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Dysart, Burntisland and Kinghorn, nearly
all being held by the parish of Kirkcaldy
and Dysart. The management is vested
in the 'Parish Councils; the other one at
Thornton was erected in 1862, at a cost of
about £6,000, and will hold 155 inmates.
The Swan Memorial, a building of red
stone, was erected in 1S95, at the bottom
of Kirkwynd, as a memorial to the lata
Provost Swan, and contains a set of rooms
for the Young Men's Christian Association,
to whom it belongs.
The parish church of Kirkcaldy, mainly
erected in 1807, stands on rising ground
in the centre of the town, the principal
feature of the building being the fine Nor-
man tower, dating from the middle of the
13th century, and formerly part of the
old church of St. Brisse, dedicated in
A.D. 12-14: in the south porch is a marble
monument to George Gillespie, one of the
commissioners to the Westminster Assem-
bly in 1643, and there are two stained
windows, designed by the late Sir E.Burne-
Jones bart. D.C.L. and executed by the
late William Morris F.S.A. of London. St.
James's church, built in 1841 as a chapel
for the original seceders, has belonged
since 1853 to the Church of Scotland. St.
Brycedale United Free church, an edifice
in the Gothic style, was erected at a cost
(exclusive of the site, which is valued at
about £8,000) of fully £22,000. It con-
tains a number of memorial windows, two
of which are from designs by the late
Sir E. Burne-Jones bart. The other places
of worship are the parish churches of In-
yertiel, Abbotshall, Kaith, St. James, St.
Clairtown and Path-head, ten "United Free
churches, two Episcopalian, and Original
Secession, Congregational, Baptist, Wes-
ley an. Unitarian and Roman Catholic
churches. The High School, built on the
site of the old burgh school, by M. B.
Nairn esq. of Rankeilour, then chairman
of the Kirkcaldy School Board, includes
an elementary department. The schools,
established under the will of the late
Robert Philp esq. of Edenshead, for
children of both sexes, have been trans-
ferred to the care of the School Board,
and the children entitled to the" benefits
of this foundation are educated at the
board schools, and receive clothing as
before, free. A number of bursaries are
also provided for the purpose of enabling
rhe children of poor parents to attend the
High School, or to prosecute their studies
at the universities. There is also a' chari-
table trust left by John Thomson, for edu-
cating poor children, and for providing
annuities for the support of poor inhabi-
tants. There are branches here of the
National Bank of Scotland Limited (with
sub-branch at Pathhead). the Commercial
Bank of Scotland Limited (who have
also a branch at Pathhead and sub-
branches at the West End, and "at Dunnikier
road), the Bank of Scotland, the Union
of Scotland Limited, the British Linen
Company, the Royal Bank of Scotland
the North of Scotland Bank Limited
and the Clydesdale Bank Limited. There
is also the Kirkcaldy Savings Bank,
with branches at Pathhead and Links
street. Four newspapers are issued here,
the " Fife Free Press," Fifeshire Adver-
tiser," " Kirkcaldy Mail " and " Kirkcaldy
Times." The market, which is a stock
market for the sale of grain, is held on
Saturday. Raith, a mansion with a lofty
tower and fine grounds, is the residence
of Ronald C. M. Ferguson esq. M.P., D.L.
The area of the parish comprises 1,215
acres; rateable value, £183,056. The popu-
lation of the entire parish in 1901 was
39.039, and in 1891 the population of the
old parish was 9,994; of Dvsart, 13,626,
and of Abbotshall, 6,934; total, 30,554.
The roval burgh had a total population
'in 1891 'of 27,151, and in 1901, 34,063. The
area is 1,743 acres. The Parliamentary
burgh had a population in 1901 of 16,840.
The population of the ecclesiastical parish
in 1901 was 9,927. The population of the
municipal wards in 1901 was, first, 10,325;
second, 12,025; third, 11,733; total, 34,063.
The number of electors on the parlia-
mentary register in 1903 was 3,814, and
in the "whole district of burghs, 7,647.
