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Black Rollo S., F.S.I.A. 93 High street
Thomson Alexander M. Abbey lo. Abbey st
Advertising* Contractor.
i Aliehie James M. B. 18 Church street
See also Insurance Offices & Agents.
Marked thus * ore Emigration Agents.
Aitkenhead Robert (for North British Bail-
way Co.), Station yard
Allan Alexander {toe Caledonian Railway),
81 Lady lean
Tlro\vh James (for North British Railway
â– Co.1. 57 Market sate & Station yard
'Cargill William (for Lloyd's), 6 Shore
^Halliburton A. T. 119 High street
-*Herald David A. 70 High street
Xowson Alex. P. (coal), 72 West Keptie rd
McLeod William C, (immigration), Com-
merce street
"Robinson Jas. (forwarding), 20 Addison pi
-^pankie Peter (shipping), 3 Shore
Thomson George K. & Son, 39 to 43 Market
gate tfc Brnthnck house
"Wilson David T. (emigration), 99 High st
'Wordie & Co. (carting) (Thomas Reid,
agent), Station yard
iCIark Mrs. Elizabeth, 3 South Grimsby
Kydd Mrs. Margaret, 11 Hillend mad
Salmond Mrs. Agnes, 1G Ponderlaw street
"Traill Mrs. Jessie, 45 High street
Dodds & Bathie, 86 High street
Herald David A. 70 High street
Thomson George H. & i>on, 39 to 43 Market
gate & at Brothock house
"Wilson David T. 99 High street
Carver & Symon, Brothock bridge
â– Gavin Hugh, 42 Hill street
Mason .T.imes S. 70 High street
Seott James, 9 Victoria street
Scott Robert, 81 High street
Myles William Scott, Brothock bridge
Artists' Material Dealer.
Watt Miss Margaret B. 9 Westport
Dodds & Bathie, 36 High street & 4 North
Douglas David, 33 High street
Herald David A. 70 High street
Thompson George R. & Son, 39 to 43 Mar-
ket gate & at Brothock house
Baby Linen Warehouses.
Coutie Miss B. 29 Lordbum
Grant Misses J. & C. 33 West port
-Jamieson Misses Mary & Jessie Ann, 141
High street
Kym Misses M. & M. 33 Guthrie port
Arbroath Westport Association Limited
(William E. Hay, manager), 2 & 4 Kep-
tie street; 53 & 60 Lochland street; Gl
East Abbey street & 46£ Cairnie street
Ualfour Charles, 41 Barn green
Barclay William H. 30 Guthrie port
Billy Anderson, 76 Market gate
iWmrnr.nd Mrs. Mary, 206 High street
Oucat William, 2 Hamilton green
Gibson Charles, St. Mary street
Xaing Alexander, 11 West Grimsby
:Ness Thomas* 114 High street
Rattrav John, 31 West Grimsby
Salmond George, 199 High street
Soutar Carnegie, 122 High street
Westwater Henry, 3 Elgin place
Bank of Scotland (branch) (Robert C. Kin-
loch, agent), 78 High street; head office,
British Linen Company Bank (branch) J.
M. M'Bain & Wm. Soutar, joint agts,),
Brothock bridge: head office, Edinburgh
'Clydesdale Bank' Lim. (branch) (W. & W.
H. Alexander, joint agts. ; Wm. Cant,
accnt.), 62 High st. ; head office, Glasgow
•Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited
('branch) (William J. Rollo, agent), 119
High street
National Bank of Scotland Limited (The)
' ("branch"* fClark & Oliver, agents);
Brothock Bank house
North of Scotland Bank Lim. (Miln &
Dalgarno, agents), High street
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (George
Reid, agent); 71 High st. ; head office,
Savings Bank (William Robert MeMacin-
tosh, actuary; open daily from 10 to 3
p.m.; Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.;
friday evenings, 6 to 8 p.m.), 90 High st
Beer Bottler.
Adams Alfred James, Keptie street
Beer Retailers.
Black John B. C. 29 West Newgate street
Carrie Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Jamieson street
Maxwell David, 263 High street
Berlin Wool Repository.
See also Fancy Repositories.
Carnegie John C. 147 High street
Bill Poster.
Michie James M. B. 13 Church street
Boath David & William, 35 Guthrie port
Carcary William, 7 West MilL wynd
Christie Peter, Lillies wynd
Crabb Thomas, Dickfield street
Donald Alexander, Lindsay street
Edwards John, Ser.ton
Hanton William, St. Tigeans
Herron A. & Co. 16 South Grimsby
Herron Peter & Son, Ponderlaw street
Herron Peter, Dickfield street
Peters Alexander, Letham grange
I'etrie James, 11 Gravesend
Ramsay John, 80 Keptie street
Reid Charles, Old Shore head)
Suttie John, 41 & 43 -West Abbey street
Corsar David & Sons, Waulkmill Bleach-
field, St. Vigeans
Fraser Douglas & Sons, Bleachfield
Laing David, The Greens, Panmure street
Webster Wm. & Co. Wardmill Bieachlield
Boat Builder.
Weir James, Old Shore head
Bobbin Makers.
M'Donald John & Co. Haysfield saw mills,
Sidney street
Bremnar John, 36 Commerce street
Strachan William B. 255 High street
Anderson William Duncan, 277 High street
Batchelor Thomas, 27 Market place
Boath William Salmon, 10 Brothock bridge
Brodie & Salmond, Brothock bridge
Dorward William, 44 Lochland street
Hood Jas.F.& Son,94 High st.&HOKeptie st
Myles George, 220 High st. & 100 Keptie st
OgiLvie John, 8 West port
Strachan William B. 255 High street
Boot & Shoe Makers.
