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McNaught William, draper, milliner & dress maker, 157 High
street; ; res. Scaurbank, Kingholm road
McNaught William, householder, St. Ninian's, M
McNay James, carter, Eastiield road
McNeil Hugh, school board officer & teacher of woodwork Dum-
fries academy, Ormsiry, Annan, road
McNish James, shoe maker, 69 & 70 Glasgow street; res.
Roberval, Castle Douglas road
M'Quade Joseph, chimney sweeper, 135 High street
McQueen James, tobacconist & news agent, 43 Friar'3 vennel
McQueen Wdliam, wood carver, 14£ Church crescent
Macrae William, bandmaster Industrial School band, Green brae
McRobert John. B. shorthand teacher, 3 Ryedale terrace, M
McRobert Robert, householder, Primrose bank, Lockerbie road
M'Veigh James, shipping agt. & vice-consul for Spain, 6 Queen st
McVicar Donald, superintendent of slaughter houses, Loreburn
street; res. 22 St. Michael street
Macwhinnie Elizabeth (Mrs.). grocer, & post office, 16 St. Michael &t
MoWilliam Robert, tailor, 52 Friar's vennel
Madden Grace Rae (Miss), matron Moorhead's hospital, St.
Michael street
Malam George, gas manager & engineer Corporation gas works ;
res. St. Mary's house, 134 English street
Malcolm Mrs. householder, 3 Whitesands
Malloeh Frank Weston, agent for Granton Timber Co. Limited,
Belle Vue villa, Green brae
Mann Robert Gerrard, manager Dumfries & Galloway Courier &
Herald Newspaper Co. Limited, 111 & 113 High street; res.
Oairnsmore, Lockerbie road
Manabridge William, householder, 5 Newall terrace
Manson John, householder, 3a, Leafield road
Marchbank William & James, joiners & undertakers, 12 as 14
Shakespeare street
Marchbank James, joiner & undertaker (William & James March-
bank) ; res. 62 Brooms road
Marchbank John, manager, 13 Rosevale cottages
Marchbank William, joiner (William & James Marchbank), Swan's
vennel, St. Michael street
Market Hall ( John. J. Clark, lessee), 81 to 85 Irish street
Marshall Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 167 St. Michael street
Marshall Grace (Miss), householder, 24 Queen street
Marshall J. B. coal merchant, Caledonian railway
Marshall John, fishmonger & game dealer, 51 Kith place; res.
36 High street
Marshall John, shopkeeper, 69 Friar's vennel
Marshall Thomas, spirit dealer, 77 English street
Martin Andrew, tailor & clothier, 32 Church crescent
Martin William, boot & shoe maker, 12 Church crescent; res.
Ladywell villa, Moffat road
Mason Joseph, small ware & toy dealer, 6 King street
Mathieson Mrs. householder, 93 Queen street
Matthews William, district superintendent Prudential Assurance
Co. Limited, 34 Bank street; res.Corberry ho. New Abbey rd.M
Maxwell James & Son, booksellers, stationers,
bookbinders & account book manufacturers
& paper rulers, lithographic printers, picture frame
makers, fishing tackle dealers, lawn tennis & cricketers' out-
fitters & news agents, 117 & 119 High street
Maxwell & Thompson, tar distillers, Green brae
Maxwell Agnes (Miss), householder, 13 Laurieknowe, M
Maxwell Annie Wilson (Mrs.), Nithsdale inn, 11 Whitesands
Maxwell Francis, bank accountant, Braehead house, M
Maxwell Jas. grocer & wine & spirit merchant, 1 Glasgow st. M
Maxwell John, hair dresser, 79 English street
Maxwell John, inspector of poor for parish council of Troqueer,
registrar, session clerk & clerk to the heritors of the parish of
Troqueer, 23 King street, M
Maxwell Joseph, Old George inn, & coach proprietor, 33 High st
Maxwell Robert B. coal dc commission agent, G. & S. W. Rail-
way depot; res. 171 St. Michael street
Maxwell William, confectioner, 2 Nith place
Maxwell William, grocer & spirit dealer, 15 High street, M. ;
res. 20 Laurieknowe, M
Maxwell William, tar distiller (Maxwell & Thompson); res.