ABBOTSHALL, formerly a distinct
parish, was merged in the amalgamated
parishes of Kirkcaldy and Dysart, the 3rd
of December, 1901, is included in the
burgh of Kirkcaldy, and in Kirkcaldy and
Dysart poor conibinathn. The district,
the extent of which is about 2 miles either
â– way, rises gradually from the coast north-
ward into tolerably high ground. Here
are spinning mills, dye works, an earthen-
ware manufactory, and a large corn mill.
The present parish church was built in
1788 to replace the original church erected
at the first disjunction of the parish in
1650. The small village of Chapel is in
this parish. The population in 1891 was
6,934 and in 1901, 7,733.
INVERTIEL is a quoad sacra parish
formed from those of Abbotshall and King-
horn. There is an Established church and
also a Free church. Population of the
ecclesiastical parish in 1901, 2,615.
PATHHEAD, now included within the
burgh, i3 in the parish of Kirkcaldy and
Dysart, and is situated chiefly on the face
of a hill, looking towards the Firth of
Forth ; it is joined by two other districts,
respectively named Gallatown and Sinclair-
town, also in the same burgh and parish.
The manufacture of linoleum, floorcloth and
linen goods is- briskly followed in these
places. Dowlas, ticks 1 , sheeting &c. are
produced; flax sp ; nning is also carried on
to some extent. At Sinclairtown are
earthenware manufactories. The Public
hall, in Commercial street, was erected
about 1883 ; a branch of the Beveridge
library is located in this building, and
there is also a reading room. At Pathhead
are branches of the Commercial Bank of
Scotland Limited, and the Nat ; onal Bank
of Scotland Limited. A cottage hospital
was erected in 1890, in Nether street, at
the expense of Michael B. Nairn esq. There
is an Established church, two United Free
churches, and Episcopalian, Evangelical
Union, Congregational and Baptist chapels.
The trustee of the Earl of Rosslyn is the
chief landowner. The population in 1901
was 4,180.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O., telephone call office,
High street, Kirkcaldy. John Mitchell,
postmaster. — Office open from 7 a.m. to
9 p.m. (sundays, 8 to 10 a.m. ; telegraph,
9 to 10 a.m. only)
Letters are dispatched on week davs at
6.30, 6.55, 7.20, 7.35, 8.20, 9.55, 10'.35 &
10.50 a.m. & 12.50, 2.5, 2.30, 3, 4.25,
5.20, 6, 7.55, 8.5, 9.15 & 9.55 p.m.;
Sundays, 8 & 8.45 a.m. Letters bearing
Jd. extra stamp can be posted in Letter
boxes affixed to mail trains at 7.20 &
8 a.m. & 5.7 & 5.44 p.m. on week
days; & at 8.20 & 9.5 a.m. & 5.55 p.m.
on sundavs. Parcels are dispatctied at
6.45, 9 &'9.40 a.m. & 3.20 & 6.20 p.m
Letters (all parts) are delivered on week
davs at 6.45, 8.30 & 11.30 a.m.; 3.20,
6.20 & 8 p.m. ; parcels at C.45 & I) a.m.
& 3.20 & 6.20 p.m. Letter Box closes
for town deliveries at 6.30 & 8.20 a.m. &
3 & 6 p.m. ; Sundays, 8.30 & 9.20 a.m
Town Sub-Post Offices (hours of collection,
week days only)
fBalsusncv road, 5.55 & 10.5 a.m. & 12.5.
1.25, 3.40, 4.45, 7.5 & 8 p.m.; sat. only,
9.25 p.m
•fGallatown, '5.45, 9.50 & 11.50 a.m. &
1.5, 3.25, 7 & 8 p.m
fGlebo park, 6.15 & 10.20 a.m. & 12.20,
1.40, 3.55, 5, 7.25 & 8 p.m.; sat. only,
9.45 p.m
fHarbour, 6.5 & 10.5 a.m. & 12.15, 1.35
3.50, 4.55, 7.15, 8 & 8.45 p.m.; sat,
onlv, 9.35 p.m
fHigh Street, 6.10 & 10.20 a.m. & 12.20,
1.40, 3.55, 5.5, 7.20, 8 & 8.55 p.m.; sat.
onlVj. 9.40 p.m
fLinktown, 5.50 & 10.5 a.m. & 12.5, 1.25,
3.40, 4.50, 7.5 & 8 p.m.; sat. only, 9.25
•fPathhead, 6.5 & 10.5 a.m. & 12.5, 1.20,
3.40, 4.45, 6.40, 7.10 & 8 p.m.; sat. only,
9.30 p.m
*These are Telegraph Offices.
tThese are Money Order & Savings Bank
For the Kirkcaldy District of Burghe.