Marked thus * are Manufacturers.
Arbroath Westport Association Limited
(Wm. E. Hay, mgr.), 22 & 24 West port
Barclay Robert (repairer), 34 Glover st
Bell Enoch, G Lillies wynd
Boyd George, 41 Lochland street
Crammond Peter, 83 Keptie street
Cuthhert David, 50 Mil'.gate loan
Davidson Alexander, 34 Barn green
Douglas William (repairer), 11 Barn green
Drury David, 23 West Abbey street & 17
MiUgate loan
*Fair\veather Samuel & Sons, Abbey works,
Ernest st. ; 213 High st. &. 3 Keptie st
Gillispie Robt. (repairer), 79 Lochland st
Grant Alexander & Son, 45 Appiegate
Grant Charles, 9 Shore
*Grant Colin, 86 & 249 High street & 21
Westport; works, Hill road
Herschell Allan. 26 Guthrie port
Lownie Isaac, Shore & 9 Lady loan
Lowson David, 61 Market gate
*M'Laren Brothers, Fairport works;
Gravesend & 29 Commerce street
Neisch George (repairer), 26 Jamieson st
Ogilvie Alexander, lilasfc Mary street
Palmer John (repairer), 47 Leonard st
Petrie John (repairer), Lady Bridge st
Pirie John, 286 High street
Raitt George S. K. 15 Panmure street
Ramsay Allan, 65 St. Mary street
Sievwright John, 21 Gravesend
Singer & Booth, 39 Commerce street
Smart Alexander (repairer), 13 St.
Vigeans road
Smith Alexander. 7 Barn green
Smith Edward, 34 Cairnie street
Spence Thomas (repairer), 41 EastAbbey sfc
Tosh William, 43 High street
Tyler H, P. 215 High street
Welsh James, 56£ Keptie street
Brass Founders.
See also Iron Founders.
Keith James & Blackman Co. Limited.,
High Street foundry
Nicol Walter, Guthrie port
Shepherd William, Lindsay street
McKinlay & Co. Eell Rock brewery
Brokers — Ship.
Cargill William, 6 Shore
Paterson James S. 1 Shore
Spankie Peter (& insurance), 3 Shore
Brokers— Stock & Share.
Clark John R. W. Brothock Bank House
McBain J. M. Brothock bridge
Thomson Alexander M. Abbey lo. Abbey 6t
Calder Brothers, 82 Keptie street
Fife Andrew, 29 Lindsay street
Reid Alexander, Lordburn
Shepherd James, Arratt street
Batchelor DavU G. 27 West port
Beveridge Joseph, Fergus street
Boath William, 34 Guthrie port
Forbes David, 144 High street
Forbes Robert, 148 High street
Harris George, 36 Hamilton green & 23
& 29 Millgate
Kerr David, 39 & 281 High street & 2
Leonard street
Kerr Nevin, 12 Guthrie port
Lefevre John, 208 High street
Moore Charles, 62 Keptie street
Nicoll James, 24 Keptie street
Pattullo Alexander, 48 Cairnie street
River Plate Fresh Meat Co. 212 High st
Robb Robert, 67 Mil'.gate loan
Kuxton George, 53 Lochland street
Storrer Andrew Paterson, 78 High street
Taylor Alexander, 196 High street
Walker David, 1 Rossie street
Walker David Young, 1 Millgate loan
Cab Proprietor.
See Coach & Cab Proprietor.
Cabinet Makers.
Craig William, 25 James street
Grewar James P.& Son,2, 4 & 6 Panmure st
Herald David A. 70 High street
Mackav W. & Son, 6 South Grimsby
M'ddle'tnn William, 11 Millgate
Sprunt David, 3 Bridge street
Thomson George R. & Son, 39 to 43 Market
gate & at Brothock house
Wilson David T. 99 High street
Canvas Manufacturers.
See also Sail Cloth Manufacturers.
Ogg Wm.A.& Co.Abbot Power Loom wrks
^cnmgeuur James &, Co. Dens worEs
Carting: Contractors.
Boath Robert, Rosebank, Bog lane.
Buchanan Charles, Elliot
lumbar John, Convent street
Moonlight James, 55 West Grimsby
Pearson John Allan, Lady loan
Skea Charies, 15 Hannah street
Skea James, Dickfield street
Burnett David, Dickfield street
Gould William, St. Vigeans
Smart William, Auchmithie road
Young David & Sons, 16 South Grimsby
Cattle Dealer.
Batchelor Walter R.Mayfield cot.Seaton rd
Cement Merchant.
Cables James, East Grimsby
See Official.
Chemists & Druggists.
Bennett Fredk. Wm. M. 233 High street
Briggs Wm. &. Sons Ltd. (manufacturers)
Buchan David Donaldson, Brothock bridge
Burn David H. 12 Keptie street
Duncan Howat, 211 High street
Jack James (pharmaceutical), 102 High st
Nay-smith Audw. 154 High st.& 1 Sidney st
Robertson John, 19 West port
Buxton James, 59 Keptie street
Whyte James S. 57 Guthrie port
Chimney Sweepers.
Carrie David, 3 Lordburn
Hoed William, East Mill wynd

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