Bellevue, Green brae
Maxwelltown Hall, David street, M
Mechanics' Hall (William A. Hiddleston, hall keeper), 10, 12 &
14 Irish street
Mechanics' Institute & Library (John dimming, president; Wm.
A. Hiddleston, librarian; James Geddes, sec), 23 Nith place
Melville John, boot maker, 25 English st. ; res. 11 Murray place,
Glebe street
Menzies David, assistant supt. Prudential, 36 Brooms road
Merry Marv (Mrs.), housebolder, 2 Leafield road
Middleton William & Son, greengrocers &
nurserymen, 47 English street; nursery, Elm-
grove, Bankend road
Middleton Joseph, householder, Douievall, Annan road
Middleton Thomas, superintendent Dumfries cemetery & nursery-
man (William Middleton & Son), Craigs road
Millar Andrew, coach builder, 101 English street; res. 4 Mary-
ville terrace, Brooms road
Millar James, householder, 3 Rae street
Millar Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 1 Langholm place, Annan road
Millar John, foreman, 5 Nith etreet
Millar William, coach & carriage builder, 4 & 6 Nith street &
37 Nith place
Miller Andrew, lath splitter, 108 Queensberry street; res. 10
Catherine street
Miller E. M. accountant & shipping agent, 87 Queen street
Miller Joseph, butcher, 38 High street & 3 St. David street; res.
Palmer3ton house, Terregles street, M
Miller Robert, engraver, 1 Mid Steeple buildings; res. Sunny
bank, Green brae
Milliday Thomas, confectioner, Mill brae, M
Milligan John & Co. saddlers, 5 & 7 Friar's vennel
Milligan & Stoba, solicitors, 13 Buccleuch street
Milligan David, butcher, 5 Nith place
Milligan George, householder, 7 Albany place
Milligan Irving B. butcher, 11 English st. ; res. 17 Catherine st
Milligan Irving Bell, jun. butcher, 6 Mid Steeple buildings;
res. 11 Catherine street
Milligan John, sadller (John Milligan & Co.), 9 Irish street
Milligan John, wool, seed & manure merchant, 35 Whitesands;
res. Merkland, Dunscore, Auldgirth R.S.O
Milligan Joseph, P. watch maker A jeweller, 158 High street;
res. Aldouran, Castle Douglas road, M
Milligan Thos. grain & flour dealer, 96 High st. & 14 Loreburn st
Milligan Thomas, grocer, Gastown
Milligan Thomas, householder, 80 Queen street
Milligan William, butcher,45 Friar's vennel; res.Haldene, Annan n!
Milligan William, householder, 2 Rosemount terrace, M
Milligan William, solicitor (Milligan & Stoba), 13 Buccleuch st
Milne Agnes (Mrs.), smallware dealer, 62 Glasgow street, M
Milroy Alexander, solicitor, & sec. to E. J. Raybould & Co. Lim.
20 Buccleuch street; res. 13 Gordon street
Milroy James, plumber, 65 English street
Miskelly John, insurance agent, 22 McLellan street
Mitchell John, gun & fishing tackle dealer, 5 Mid Steeple build-
ings ; res. 145 Irish street
Mitchell Mrs. householder, 71 Queen street
Moffat Misses, confectioners, 10 & 11 Mill road, M
Moffat George, commercial traveller, Green brae
Moffat Robert J. plumber, 37 English street
Moffat William, shopkeeper, 55 Glasgow street, M
Mogerley George, pork butcher, 49 Friar's vennel
Molloy Ada (Mrs.), householder, 3 Carnegie street
Montgomery John, fruit merchant, 85 & 87 Loreburn street ;
res. 43 Buccleuch street
Montgomery John Sorley, bookseller & stationer, news & emigra-
tion agent, & dealer in fancy goods, 109 High street; res.
Octavia house, Lovers' walk
Montgomery Margaret (Mrs.), householder, 61 Glasgow street, M
Monteith Mary Jane (Mrs.), confectioner, 28 King street
Moodie J. A. & W. solicitors, Bank of Scotland chambers, 103 &
107 Irish street
Moodie James, schoolmaster, 8 Terregles street. M
Moodie James, Muir, hosiery manufacturer, Millerston cottage,
New Abbey road, M
Moodie John A. solicitor (J. A. & W. Moodie) & joint agent of
the Bank of Scotland, Bank ofScotland ho.103 & 107 Irish st
Moodie William, solicitor (J. A. & W. Moodie); res. 41 Castle st.