James Henry Dalziel esq. Ivy lodge. Dun-
mow, Essex; & National Liberal club,
London SW
Provost, (vacant)
David Dishart (b)
John Peebles (b)
John Leslie (b)
Ebenezer Bennett (b)
Dean of Guild, Kenneth M'Kenzie
Treasurer, Alex. Kilgour
First Ward.
Joseph Hunter Hugh Brodie
Michael Nicol A. Black
Robert C. Lockhart James Cook
Second Ward.
John D. Swan^ton George Ferguson
Adam Gray John Gourlay
William Lennie Peter Herd
William Black George Gourlay
Third Ward.
Andrew Beveridge Robert B. Brodie
William Howie Jobn Kellock
John Balfour William Syme
William Miller
Town hall, High Etreet.
Provost, (vacant)
Bailies, David Dishart, John Peebles, John
Leslie & Ebenezer Benneb
Councillors, Twenty-seven
Dean of Guild, Kenneth McKenzie
Treasurer, Alexander Kilgour
Town Clerk, William L. Macindoe
Town Chamberlain, Wemyss E. M. Max-
well, Tolbooth street
Burgh Prosecutor, David Williamson, Tol-
booth street
Burgh Assessor, Philip Sulley, Cupar Fife
Medical Officer of Health, John Suther-
land Mackay M.A., M.D., CM., D.P.H
Collector of Assessments, Wemyss E. M.
Maxwell, Tolbooth street
Burgh Surveyor, James L. Lumsden
Burgh Electrical Engineer & Manager of
Tramways, O.Francis Francis, Victoria rd
Chief Constable, David Gatherum, Burgh
police offices, St. Brycedale avenue, Kirk-
caldy & Junction road, Sinclairtown
Inspector of Weights' & Measures, George
B. Robertson
Sanitary Inspector, Francis Braid
Town Officer, John Hutchison
Offices, 7 Oswald's wynd.
Chairman, William Black esq
Inspector of Poor & Clerk, David Nicholson
Assistant Inspector & Collector, John S.
Whyte's causeway.
(The ordinary debts recovery & small debt
courts are "held in the Court house, every
Wednesday during session)
Sheriff, Charles Kincaid Mackenzie K.C.
Sheriff Substitute. David Gillespie, advete
Honorary Sheriff Substitutes, Robert
Heegie & William Williamson
Sheriff" Clerk Depute & Auditor of Court,
Patrick Jame3 Galloway
Sheriff Officers, Joseph Barclay, Ebenezer
Donaldson & Henry Wright
Bar Officer, Ebenezer Donaldson
(Held in the Sheriff Court buildings when
Judges, The Acting Justices of the Peace
for the district
Clerk. Alexander Beveridge
Fiscal, James F. Bremner
(Licensing Courts are also held on the
Statutory dayB.)
Police Buildings, St. Brycedale avenue
(courts are held daily)
Tudses, The Provost & Bailies
Clerk, William L. Macindoe
Burgh Prosecutor, David Williamson
220 High street.
Secretary, Alexander Beveridge
Treasurer, John L. Herd
Collector, Wemyss E. M. Maxwell, 8 Tol-
booth street
Water Works, Sands road. John Reilly.supt
439 High street.
Officer in Charge, James A. Cassie
Harbour head.
Chairman, (vacant)
Clerk, William M. Dow
Treasurer, Collector & Harbour Master,
Charles Hav
Pilots, John Lawson & Robert Goodall
Secretary, John L. Innes, 126 High street

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