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Booth "William, 7 Hannah street
Gordon Miss Martha, 11 South Grimsby
Henderson* Mrs. Lily, G8J Lochland street
Hutchinson & Wilkie, 31 Hamilton green
King Mrs. Eilen, 27 Rossie street
Stevenson Brothers, 8 Brothock bridge
Taylor Miss Margaret, 76 Lochland street
Lawn Mower Makers.
Shanks' Alexander &â–  Son Lim. Dens iron
works ; & Bush Lane house, Bush lane,
Cannon street, London E C
Leather Dressers.
Mann & Gray, Bank street
Leather Merchants.
Fairweather Samuel & Sons, Abbev works,
Ernest street; 213 High street & 3
Keptie street
Grant Colin, Sill road; 86 & 249 High st.
& 21 West port
Herschell Allan (dlr.), 26 Guthrie port
Lowson David. 61 Market pate
Lynn Thomas & Son, Millgate tan works
Swirles Alexander & Son, 10 Ponderlaw st
Leather Goods Merchant.
Moffat Joseph, 32 Keptie street
Libraries— Circulating.
Anderson William Duncan, 286 High street
MylesGeorge,220 High street&lOO Keptie st
Lime Merchants.
Huir Thomas, Son & Patton Limited (Robt.
Davidson, agent), 39 Helen street & 69
West Grimsby
Linen Manufacturers.
Gordon Alex. & Co. Burnside works
Livery Stable Keepers.
Arbroath Horse Hiring Co. Limited, Dish-
landtown street
Cavin William & John, 21 Applegate
Melvin & Sons, Union street cast & West
Newgate street
Smith Alexander, White Hart hotel, 163
P High street
Smith George, 279 High street
Machine Makers.
Shanks Alexander & Son Limited. Dens iron
works ; & Bush Lane house, Bush lane,
Cannon street, London E C
Spink Stephen, Garden 6treet
Mantle Makers.
Carrie & Peter Misses, 246 High street
Mackenzie James R. 145 High street
Smart Miss Jane, 76 Keptie street
Manure Manufrs. & Merchants.
Goulding & Co. (Robert Forbes, agent),
East Grimsby
Northern Agricultural Co. (J. & J\ Smith,
agents), East Grimsby
Market Gardeners.
Bennett Andrew D. St. Vigeans
Esplin George, Holly bank, Marywell
Joss William, Keptie road
Kirkland David, Bloomfield
Laing Alexander. Marywell
Laird William, Bloomfield
Leadingham David, Forfar rd. St. Vigeans
Mitchell James, Arbirlot road
Scott Mrs. Alex. North Tarry, St.Yigeans
Mast Maker.
Weir James, Old Shore head
Medical List.
Anderson James Keith M.D.Edin., L.It.C.S.
Edin. 26 Ponderlaw street
Dewar James Alexander M.D.Edin.,
L.B.C.S.Edin., J.P. 13 Hill terrace
Dewar Thomas Finlayson M.D., CM. &
B.Sc.Aberd. 13 Hill terrace
Dewar William Johnston M.B. & CM.
Aberd. 13 Hill terrace
Duncan John Davidson M.B. & CM. Edin.
Willoughby house, Helen street
Giilruth James Davie M.A., M.B. & CM.
Edin. Millgate loan
Kelly Bichard L.E.CP. & L.B.C.S.Edin.
61 Keptie street
Laing David M.D. & CM.Edin.13 Maule st
Russell John M.D. 9 Hill terrace
Wannan Wrn. Alex. L.R.C.P. & L.B.C.S.
Edin. 51 Market gate
Metal Merchants.
Tounsley Hugh, 23 South Grimsby
Wallace Alexander, 12 & 14 Panmure street
Snttie Mrs. Elizabeth. 29 West Abbev st
Watson Miss Mary, 138 High street "
Mill Furnisher.
Dewar Robert Don, 11a, Millgate; & at
Bowie William, Letham mill, St. Yigeans
Anderson Miss Mary, -222 High street
Bowman James, 36 Guthrie port
Bremnar Miss Anna, 38 Commerce street
Byars David, 151 High street
Calloway Miss Amelia, 130 High street
Carrie & Peter Misses, 246 High street
Fyfe Mrs. Christina, Millgate
Johnston James Bell, 20 Keptie street
Laird Misses Helen & Jessie, 25Guthrie port
Lorimer Mrs. Isabella Milne, 29 Market pi
Lorimer Mrs. Margaret, 1G Keptie street
Mackenzie James K. 145 High street
McMullen Cecil William, 1G7 High street
Ramsay Miss Margery, 17 Hill place
Bodgers Miss Nella M.A. 40 Keptie street
Stephen Misses J. & J. 271 High street
Strachan & Farquhar Misses, 177 High st
Taylor Miss Isabella, 8 Hume street
Fraser Douglas & Sons, Westburn foundry
Mineral & Aerated Water Makers.
Jock James, 18 Miilgate
Moneur David, 10 Helen street
Bobb Brothers, Lordburn
Monumental Masons,
Calder Brothers, 82 Keptie street
Reid Alexander, Lordburn
Wyllie William S. Forfar road
Music & Musical Instrument Dlrs-
Booth Thomas, 7 Hill street
Campbell & Co. 21 Commerce street
Paterson, Sons & Co. 129 High street
News Agents.
Adam Mrs. Mary, 52 Guthrie port
Anderson William, 277 High street
Batchelor Thomas, 27 Market place.
