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Muirhead Robert, Cameron cottage
Nepean Col. Herbert A. T. Midfield houae
Nepean Miss, Midfield bouse
Nepean Mrs. Midfield house
Nivison Rev. John (United Free Church),
Parsons Miss, Calderwood villa
Porteous George, Ockbrook
Sanderson James Souter, Greenhill cottage
Sharp Robert, Springfield
Shirlaw William, Woodbine cottage
Smith George B., S.S.C. Greenfield lodge
Smith Mrs. Hilton cottage
Spence Miss, Springbank
Steel Miss, Dunscroft
Stewart Archibald, Mount Esk
-Stewart Mrs. Thornhill
;Stewirt John George J. P. Dunraven
Stirling Mrs. West Woodbine cottage
Stoddart Charles, Broom viCla
'Tod David Bett S.S.C. Viewforth
"Tod John J.P. St, Leonard's
Tod William Leonard, Glenesk
Tod William Nimmo, St. Leonard's
W'il'liams-Drummond i&ir James Haxnlyn
bar*. J. P., D.L. Hawthornden
"Wilson George Robert M.D. Mavis bank
Allan Charles James M.A., M.B., CM. sur-
geon, parochial medical officer for East
district ofLasswade & Cockpen & medical
officer of health for Lasswade & Bonny-
rigg burghs, Oakmount
-Annandale & Son Limited, paper manufac-
turers, Polton mills. Polton R.S.O. Mid-
lothian; TA " Annandale. Polton"
Aytoun John M.B. &. C.M.Edin. View park
Sank of Scotland (branch) (Geo. Malcolm,
agent; A. Buchanan, accountant); draw
on London office, 19 Bishopsgate street
within EC; Coutts & Co. WC & Bank
of England E C, London
Seattle John, dairyman, Greenbank
31ack Daniel, postmaster & Co-operative
Stores manager, Polton
Slack John, grocer & spirit dealer
931aikie Jn. manager. Springfield ml. Polton
Blair Margaret (Mrs.), bakpr, Bridgend
Boyd Jn. grocer & spirit dlr. Polton hall
'Bruce Thomas, glass & china dealer
'Chalmers Margaret Gordon (Miss), post-
• Chalmers William, painter, High street
Hear William, grocer & spirit dlr.Eldin pi
Fowler Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, High st
Kraddie Ann (Mrs.), confectioner
'Grant Alexander, Forester's Arms P.H
Hardie Margaret (Miss), dress maker,
High street
'Gray George, tailor
Hutchison James, nlumber
Isles William J. H. cashier, De Quincey
cottage, Polton
GJasswade & Bonnyrigg Gas Light Co. (D. B
Tod, sec)
Livingstone James Kennedy,grocer & spirit
dealer, High street
TJothiana Alexander, nainter
"Hackay John, shopkeeper
"MacKinnon George, factor & land steward.
"Melville castle
.Malcolm George, agent for the Bank of
Scotland Limited, Bank house
"Mavisbank Private Asylum (George Robert
Wilson M.D., CM. medical superinten-
dent). Polton; TNi Loanhead
Mercer Thomas, grocer & spirit dlr.High st
"Meld rum William, joiner
"Millar David, plasterer & cement worker,
Bank cottage; & at Bonnyrigg
"Milne Peter, inspector of poor & registrar
of births, deaths & marriages
"Moir William, mill manager
Porter Stewart, plumber
Rae John, market gardener, Lindon cottage
R^ld David, joiner
Rfibertson Walter, hair dresser. Elm row
Roden Patrick, grocer & spirit dealer
Ross David & John, plumbers
Simpson Robert, butcher, High st
(Sinclair Peter & Son, boot makers
Springfield Co-operative Society Limited
(David Black, manager"), Polton
â– â– Stebbing Helen (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Stewart' Fergus Ferguson, chemist
rStorie George, bookspller, stationer, news
agent & house 2gent
Tod John & Son. paper manu Eacrurers
(printing jfc fine news), St. Leonard's
mill; T N 1 Lasswade; T A "Tod,
Lasswade "; Mill No. 2G
Tod William, jnn. & Co. Limited (Mill No.
