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Nicholson John H. chemist, 3 Glasgow Btreet, M. ; reB. Airlie,
Terregles street, II
Nith Navigation Commissioners (James Carmont, clerk & treas.),
88 Irish street
Xithsdale Rowing Club (James Chalmers, sec). GreenGands
Noble Joseph, sheriff officer & librarian Law library. Court house,
Buccleucb street; res. 7 Buceleuch street
Nod well James, New George hotel, 23 High street & coach &
cab proprietor, 23 High street & 36 & 37 White sands
Nodwell Mary (Mw.), Ship inn, 97 St. Michael street; res. 83
St. Michael street
Norman Horace, manager Dumfries Tanneries Co. Limited,
Rotchell park, M
Kovitiate of Marist Brothers (Rev. Brother John, superior),
St. Michael's mount
O'Brien David, boot maker, 79 Friar's vennel
O'Hanlon Patrick, spirit dealer, 59 St. Michael street
O'Leary Maggie (Miss), furniture broker, 44 Friar's vennel
Oney Thomas H. & Son, seedsmen, 10 Church crescent
Oney Thomas H. (Mrs.), householder, 1 Douglas ter.Milldamhead
Osselton Christopher, county sanitary inspector, Court house,
Buceleuch street; res. Woodbine cottage, Moffat road
Oughton Robert, cook, confectioner & res-
taurateur, 8 Church place* See advertisement
Pagan Robert, law clerk, 15 Cresswell terrace, Brooms road
Palmer Charles, temperance hotel, St. Mary's street
Palmer James Bryden, hoot repairer, Annan road, Milldamheod
Park Robert, householder, Dinwoodie, Albert road, M
Paterson, Sons &, Co.musx & musical instrument d'.rs.20English st
Paterson Elizabeth (Miss), Hoddam Castle inn, 32 Whitesands
Paterson James White, White Swan P.H. & livery stables, 69
Queensberry street
Paterson Joseph, basket maker, 54 Friar's vennel; res. Glen-
cairn, Glencaple road
Paterson Margaret (Miss), householder, Elizafield, Terregles st. M
Paton Janet Geddes (Miss), milliner, 120 High streeet
Paton John, householder, Ashbourne, Cassalands, M
Paton John D. cement merchant, G. & S. W. Ry. station
Paton William, householder, Richmond house, Castle Douglas rd.M
Patterson Andrew, tailor, 76 High street; res. 2 Corberry ter. M
Patterson James, householder, Simla villa, Annan road
Patterson Thomas, householder, 11 Cresswell terrace, Brooms rd
Pattie Robt. cabinet ma. (Dunbar, Son & Pattie), 25 Buceleuch st
Pattinson George, clerk, 4 Henry place, Glebe street
Pattinson Isaac, officer of Greyfrlars church, 115 Irish street
Patton David, hair dresser, 13 King street
Patton James, tailor, 87 St. Michael street
Payne George, railway agent (G. N. & N. E.), 15 Terregles st. M
Payne Helen (Miss), householder, Ardmore, Cassalands, M
Payne James, commission agent, 15 Montague street
Payne James, grocer & spirit dlr.22 Brewery st. ;res. 8 Gordon st
Payne William, compositor, 8 Maxwell street
Peacock Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 1 Church street, M
Peacock John, householder, St. Leonards, New Abbey road, M
Pearl Life Assurance Co. Limited (Andrew Cree, district supt.),
4 St. Clair terrace, Annan road
Pearson John, grocer & confectioner, 75 Queensberry street
Penman William Hiddleston, cycle maker & agent, 10 English
street ; res. Beaumont, Moffat road
Penman Andrew Clark, coach, carriage &
motor car builder, 11, 13 & 19 St. David et. ;
res. Airlie, Moffat road
Perry William, householder, Nelson street, M
Phillips Janet J. (Mrs.), grocer, Gateside of Trench
Phyn Charles Steuart, solicitor & procurator fiscal, Court house,
Buceleuch Btreet ; res. Lovers' walk
Piries William, Spread Eagle P.H. 5 Galloway street, M
Pollock Mis-s, householder, 40 Brooms road
Potter Frederick, schoolmaster, Maxwell street, Annan road
Potts Emma (Mrs.), manageress of Theatre Royal, Shakespeare
street; res. 13 English street
Potts William Edward, lessee Theatre Royal, Shakespeare street
Povnter John, Son & Macdonalds, seed & manure merchants (W.
