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Chimney Sweepers— continued.
Hutcheon John, G East Abbey street
Kydd David, Fergus square
Ross Fergus, Maule street
Pouter John, 18 Green street
Wyllie John Eennie, 33 Applegate
China, Glass & Earthenware Dlrs.
Belford Miss Isabella, 10 Hamilton green
Buick William, 11 North Grimsby
Cavin William & John, 21 Applegate
Cavin James, 21 Applegate
Craig James Balfour, 37 Millgate & 4
West Grimsby
Cromarty William, 19 Lillie's wynd
Forbes George, 2 Brechin road
Johnston David, 35 Commerce street
Milne Miss Martha B. 18 Guthrie port
Pattullo David, 39 Guthrie port
Strachan Lawrence, 5 Keptie street
Wallace Alexander, 14 Panmure street &
24.4 High street
Jnmleson John & Co. 165 High street
Matthew M. & Son, 226 High street
Millar John, 24 Commerce street
Myles Charles Young, 112 High street &
21 James street
Selby F. & J. 123 High street
Strachan Alexander & Son, 128 High street
Strachan Robert & Sons, 58 High street
Thorn & Co. 29 Lordburn
Thomson Alexander, 2 Kirk square
Thomson David, 100 High street
Thomson John, 61 Ladvbridge street
Thornton David, 261 High street
Whyte William, G5 Keptie street
Football (Robert McGlashan.sec.) ; ground,
Lady loan
Golf (William Alexander, hon. sec.) ;
course at Elliot
Literary (Norman McBain, president; Jn.
C. Dewar, sec. ; William Brown, treas.),
Public Hall buildings, 64 High street
!New (Alexander J. Gordon, chairman ;
David Littlejohn, sec. ; Norman Ander-
son, club steward"), Guildhall, High st
United Cricket (William Chapel, hon.
sec); ground, Lochland park
Coach Builders.
Melvin & Sons, Union street east & West
Newgate street
Coal Merchants.
Ait'^en Thomas, 33 Millgate
Balfour William, South Grimsby
Friendly Coal Society Limited (Edward
Spink, manager), 29 Lady loan
Lamb James, 33 Lindsay street
Leslie James George, 5 Millgate
Muir Thomas, Son & Patton Limited (Robt.
Davidson, agent), 39 Helen street & 63
West Grimsby
Roy Adam & Sons, Market place &
South Grimsbv
Smith, Hood & Co. Spink street & Chal-
mers street
Coffee Dealer & Merchant.
Davidson John, 18 Brothock bridge
Coffee Rooms.
See Refreshment Rooms.
Confectioners — Wholesale &
Dundee & Arbroath Confections & Preserve
Manufacturing Co. Limited, 15 James st
Aitken James Robert, 20a, Keptie street
Allardice David, 22 Abbot street
Anderson Miss Jessie, 34 Scotland street
Anderson John, 10 West port
Barclav William H. 30 Guthrie port
Block Harry, 10 Bridge street
Boath Mrs. Ann, 78 Market gate
Boath William, 7 West Abbey street
Buick John, 4 High street
Collier James, 494 Millgate loan
Coppola Paola, 91 Keptie street
Cosans Miss Elizabeth, 28 Fergus street
Dagostino M. & A. 144 High street
Dall Mrs. Ann, 56 Sidney street
Doig David, 58 Keptie street
Dora & Remati, 42 Guthrie port
Dorward Andrew, 87 Keptie street
Drummond Mrs. Maria, 74 Keptie street
Drummond Mrs. Mary, 206 High street
Drury Miss Joan, 3 Rossie street
Ducat William, 2 Hamilton green
Esplin Mrs. Annie, 13 Millgate loan
Fiddes James, 31 Guthrie port
Gauldie Mrs. Elizabeth, 50 Cairnie street
Gavine Charles, 17 James street
Gellatly. Miss Elizabeth. 55£ Lochland st
Gibson Charles. Brothock bridge
Grant Miss Martha Young, 202 High street
Jenkins Misses Margaret & Annie & Mary,
26 Keptie street
Kinnear William, 37 Hamilton green
Lnw Miss Annie, 6 Brothock bridge
Milne Charles, 162^ High street
Nairn Mrs. Mary Ann. 12 Academy street
Ness Thomas, 114 High street
Qgg Miss Margaret, 63 Keptie street
Paterson Mrs. Janet, 16 West Grimsby
Pozzole Michele, Market gate
Ramsay Mrs. Margaret, 188 High street
Ruxton David, 46£ Lndy loan
Salmond George, 199 High street
Scott Miss Elizabeth, 26 Millgate loan
Smith Andrew, 10 Keptie street
Smith Mrs. Isabella. 20 Guthrie port
Soutar Carnegie, 122 High street
Sutherland Miss Helen, 74 Market gate
Walt Miss Mary, 34 Commerce street
Westwater Miss Lizzie. 4 Kirk square
Whitton James, 27 Lndybridge street
Winton James, 63 Guthrie port & 18 Com-
merce street
Convalescent Homes.
