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Catton George William, Nether Bompray
Craig John & William, Couston
Crawford John, Beverkae
Cunningham David J. P. Delachy
Foord John C. Cuttlehill
Fulton John, Balmule & Temple hall
Home Robert, Bompray banks
Kelly William, Croftgary
Nasmyth David, Netherton of Bucklyvis
Ogilvy James, Hillside
Rutherford Andrew, Scotswalls
Spence John, Cullaloe
Thomson James, Humbie
ANSTRUTHER is a seaport on the north
shore of the Firth of Forth, about 20 miles
north-east of Kirkcaldy, 10 by road and 15
by rail from St. Andrews, and is composed
of the royal and parliamentary burghs of
Anstruther Wester and Anstruther Easter,
together with the seaward portion of the
royal and parliamentary burgh of Kil-
renny ; this portion, which contains the
whole of the fishing population, is princi-
pally composed of the fishing village of
Cellardyke or Nether Kilrenny, which,
though really a suburb of Anstruther
Easter, is itself in Kilrenny parish and
burgh. The two Anstruthers are separate
royal burghs and civil parishes, the dividing
line being the small Dreel Burn. The port
is the market town for the surrounding dis-
trict, and there is a station here on the
Thornton Junction, Leveu and St Andrews
section of the North British railway. The
town is lighted with gas by a private com-
pany. This place was of great importance
before the union with England, carrying on
an extensive trade with Holland and
France; fish curing is the staple trade.
There are now (1903) about 150 boats up
to 74 feet long, as well as 13 steam line
fishing vessels, S3 feet keel. The harbour,
situated in Anstruther Easter, has been
■enlarged at a coat of about £80,000; the
present harbours (inner and outer) give a
..space of 13£ acres, and will hold 500 fish-
ing boats, and the inner harbour affords
about 16 feet of water at full spring tide.
In addition to fish curing, a considerable
-amount of business is done in the export-
ing of potatoes &c. the refining of cod liver
•oil, and the manufacture and the import-
ing of ice, of fishing gear, &c. There are
"branches of the National Bank of Scotland
Limited, Commercial Bank of Scotland
Limited, and the Clydesdale Bank Lim.
in the town.
Anstruther E aster is a royal burgh and
parish (included in the Port of Anstruther),
bounded on the south by the Firth of Forth,
west by Wester Anstruther and north and
east by Kilrenny ; the burgh is governed by
a provost, two bailies, a treasurer and six
other councillors. A sheriff's small debt
court is held here quarterly.for the parishes
of Anstruther Easter and Wester, Elie, Kil-
conquhar, Kilrenny, Newburn, Pittenweem,
St. Monance and Crail. A weekly corn mar-
ket is held on Friday. This burgh, together
ivith St. Andrews, Cupar, Crail, Kilrenny,
Anstruther Wester and Pittenweem, forms
the St. Andrews parliamentary district,
-constituted under the Reform Act of 1332,
and returning one member. Dr. Thos. Chal-
imers, the celebrated orator and divine,
Professor William Tennant F.R.S. linguist
and poet, and author of " Anster Fair,"
and Professor Goodsir, of Edinburgh Uni-
versity, were all natives of this place.
There is an Established church, a "United
Free church, called " Chalmers' Memorial
Church," erected at a cost of nearly
£10,000, a United Presbyterian (now
United Free) church, and Evangelical
Union and Baptist chapels. The Manse of
the Established church dates rom 1590.
The chief educational establishment here
is the Waid Academy, opened September
6th, 1886, and endowed mainly from funds
mortified by Andrew Waid, Lieut. R.N. a
native of Anstruther Easter, who died in
1803. By his will, dated 1300, he founded
the building as an academy for orphan
boys and seamen's boys in indigent cir-
cumstances, and for their maintenance,
clothing and such education as would in-
struct them in the great principles of the
Christian religion, and fit them for serving
in the British Navy with reputation ; the
amount of the trust estate at his death was
about £5,000, but at the time of the trans-
fer to the governors of the academy it
had increased to about £15,000, and it is
administered under a scheme promoted by
the Trustees and by the School Board of
Anstruther Easter and approved by the
commissioners under the Education En-
dowments (Scotland) Act, 1882, and
sanctioned bv Order in Council, August
11th, 183-1; " Stephen Williamson esq. of
Glenogil, M.P. for the 'St. Andrews dis-
trict, 18S0-5 has contributed £1,000 to-
wards the funds : the school, which is
built of stone, with a tower in the centre,
has a fine commanding appearance.
William Baird esq. of Elie, is the princi-
pal landowner for Anstruther Easter,, tne
area of which is 28 acres ; rateable value,
£5,297; the population of the civil parish
in 1891 was 1,033, and in 1901, 1,187, and
of ecclesiastical, 1,024.
AxsTRf ther Wester, Included in the
Port of Anstruther, which adjoins Anstru-
ther Easter, is also a parish and royal
burgh, and holds its charter of incorpora-
tion from James IV. in 1587. A bridge con-
nects the two burghs. It is bounded on the
north and west by Carnbee, on the south by
the Firth of Forth, and on the east by Ans-
truther Easter and Pittenweem ; in the small
debt court district of Anstruther. This
burgh was disfranchised in 1853, when three
managers were appointed by the court of
session. In 1869 it again recovered its
municipal status, and is now governed,
under the Burgh Police Act of 1892, by a
provost, two bailies, a treasurer and six
other councillors. Great improvements
have been effected in this town within the
last 40 years ; it is now supplied with
water, and the streets have been lighted and
Mrs. Irvine, of Grangemuir, and Sir
Ralph W. Anstruther bart. of Balcaskie,
are the principal landowners of Anstruther
Wester, the area of which comprises 911
acres; rateable value, £3,182; the popula-
tion in 1S91 was 593, and in 1901, 558.