Moore Frank P. chemist, 36 English street
Moore Jessie (Mrs.), householder, Roseberry villas, Nelson st. M
Moorhead's Hospital (Alexander D. Macdonald M.D. medical
officer ; Miss Grace Rae Madden, matron ; John & James-
Henderson, sees.; Rev. John Paton D.D. chaplain), St. Michael st
Morgan Lisa Mary (Miss), teacher of music, 44 Shakespeare st
Morley John, church officer of St. Mary's church, 3 Montague st
Morrin Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, Fernlea, New Abbey rd. M
Morrin Robert, wholesale fruit merchant, New market, 30 Lore-
burn street ; res. Cintra villa, Lovers' walk
Morton Brothers, wholesale grocers, provision merchants &
wholesale confectioners, 103 English street
Morton James, spirit dlr. & billiard room kpr. 55 & 57 Queen st
Morton James, wholesale grocer (Morton Brothers), Claremont,
Muir James, householder, 4 Portland place, M
Muir John, clerk, Watling street
Muir William K. house furnisher, auctioneer &c: 103 English
street ; res. Knightsgrove, Lockerbie road
Muirhead Elspeth (Mrs.), apartments, 79 Queen street
Mulholland Jsph. ironmonger, 5 & 7 Castle st. ; res. Nunholm vils>
Mundell Thomas, shopkeeper, 79 St. Michael street
Munro & Co. drapers, 89 High street
Munro William, draper (Munro & Co.), 6 St. Clair ter. Annan rd
Murdoch John, apartments, Bertram house, Annan road
Murdoch John, householder, Dock head
Murdoch Miss, householder, Eastfield road
Murphie James, dogger & boot dealer, 30 High street; res.
Elwyn cottage, Annan road
Murphie Jeannie (Mis*), butcher, 4 English street
Murphy David, commercial traveller, 1 Ulster place, M
Murray James & Son, coal agents, Caledonian Railway coal depot
Murray Agnes (Mrs.), laundry, St. Michael's hill. Glebe street
Murray Alexander, Burns inn, 42 Queensberry street
Murray James, baker, 34 Galloway street, M. ; res. Helen leaâ€ΕΎ
Terregles street, M
Murray James, coal agent (James Murray & Son), Murray place,.
Green brae
Murray John, hair dresser, 22 Friar's vennel
Murray Maggie B. (M ss), milliner, 100 High street
Murray Mary A. (Mrs.), householder, 17 Buccleuch street
Murray Patrick M., M.D. surgeon, & medical officer for the
parishes of Troqueer & Torthorwald & certifying factory sur-
geon, 33 Castle street
Murray William, builder, 32 Brooms road
Murray William, coal agent (James Murray & Son) ; res. 72 St.
Michael street
Murray William, householder, 4 Norfolk terrace, Glencaple road
National Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (George Russell,.
agent), Bank street
National Bible Society of Scotland (Auxiliary) (Rev. Robert
M'Kenna, sec. ; Joseph Corrie, treasurer), 103 Irish street
National Telephone Co. Limited (John R. Brown, district man-
ager), 135 High street
Neale Mrs. householder, 60 Queen street
Neilson Helen K. (Mis*), householder, 19 Laurieknowe, M
Neilson John M.A. teacher of mathematics Dumfries academy,.
13 Catherine street
Neilson William, watch maker, 4 St. Andrew at. ; res. 5 Castle st
Neisbem Edward, market gardener & florist, Glebe street
Nelson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 42 Friar's vennel
Newbiarging John, nurseryman (Thomas Kennedy & Co.); res.
Holly bush. Newall terrace
Newbigglng T. Kennedy, nurseryman (Thomas Kennedy & Co.);
res. Stewart hall
Nicholson Georgina (Miss), shopkeeper, 30 Queensberry street
Nicoll Jamea Smith, plumber & tinsmith, 24 King street

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