Bouick David, 57 Keptie street
Campbell & Co. 21 Commerce street
Fairweather James, 182 High street
Forbes James, 14 Commerce street
Gowans Peter, G7 Market gate
Martin John, 46 Keptie street
Myles George, 220 High St. & 100 Keptie st
Pitcairn Mrs. Maria, 45 Guthrie port
Smith David, 5 Lordburn
Strachan William B. 255 High street
Will Miss Isabella, 69 Barn green
Angus Press (Wednesdays, free) (George
Johnson, publisher), Market place
Arbroath & Carnoustie Advertiser (Satur-
days, free) (Brodie & Salmond, pub-
lishers), Brothock bridge
Arbroath Guide (every Saturday) (T. Buncle
& Co.), Market place
Arbroath Herald (every thursday, Id.)
(Brodie & Salmond), Brothock bridge
Dundee Advertiser (daily) ; branch office,
25 West port (Jn. Leng, & Co. publshrs)
Dundee Courier (daily) (\V. & D. C. Thom-
son, proprietors) (branch), 26 Millgate
Dundee Weekly News (Saturday) (W. &
D. C Thomson, proprietors) (branch), 26
Evening Telegraph (dailv) , branch office,
25 West port (Jn.Leng' & Co.publishers)
People's Journal (weekly) ; branch office,
25 West port (Jn.Leng & Co.publishers)
Newspaper Reporters.
Thomson George, 16 Hill End road
Watt James, 4 No'.t Loan road
Sullivan Mrs. Eleanor, 47 Lady Bridge st
Oil Cake Merchants.
Cunningham J. & J. ; stores, 10 North
Coutie Miss Betsy (ladies'), 29 Lordburn
Hird Alexander, 23 Keptie street & 258
High street
â– Jamieson Misses Marv & Jessie Ann
(ladies'), 141 High street
Smith Bros, (gents'), 9 Keptie street
Anderson David H. 2S2 High street
Dargie Alexander C. 4 Dishlandtown street
Gordon Frank Wallace. 1:1 Guthrie port
Grant William Low. 2G7 High street
Mathewson Edwin W. Brothock bridge
Hoy Adam & Sons, Market place
Savege Thomson, 257 High street
Scott Ernest, 6 Millgate loan
Paper Stock Merchant.
Sandeman David D. 8 & 10 Bog lane
Darclie Alexander C 4 Dishlandtown street
Gordon Frank Wallace, 19 Guthrie port
Grant William L. 267 High street
Mathewson Edwin W. Brothock bridge
Roy Adam & Sons, Market place
Savege Thomson, 257 High street
Scott Ernest, 6 Millgate loan
Pavement Merchants.
Calder Brothers, 82 Keptie street
Watson William, 3 & 5 James street
Alder Thomas, 6 Dishlandtown street
Anckorn William John, 12 West port
Geddes William H. & Son, 14 Applegate &
173 High street
Gibson Andrew, 130 High street
Milne James, 27 & 29 Hamilton green
Taylor David Scott, 7 Gowan street
See Medical List.
Picture Frame Maker.
Gibson Andrew, 136 High street
Donald Archibald, sen. East Mary street
Middleton & Donald, 41 Lindsay street
Patterson Alexander, 15 Millgate loan
Plumbers & Glaziers.
Cook David & Sons, 219 High street
Grant Thomas B. Brothock bridge
Herron & Colville, 49£ Keptie street
Lindsay John Crowe, 6 A.pplegate
Littlejohn James, Bridge street
Millar David Andrew, 24 Millgate
Ravne George, Guthrie port
Kavne John, 11 & 13 West Abbey street
Robertson Alex. Wood, 15 North Grimsby
Roy Adam & Sons, Market place
Scott David Jeffrey, Brothock bridge
Taylor Andrew, 14 Guthrie port
Potato Merchants.
Buick John, Dickfie'.d street
Dodds & Bathie, 86 High street & 4 North
Paterson James A. 1 Shore
Samson James ' (John Stewart, agent), 10
Potato & "Vegetable Preservers.
Muckart John & Son, St. Vigeans works
Poulterers & Game Dealers.
Christie Mrs. Eachael, High street
Harris George, 23 & 2'J Millgate & 36
Hamilton green
Orr Mrs. Ann, 5 West Grimsby
Taylor Alexander, 196 High street
Bremnar John, 3G Commerce street
Brodie & Salmond, Brothock bridge
Buncle Thos.&Co." Guide office, "Market pi
Hood Jas. F. & Son, 94High st.&30Keptie st
Johnson George, 20 Market place
See Teachers.
Property & Investment Company.
Property, Investment & Reversion Co. Lim.
(Adam Oliver, 6ec), James street
Provision Dealers.
Liptons' Limited, 173 & 175 High street
Public Company.
Public Buildings .Co. Limited (George G.
Dalgarno, sec^), 15 Hill street
Public Halls.
See Official.
Brodie & Salmond, Brothock bridge
Pulley Makers.
Fraser Douglas & Sons(patent wrought iron)
Quarry Masters.
Fleming Alexander & George, Brax &
Drumyellow quarries, St. Vigeans
Sag & Waste Dealers.
Rnick WldUam. 11 North Grimsby
Craig Jas. B. 37 Millgate & 4 West Grimsby
Cromarty William, 19 Lillie's wynd.
Skea David, Hay lane
Wallace Alexander, 14 Panmure street
Reading Room.
Free Public Library & Reading Room (Jn.
Hosie, librarian), Hill terrace
Reed Makers.
Ramsay Charles & Son, Lindsay street
Refreshment Rooms.
See also Dining Eooms.
Boyle Alexander Gordon, 12 Applegate
Coppola Paolo, 230 High street
Registrars of Births &c.
See Official.

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