29), pa per marrafacturers, Springfield
mill, Polton
Tod D. B. clerk to the magistrates & sec. to
Lasswade & Bonnyrigg Gas Light Co
Watson William, contractor, Wrvodfield
"Wight ThosQ&fi, isninonger & blacksmith
Ainsiie Archibald, Gortonlee
Anderson George, Hillend
Brock", ey Robert M. Gowerlaw
Brown Alexander, Newbigging
Clapperton James (reps, of), May bank
Crawford Alexander. Goukly Moss
Dickson Charles, View park
Dickson James, Damhead, Loanhead
Pods Archibald, Polton farm
Edgar John, Kirkkettle, Roslin
Gardiner Daniel, Lanhill, Roslin
GK'lroy Wm. (reps, of), Auchendinny Mains
Gray James, Elgin Haugh
Hepburn Peter. FallhilLs
Hume John, Fallhills
Hutchison William, Burghlee
Kelloeh Alexander, Oatslea, Roslin
McCall John & James, Loanhead
McKinlay Miss Jane, Polton, East Mains
Melkle John, Roslin
Niven James, Dry den Mains, Roslin
Noble James, Fulford, Roslin
Paterson George, Pomathorn
Patterson Thomas L. Harderngreen
Patterson G. & W. Loan stone
Plenderleith William, Rosewell Mains
Pretsall James, Pentland Mains
Sclater Agnes (Mrs.), Townhead.Loanhrnd
Smith Joseph, (reps, of), Firth Mains,
Torrence Archibald Peter. Yiewfield
Waddell William, South Melville
Watson William. Smith M^at, Roslin
White John, Edgefield, Loanhead & Para-
White William, Gorton Lea
LEITH, see Edinburgh Section.
LIBERTON is a parish in the small debt
court district of Dalkeith, including three
villages of its name — Upper (or Over)
Liberton, Liberton Kirk and Nether Liber-
ton, with Gilmerton (which see), and Green-
end. The kirk town is about 3 miles south
from Edinburgh, 3 north-west from Dal-
keith and Lasswade. Duddingston andCraig-
millar station on the North British Subur-
ban railway, which encircles the outskirts
of Edinburgh, is near the northern border
of the parish, and Gilmerton, on the Roslin
and Glencorse line, is close to the south-
eastern boundary. Water is supplied by
the Edinburgh and District Water Trust.
The old church of Liberton was removed in
1815 on the erection of the present struc-
ture, a building in the Gothic style, with
turrets and pinnacles ; the manse adjoins.
The inhabitants are engaged in agriculture
and the adjacent collieries. Greenend vil-
lage is about 4 miles north from Lasswade,
on the road to Edinburgh. Large quarries
of limestone are worked at Burdiehouse
and Straiton, and the freestone and whin-
stone quarries also employ many persons.
There are seven breweries, a malting, a
creamery and a margarine factory. Lieut.
Col. Robert Gordon Gordon-Gilmour, of
The Inch, Maj.-Gen. Sir Henrv Trotter
G.C.V.O., D.L. of Morton Hall, Mrs. Wau-
chope, of Niddrie Marischal, John Welsh,
of Moredun, and John L. More Nisbet. of
Drum, are the principal landowners. The
celebrated cave here, dug by George Pater-
son, a blacksmith, out of the solid rock, and
finished in 172-4, after five years' toil, con-
tains several apartments with bedsteads,
and a table with a large punch bowl, all
hewn out of the same material, and also
includes a smith's forge, a well and a
washing house. Here Paterson lived for
several years, and here he died about 1737.
Craigmillar Castle, sometime a favourite
residence of Queen Mary, stands on rising
ground of moderate elevation, and com
mands a beautiful and extensive prospect
over the surrounding country. The area
comprises 6,326 acres ; rateable value,
£54,323; the population in 1901 was 7,233
of which 74 in Edinburgh Royal burgh.
The population of the ecclesiastical parish
in 1901 was 4.016, and of the village, 546.
Jewel cottages form a village; the popula-
tion in 1901 was 390. Liberton Dams and
Braeside form a village in the parish; the
population in 1901 was 320. Greenend is
a village; the population in 1901 was 313.
