejohn David (Webster & Littlejohn), 33
Commerce street
Lorimer Henry (Beid & Lorimer), 25 Mar-
ket place
*M'Bain Norman, 15 Hill street
Macdrmald J. & W. Town house, High st
*Macdonald Frederick F. (J. & W. Mac-
donald), Town house, High street
«Macdonald William Kid (J. & W. Mac-
donald), Town house, Hish street
Mackintosh W. & J. 107 High street
Mackintosh James (W. & J. Mackintosh),
107 High street
*Mackintosh Wm. F. (W. & J. Mackin-
tosh), 107 High street
Miln & Dalgarno, 1 Hill street
Miln Robert Lvon (Miln & Dalgarno), 1
Hill street
Oliver Adam(Clark&01iver),BrothockBk.ho
Beid &. Lorimer, 25 Market place
Eitchie Edward Johnstone (Ritchie &
Smith), 14 Millgate
^Robertson William, Town house, High st
Smith Robert S. (Ritchie & Smith), 14
Webster & Littlejohn, 33 Commerce street
Spirit Dealers.
Altken James, Keptie street
Axworthy William, Lochland street
Barclay Mrs. Helen, 2 Barn green
Barnett David D. 3 Millgate loan
Beattie John T. D. 33 & 35 Lordburn
Cowan William, 19 Market gate
Cramond William, 11 Cross Mill wynd
Crockett Mrs. David, Catherine street
Crockett William, 132 High street
Davidson Thomas, 2 Howard street
Davidson Thomas B. 17 Cairnie street
Dobnert Eniil, 64 Keptie street
Dorward George, 20 West port
Edward Alex. Clarke, 22 Keptie street
Ferguson Mathew S. East Mary street
Ferrier David ^. 87 High street
Finlayson James, 17 Commerce street
Forsvth William, 158 High street
Gouck David Alex. 247 High street
Gould Robert K. 2 West Newgate street
Hutchison Stewart, 47 Guthrie port
Letts Charles, 1 Cairnie street
Lyall Mrs. William. 2GG High street
Mcintosh Robert, Brothock bridge
McLeod Charles Matthews, 30 & 32 Com-
merce street
Mathewson James, Gayfielcl, Millgate lane
Melvin George, Hamilton creen
Mitchell James, 49 West G'rimsby
Oram Mrs. Agnes Moir, 35 West Abbey st
Patterson Mrs. Jane, 20 Millgate
Pearson James Fairlie, 8 & 12 Ktirk square
Bae Alexander, 12 Panmure street
Robertson Hugh, 5 Brothock bridge
Ross Mrs. Charlotte, 16 Bobert street
Stewart Mrs. Mary Ann, 53 LadyBridge sb
Stewart William Low, 15 Lady loan
Stuart James. 13 Old Shore head
Tough Jame3 Carnegy, 14 Market place
White William, 5 Commerce street
White William, 35 & 37 Panmure street
Whyte David W. 5 & 7 West port
Wilson John, 3 Fisher acre
Wishart John T. 5 Ponderlaw street
Batchelor Thomas, 27 Market place
Bouick David, 57 Keptie street
Campbell & Co. 21 Commerce street
Hood James F. & Son, 94 High streeb & 30
Keptie street
Johnson George, 20 Market place
Myles George, 220 Hligh st. & 100 Keptie sfc
Osilvie John, 8 West port
Watt Miss Margaret B. 9 West port
Stock & Share Brokers.
See Brokers — Stock & Share.
Stone Merchants.
Calder Brothers, 82 Keptie street
Flemiing Alexander & George, Erax &
Drumyellow quarries, St. Vigeans
Stone Masons.
Calder Brothers, 82 Keptie street
Fyfe Andrew, Reform street
Gordon William, Hannah street
M'Laren & Nairn, Culloden road
Eamsay & Gordon, Fergus square
Reid Alexander, Lordburn
See Medical List.
Calder David Ramsay, Ingleside, Elliot pi
Carver & Symon, Brothock bridge
Dodds & Bathie, 86 High street & 4 North
Gavin Hugh, 42 Hill street
Mason James S. 2 Gay field, Millgate loan
Scott James, 9 Vlictoria street
Scott Eobert, 81 High street
Smith Peter C. , C.E. (burgh) , Police
chambers, Market place
Thomson G. Rutherfnrd (land), 39 to 43
Market gate & at Brothock house
Anderson & Hewit, 9 & 11 Hill street
Arbroath Westport Association Lim. (Wm.
E. Hay, manager), 22 & 24 West port
Finlayson David, 20 Dishlandtown street
Harvey John, 15 Barn green
Jamieson John & Co. 165 High street
Mann William, 5 Hiil street
Matthew M. & Son, 225 High street
Millar John, 24 Commerce street
Mitchell James, 5 St. Vigeans road
Myles & Eobb, 41£ Mill crate loan
Myles Charles Young, 112 High street & 21
Jamr-s street
Selbv F. & J. 123 High street
Smith Brothers, 9 Keptie street
Stewart John, 2 Newgate street
Strachan Alexander & Son, 128 High street
Strachan Robert & Sons, 58 High street
Thomson Alexander, 2 Kirk square
Thomson David, 100 High Street
Thomson John, 61 Ladvbridge street
Thornton David, 261 Hisrh street
Treviotdale David. 8 Abbot street
Whyte William, 65 Keptie street

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