If. Blake, representative), 18 Bank street; & 72 Great Clyde
street, Glasgow
Preacher Francis, joiner, 29 College street, M
Prescott Miss, householder, Sylhet cottage, Annan road
Primrose & Gordon, solicitors, 30 Bank street
Primrose John, solicitor & notary (Primrose & Gordon), 30 Bank
street; res. Arundel house, M
Primrose William, agent Commercial Bank, Irish street & soli-
citor & notary & sec. to Dumfries Cemetery Co. (Primrose &
Gordon), 30 Bank street; res. Primrose hill, M
Pringle Alesander draper, hosier, & baby linen warehouse, 2 to
6 Church crescent; res. 2 Newall terrace
Pringle Francis O. accountant & burgh assessor & sessions clerk
to the parish of Dumfries, 12 Buceleuch street; res, Benholm
bank, Watling street
Pringle Robert, horse dealer, Essex park
Prudential Assurance Co Limited (William Matthews, district
superintendent), 34 Bank street
Public Baths & Wasbhouses (John Todd, supt,), Greensands
" Pucka Coffee, 1 ' coffee & eastern produce
importers, 30 Galloway street, M
Purdie James, dairyman, Middle Dargavel
Purvis William, collector inland revenue office & distributor of
stamps, 139 Irish street; res, Blencathra
Queen Victoria Jubilee Institute for Nurses (Dumfries & Max-
welltown branch) (Miss Murray, sec. ; Misses Lowe & Murray,
district nurses), Gordon street
Queensberry Workingmen's Club (Thomas Parish, master), 76
Queensberry street
Rae Agnes (Miss), householder, 16 Cresswell ter. Brooms road
Rae Agnes (Miss), shopkeeper, 41 Irish street
Bae David, fishing tackle maker, 1 Rae street
Bae George Alexander, householder, 74 Queen street
Rae James, stationer & picture frame maker, 60 Friar's vennel;
res. 158 Irish street
Rae James, tea dealer, Brown lea, Annan road
Rae John, householder, 50 Loreburn street
Rae Mary (Mrs.), householder, 66 Brooms road
Rae Mary (Mr6.), householder, Watling §treet
Rae Thomas, saddler, 35 Bank street; res. 22 Academy street
Raffle Margaret (Mrs.), householder, 2 Laurieknowe, M
Rainage John, insurance agent, Barnslaps
Ramsay Janet (Mrs.), householder, 7 Catherine street
Ramsden Joseph, sergeant-instructor K.O.S.B. Pleasance. Annan rd
Rankin Andrew/, ironmonger & iron & steel
merchant, 15 Castle street
Rankine James, clerk, Auchmacraig, Annan road
Raphael John & Son, bill posters, 66 Queensberry street
Raphael John, Coffee House hotel, spirit dealer &c. 110 High st
Ratcliffe George Nathaniel, commission agent, 6 Gordon street
& billiard room proprietor, 145 High street
Rawlin John, saddler, 7 Whitesands
Rawson Agnes (Mrs.), householder, 6 Ryedale terrace, M
Rawson Benjamin, householder, Eastfield road
Redford Edward Pigott William, post office surveyor
Redmayne &. Sons, tailors, 101 High street
Refreshment Rooms (G. & S.W. Railway Co. proprs.), Railway stn
Refuge Assurance Co. Limited (George BoggiB, assistant super-
intendent), 11 Academy street
Reid Charles, householder, Elmgrove, Bank End road
Reid Hugh, travelling draper, Gastown
Reid James, chemist &c. 124 High st. ; res. Elgin ho. Loreburn 6t
Reid James, hatter & hosier, 114 High st. ; res. 2 Glebe terrace
Reid John, baker, 109 St. Michael street
Reid John, householder, Greystone, Moffat road
Reid Samuel, commercial traveller, 4 Carnegie street
Reid Simon, photographer, Watling street
Reid Thomas, horse & carriage hirer, Glasgow street, M
Reid Thomas, householder, 4 Maxwell street
Reid William, painter Ac. 56 Buceleuch 6treet
Reitb William Forbes, householder, 1 Nellie Ville terrace, M
Reyburn James, householder, 2 Ryedale terrace, M
Rice George, householder, 56 Academy street
Rice John, clerk, Archieville, Annan road
Richardson Agnes (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Academy street