See Official.
Co-operative Societies.
Equitable Co-operative Societv Lim. (Alex-
ander Hood, managerl, 6 Guthrie port;
Brothock bridge ; Fergus street &
Kept'e street
High Street Co-operative Society Limited
(Robprt Inctis, manager"). 252 A- 57 HiLrb
st. ; 61 St. Mary street & 39£ Millgate loan
Brodie William, 8 Allan street
Keith James & Blackman Co. Limited.
High Street foundry
Cork Cutter.
Smith Robert, 53 Market gate
Cora Merchants.
Grant & Sons, Lady loan
Smith J. & J. East Grimsby
Crane Makers.
Shanks Alex.& Son Lim. (steam). Dens iron
works; & Bush Lane house, Bush lane,
London E C
See also Tanners.
Fairweather Samuel & Sons, Abbev works,
Ernest st. ; 213 High st. & 3 Keptie st
Grant Colin, Hill road
Lyon Thomas & Son, Millgate Tan works
Mann & Gray, Bank street
Swirles Alexander & Son, 10 Ponderlaw st
Robinson John, 27 Guthrie port
Cycle Dealers & Agents.
Anderson Hugh, West Keptie street
Boath David & William. 35 Guthrie port
Moore Charles, 62 Keptie street
Robbie David. Brothock bridge
Thomson Henry, 17 Guthrie port
Alexander John L. Bell Rock lane
Carrie & Son, Emil bank, Elliot
Donaldson Mrs. Mary, Viewfield road"
Gair Alexander, Forfar road
Geddes David, Murray place. Lady loan
Lynch James, Brechin road
McEwan James. St. Vigeans road
Marr William, Keptie road
Moonlight James, 55 West Grimsby
Davie Alexander, Brothock bridge
Lesslie Carnegie Herald, 82 Marketgate
Lyall Thomas W. 2 West Abbey street
Sime George (attendance Tuesdays & Fri-
davs from Dundee"), 8S Keptie street
Small David Mann L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng. 32
Victoria street
Stewart Alex. Winton, 191 High street
Dining" Rooms.
See also Refreshment Rooms.
Anderson John, 10 West port
Carnegie Mrs. Margaret, 7 Hamilton grn
Herron Mrs. James, 3 Applegate
Mann Miss Eliza, 19 Millgate
Sim Mrs. Isabella, 28 to 30 Millgate
Auchinblae Distillery Co. Limited (The)
(Clark & Oliver, sees.), Brothock bank
Alexander John (woollen). 179 High street
Arbroath Westport Association Lim. (Wm.