The population of the entire seaport of
Anstruther 1891 was 4,268, and in 1901,
The population of the royal burghs in
1901 were, Anstruther Easter, 1,190, and
Anstruther Wester, 476.
The numbers of electors on the parlia-
mentary register in 1903 were : — Anstruther
Easter, 227; Anstruther Wester, 92.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. Anstruther Easter;
William Fortune, postmaster. Deli-
veries, 7 & 9.15 a.m. & 7 p.m. ; to callers
on sundavs, 1.30 to 2 p.m.; dispatches,
6 & 11.40' a.m. & 3.40 & 6.40 p.m. Tele-
graph office open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily;
on Sundays, 9 to 10 a.m
P. & M. O. O. & S. B. ; Anstruther
Alexander Angus, sub-postmaster; dis-
patches, 11.15 a.m. 3.10, 6.15 & 9.15
p.m. ; no deliveries
Henry Torrens Anstruther esq. J. P. 6 Cow-
ley street, Westminster SW ; Brooks'
club, SW London; & New Edinburgh
club, Edinburgh.
Anstruther Easter.
Town hall.
Provost, Alexander Duncan
Bailies, Alexander Wilson &. Thomas A.
Councillors, nine
Joint Town Clerks, William T. Jamieson &
John Guthrie
Burgh Treasurer, James M. Duncan
Medical Officer of Health, Thomas Goodall
Nasmyth, M.D., CM., D.Sc, D.P.H.,
Burgh Assessor, William T. Jamieson
Police Treasurer, John Guthrie
Police Collector, William T. Jamieson
Procurator Fiscal, Henry Watson
Inspector of Weights & Measures, G. B.
Roberbson, Cupar
Town Officer, Henderson Elliot
Anstruther Wester.
Town hall.
Provost, Andrew Penney
Bailies, John Scott & Robert Brodie
Councillors, nine
Joint Town Clerks, William T. Jamieson &
John Guthrie
Burgh Treasurer, Thomaa Robertson
Burgh Assessor, John Guthrie
Procurator Fiscal, Henry Watson
Medical Officer of Health, Thomas Goodall
Nasymth, M.D., CM., D.Sc, D.P.H.,
Town Officer, James Pattie
Anstruther Easter.
Inspector, James Young
Collector, David Cook
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
James Young
Medical Officer, John Johnstone Wilson,
M.D., CM. Elm lodge
Anstruther Wester.
Inspector & Collector, William P. Wilson
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
William P. Wilson
Medical Officer, John Johnstone Wilson,
M.D., CM., Elm lodge
Held quarterly in the Town hall, Anstru-
thcr Easter.
Sheriff Substitute, Samuel B. Armour
Clerk Depute, Henry Watson
Hon. Sheriff Substitute, George Darsie
Sheriff's' Officer, James Cameron
Stamp Office, Charles Russell, sub-distrbtr
Coast Guard Station, Anstruther Wester,
James Drysdale, Jeremiah O'Connor &
Frederick Underhill, officers
Fishery Office, East green, William Keir,
Harbour Commissioners, A. C Mackintosh
& H. Watson, clerks
Harbour & Shore Dues Office, Peter Mur-
ray, harbour master ; John Dingwall,
Life Boat Station, hon. treasurers. Mackin-
tosh, Watson & Murray; William Smith,
Police Station, East green
6th (Fifeshire) Vol. Battn. Black Watch
(Roval Highlanders) E Co. ; Captain
George McBean Black ; Surgeon-Lieut.
R. T. Ferguson M.B., medical officer;
Rev. T. Murray, acting chaplain
Library & Reading Room, High street,
Alexander M. Cook, hon. sec
Masonic Hall, Shore street
In Anstruther Easter.
Established Church, Rev. Thos. Murray M.A
Chalmers' Memorial United Free Church,
Rev. Alexander G. Macalpine
Evangelical Union, Rev. Alex. Macauly
Baptist, Rev. Peter N. Buchan
United Free, Rev.Andrew MacLachlanM.A
In Anstruther Wester.
Established Church, Rev. Jas.Butchart M.A
In Anstruther Easter.
Governors, The Frovost of Anstruther Eas-
ter, Rev. Thomas Murray M.A. chairman;
William Oliphant, elected by school board
of Anstruther Easter ; John Porter.
elected by school board of Anstruther
Wester; Henry G. Lawson, elected by
school board of Kilrenny; Professor
Herkless, elected by Senatus Academicus
of the University of St. Andrews ; &
Sir Ralph Anstruther bart. nominated
by the Lord Lieutenant of Fife
Clerk & Treasurer, David Cook
Head Master, Thomas Macvey B.A.Oxon
Chairman, Rev. Thomas Murray M.A
Clerk, A. C Mackintosh
Schools: —
James Paterson M.A. master
(infants'),, Miss Euphemia Lumsden,mistra

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