Richardson Hugh, boot maker, 137 High st ; res. 66 Buceleuch st
Richardson Isabella (Mrs.), fruiterer, 112 High street
Richardson James, tailor, 85 Queensberry street
Richardson Jane (Mrs.), dress maker, 4 Union street
Rigg Grace (Mrs.), householder, 87 Queen street
Rigg James, sub-postmaster, Gastown
Rigg Mary G. M. (Miss), milliner, 120 Friar's vennel ; res. 87
Queen street
Ritchie Helen (Mrs."), householder, 36 Rae street
Ritchie James, commercial traveller, 9 Victoria terrace
Ritchie James, tobacconist (Robert Gordon), Walnut cottage,
Pleasance, Annan road
Ritchie Robert F. New Bazaar hotel, 38 WhiteBands
Robb Mary A. (Mrs.), householder, Lingerwood, Nelson street, M
Robertson James & Sons, drapers & milliners, 19 Castle street
Robertson Alexander Gardiner, tailor, 65 Loreburn street
Robertson Arthur, draper (James Robertson & Sons),Ashmount,M
Robertson James, draper (James Robertson & Sons), Ashmount.M
Robertson James A. hosiery manufr. Saughtree house, Annan rd
Robertson John, Fleshers' Arms P.H. 48 Loreburn street; res.
Newall terrace
Robertson John, upholsterer, 135 High street
Robertson Thomas, plasterer, 188 St. Michael street
Robertson William, station master (G. & S. W. Railway); res.
Mount Pleasant, Annan road
Robinson R. & Sons, grain merchants, 48 Whitesands
Robinson Eva (Miss), householder, Ravenswood, New Abbey rd.M
Robinson Robert (Mrs.), householder, 10 Wallace street^
Robinson David, bank accountant, Beech croft, Victoria road, M
Robison James, builder (Houston & Robison) ; res. Gillbrae
Robson James, baker, 1 Castle street
Robson James, householder, Roseberry bank, Moffat road
Robson Janet A. (Miss), drees maker, 32 High street
Robson Jemima (Miss), apartments, 83 Queen street
Robson John, county clerk, clerk to prison visiting committee,
to the district lunacy board, to the county education com-
mittee & to the income tax commissioners, Court house,
Buceleuch street ; res. Westboume house
Robson John Dewar M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 1 Hope pl.M
Robson Joseph (Mrs.), householder, 131 Queen street
Roddan Andrew, householder, 131 Queensberry street
Roddan. Elizabeth (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 131 Queensberry st
Roddan John, householder, 1 Portland place, M
Roddan Thomas, plumber & gasfitter, 24 Church crescent & 13
St. Andrew street : res. 134 Queensberry street
Roddick John, shopkeeper, 56 Glasgow street, M
Rodger William Allen, grocer & spirit dealer, 105 High street ;
res. Rosevale house, Albany
Rogerson Ellen (Mrs.), draper, 64 Glasgow street, M
Rogerson James, grocer, Elen bank, Gastown
Rogerson John, Douirlas Arms P.H. 75 Friar's vennel
Rogerson Robert, seedsman, 48, 49 & 50 Whitesands; res.
Rogerson Thomas, grocer, 17 St. Andrew Btreet
Romney Jessie (Mrs.), apartments, 5 St. Mary's street
Ronald James J. householder, 5 Gordon street
Ross James Maxwell M.B. surgeon & medical officer of health,
Dalbeattie road, M. & Court house, Buceleuch street
Ross John, grocer, 144 High street; res. Glencairn villa. Rae st
Ross John, watch maker (Adair & Ross); res. 24 Nith place
Ross Joseph, mineral water & clay pipe manufr. Glasgow st. M
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (Gordon & Whitelaw, agents),
Bank street
Royal Scottish Nursing Institute (branch) (Miss C. Grant, super-
intendent), 14 Castle street
Ruddick William, grocer & spirit dealer, 63 St. Michael street;
res. Clvde villa, Craigs road
Russell Alexander, butcher, 43 English street; res. 10 Murray
place, Glebe 6treet
Russell George, agent for the National Bank of Scotland Limited,
Bank house, Bank street

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