E. Hay, manager). 22 & 24 West port
Boath Mrs. Ann, 78 Market gate
Bowman James, 36 Guthrie port
Royne Mrs. Elizabeth, 50£ High street
Ryars David, 151 High street
Dundas Alexander Mann, 13 Keptie street
Findlay David, 50 Keptie street
Hird Alexander, 28 Keptie st. & 258 High st
Hutchison David, 1 West port
Johnston James Bell, 20 Keptie street
Lorimer Mrs. Margaret, 1G Keptie street
McMullen Cecil William, 167 High street
Milligan Robt. 7 Keptie st. & 230 High' at
Milne & McMurray, 225a, High street
Penn Miss Lydia, Lochland street
Ruxton Mrs. Mary Ann, 63 Helen street
Sievwright Miss Rachael, 28 Millgate loani
Skea Miss Isabella, 49 Millgate loan
Soutar James, 108 High street
Stewart William, 203 High street
Thornton David, 261 High street
Wallace David Alexander, 15 West pe'-h
Whitton Misses Betsy & Jane, 221 High sir
Dress Makers.
Alexander Miss Betsy, 12 James street
Anderson Miss Rebecca. 31 Hannah street-
Black Miss Georgina, Fishers acre
Cruickshank Mrs. Jane S. 25 Hamilton grm
Donaldson Miss Bessie, 6 Bridge street
Duncan Miss Elizabeth M. 31 Lordburn
Fairweather Mrs. Georgina, 13 St..
Vigeans road
Ferrier Miss Mary, 27 Victoria street
Grant Miss Johanna, 29 Howard street.
Hog Misses Jessie & Lizzie, 95 Keptie str
Irvine & Sim Misses, 4 Brothock bridge
Lorimer Mrs. Isabella Milne, 29 Market pli
Mackenzie James R. 145 High street
Petrie Miss Wi":hemina, 28 Ann street
Ramsay Miss Margery, 17 Hill place
Renny Miss Margaret, 46 Rossie street
Robertson Mrs. Jane, 198 High street
Smart Miss Jane, 76 Keptie street
Spark Miss Ellen, 6 Rossie street
Stevens Miss Violet, 35 Kinnaird street;
Stewart Miss Mary Ann, Newgate street
Strachan & Farquhar Misses, 177 High st
Valentine Miss Margaret, 2 Dishlandtown sfc
See Chemists & Druggists.
Dyers & Cleaners.
Maclure E. & J. 68 Helen street
Stevenson Brothers, S Brothock bridge
Engine Manufacturers.
Shanks Alexander & Son Limited, Den*
iron works ; & Bush Lane house, Bush-
lane, Cannon street, London E C
See also Machine Makers.
Anderson Hugh, West Keptie street
Brown William, 11 Victoria street
Fraser Douglas & Sons, Westburn foundry
Law James, 9 East Grimsby
Shanks Alexander & Son Limited, Dens iroiv-
works; & Bush Lane house, Bush lane-
Cannon street, London E C
Spink Stephen, Garden street
Fancy Repositories.
See also Berlin Wool Repositories.
Anderson Wm. Duncan, 277 High street
Boath William Salmon, 10 Brothock bridge 1
Carnegie John C. 147 High street
Fairweather James. 182 High street
Milne James, 27 & 29 Hamilton green
Watt Miss Margaret B. 9 West port
Will Miss Isabella, 59 Barn green
Buick William, Hospital field
Dickson James A. (trustees of), Woodvillsr
Duncan John, Park hill
Grant Colin, Denfield
Lamb John, Annfield
McEwan James, East Cairnie
McEwan William, Loan head
St. Vigeans.
(Postal address, Arbroath.)
Barr John, East Seaton
Bell Mrs. Betsy, Brnnton & Cau'cot
Bell William, Kinaldie
Binnie Robert, Drummies Holes
Braid Andrew, Cotton of Coliisto-n.
Braid William. Westerton
Ereeie John, Woodlands
Cuthill Robert, Whitewell
Donaldson Bobert J. East Newton
Findlay George, Dens side
Fleming David, Brascott
Fletcher Mrs. Fitzroy, Letham grange
Forbes Dvd. (rep. of), Newton, oft ParkhiU
Francis George, West Seaton
Gordon William A. North Tarry
Grant Colin, Beresfau'.d
Grant George, Mains of Auchmithie
Gray John H. Culloden
Grieve David, Drumyellow
Hanley Benjamin, Inverlochy
Hay John, East Kirkton
Heggje Maurice, West mill, Collistnn
Hendry David, West Mains of Colliston
Howie Thomas, Beechwood

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