Craigmillar is also a village; the popula-
tion in 1901 was 281. Straiton is a vil-
lage; the population in 1901 was 327.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. Craigmillar (Sub-
Office. Letters should be addressed,
Craigmillar S.O. Midlothian); Jn. Selbie,
postmaster. Deliveries 7.45 a.m. & 12.45
& 5.25 p.m.; dispatches, 9.45 a.m.& 1.15, Kelly Mrs. Braefoot cottage
6.15 & 7.50 p.m I Kerr Thomas, The Oaks
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I, 0. Greenend (Railway
Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O.
Midlothian added) ; John Kerr, post-
master. Deliveries, 6.30 a.m. & 12.45 &
6.30 p.m. for callers; dispatches, 7.40
a.m. & 12.30, 1.30, 3.30 & 9.16 p.m.;
Sundays, 4.20 p.m
Post Office, Liberton (Railway Sub-Office.
Letters should have R.S.O. Midlothian
added) ; Ralph Laidlaw, sub-postmaster.
Deliveries, 6.30 a.m. (& 12 noon to
callers) & 5.20 p.m.; dispatches, 9.20
& 10.20 a.m. & 3.50, 4.5 & 9.27 p.m.
Postal Orders are issued here, and paid.
The nearest money order & telegraph
office is at Greenend
Post Office, Straiton, Robert Hodge,
postmaster. Letters should be addressed
Straiton, Loanhead R.S.O. Midlothian.
Deliveries, 8.15 a.m. & 5.50 p.m.; dis-
patches, 8.50 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. Loan-
head is the nearest money order & tele-
graph office
Chairman, John W. Young
Clerk, James Fraser
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
James Fraser
Inspector of Poor, James Fraser
Police Station, John Ward.constable-in-chrg
Established Church, Rev. Rt. Burnett B.D
United Free Church, Rev.George DoddsB.D
Methodist Chapel at New Craighall
Episcopalian, New Craigball, Rev. Angus
Roman Catholic Chapel, Rev. Patrick
School Board, Thos.J. Cochrane S.S.C.clerk
Board Schools: —
Liberton, Thomas Couston, master
Burdiehouse, Robert H. Tait, master
Niddrie, James Anderson, master
Industrial School (Dr. Guthrie's Original),
Liberton, William Henderson, supt
Newington Station, Richard Cunningham,
station master
Railway Station, Duddingston & Craigmillar,
George Hossock, station master
Baillie William, Craigmillar villa
Bannatyne James, Lisburne cottage
Beddow Arthur William, Kingston grange
Bogle Thomas, Kirknenk
Blaikie Mrs. Burnhead house
Brownlee Arthur, Meadowview cottage
Budge Walter George
Burnett Rev. Robert B.D. (Estab.), The
Burnett James, St. Clair cottage
Byers James, Carslea
Calder Peter, Westnook
Campbell Miss, Maryfield
Cave Charles, Craigmillar
Connor William, Springwood park
Crosbie Mrs. Bank house
Cruickshank Mrs. Glintlaw
Cunningham George G. Liberton house
Denholm James, Birchlea, Braeside
Deshon Charles, Upper Liberton
Dodds Rev. George (U. Free Chch.), Manso
Donaldson John, Tavbank, Craigmillar
Falconer Rev. John (U. F. C), Ettrick mnt
Ferguson Mrs. Almora
Forbes John Christie, Ardveich
Forhes Mrs. Northfield
Ford George, Fernie hill
Forhme Cornelius. East Craig
Geikie Miss, Rhoda villa
G.bson William B. Northfield
Glass John, Liberton Bank house
Good George, Braefoot
Goodwillie Mrs. Braehead, Braeside
Gordon-Gilmour Lieut. -Col. Robert Gordon,
Inch house
Gray Alex. Ardenlea
Gray Ebenezer H. Home Knowe
Grierson Henrv, Craigend park
Griffin H. Eric, Viewhill
Gunn Marcus, Blackford road
Hardie Archibald, Fairview, Braeside
Hardie Samuel T. Yewland3 .
Harper Thomas, Moredun
Harrison John, St. Magnus
Harrowcr Misses, Roselea cottage
Henderson Jame3, Cragievar
Henderson Thomas, De'.gany
Henderson Thomas, Woodlands cottage
Hogg Mrs. Ettrick Lea
Hoggan Robert M.B. Bessville
Horn James, Gowan Lea
Hunter James, Rosetta
Hunter Miss, Castle view, Fernie hill
Jack William James, Braeside

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