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Dawson James, janitor Girls' High school, 19 Albyn place
Dawson James, quarry manager, 21 Lilybank place
Dawson John, oycle maker (Dawson & Mathison), 78 Broomhill rd
Dawson Robert C. painter & decorator, 25 Chattan place
Dawson William, builder, joiner & horticultural builder,
74 Huntly street ; T N 444
Dawson William, cardboard maker (Paterson, Mitchell & Daw-
son), 8 Beechgrove terrace
Dawson William Edward, com. traveller, 9 Sunnyside road
Deaf & Dumb Institution (Alex. Edmond, jun. treasurer & sec. ;
Alex. Pender, supt. & teacher), 10 Mount street
Dean James, plumber, 32 Queen street
Dean Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Rosemount place
Dean John Beid S.S.C* (Burnett & Reid), 20 King street
Deane John C. accountant, 329 Union street; res. 91 Deaswood pi
Deans Annie (Miss), milliner, 89 King st. ; res. 51 Jasmine ter
Deans Jennie (Mrs.), draper, 6 Rosemount place
Deans Lizzie (Mrs.), news agent, 230 Holburn street
Deans Wailter, livery stable keeper, 4£ Mealmarket street
Dee & Don Fishery Boards' Office (Alexander Duffus, clerk), 146
Union street
Dee Steam Fishing Co. Limited, Union terrace
Dee Swimming Club & Humane Society (George Wood, sec),
South side, Victoria bridge & South esplanade west, Torry;
res. 7 Fish street
Deo6ide Farmers' Association (James John Mackenzie, sea), 21
King street
Deeside Golf Club (George Clark, sec), 375 Union street
Deeside Oat Cake Co. (The), 184 Holburn street
Delcipresso Joseph, confectioner, 36 Shiprow
Delcipresso Peroni, confectioner, 49 Queen street
De Lessert Alfd. Alexr., L.D.S.R.C.S.I. dentist, 220 Union st
Denmark Consulate (James Cook, consul), 62 Marischal street
Dennis John, grocer, 34 Park street
Dennis John, shopkeeper, 34 Baker street
Dennis John W. grocer, 62 Walker road, Torry
Dennis John Watt, grocer, 1 Rosebank place
Deuchar James, boot maker, 115 Holburn street
Deuchar William, passenger supt. Great Forth of Scotland Bail-
way, 80 Guild street (T N 366); res. 189 Great Western road;
T N 1510
Dewar George & Son, drapers, 102 Rosemount place
Dewar David, draper, 49 Castle street
Dewar George, draper (G. Dewar & Son), 39 Bonnymuir place
Dewar James K. draper (G.Dewar & Son), 39 Bonnymuir place
Bey Catherine (Miss), dress maker, 49 John street
Dey James, builder, Bridge of Don, Old Aberdeen
Dey Peter, fish merchant (Allan & Dey), 38 Fonthill road
Diack Arthur, tailor, 308 George street
Diack Charles, solicitor, 173a, Union st. ; res. 21 Beechgrove av
Diack James, bar-officer County court, Castle street; res. b
Osborne place
Diack Peter, sec. to the Association for Improving the Condition
of the Poor & to the Discharged Prisoners* Aid Soc.38 Castle st
Dick Robert C. wool broker, 11 Catherine street
Dick Thomas, ironmonger, 23 Bon-Accord terrace
Dickie Andrew, joiner, 24 Thistle street
Dickie George, bookseller, 78 Stanley street
Dickie George, chartered accountant & stock broker, 8 Union ter
Dickie Joseph O. warehouseman (Gray, Kennedy & Dickie), 5
Belmont place
Dickie Bobert Davidson, chartered accountant (White & William-
son), 78 Stanley street
Dickson Alexander, dairyman, 180 King street
Dickson Burnett, coal merchant, 27 Mounthooly ; T N K 801 ;
res. 622 George street
Dickson George, furniture dealer, 90 Green
Dickson William, grocer & spirit dealer, 496 Union street
Dilling Wm. cashier (Davidson & Garden), 2 Gladstone place
Dingwall Alexander, commercial traveller, 340 Great Western rd
Dingwall John, glass & china dealer, 561 Great Northern road
Binnes William, boot maker, 471 Holburn street
Distillers' Utilization & Feeding Cake Co. Limited (The) (Simp-
son & Bower, sees.), 245 Union street
District Nursing Association (Mis3 Katherine Lumsden. sec )
3 Castle hill
Divorty Jane E. (Miss), artist. 6 Orchard place
Dockar Forbes, engineer, 16 Hosefield avenue
Dodds W. H. & Co. fish salesmen & trawl owners, Grimsby
chambers, Market street
Dodds James, fish salesman (W. H. Dodds & Co.), 27 Fonthill ter
Dodds William Hall, fish salesman (W. H. Dodds & Co.), 146
Bon-Accord street
Doeg John S. ship chandler (Freeth & Dneg), 7 Deemount road
Dombar Robert, dairy, 133 Abbey road, Torry
Domenico Brothers, confectioners, 112 King street
Donald George & Sons, glass & color merchants & painters. 16
& 18 Netherkirkgate ; T N 390
Donald Mary A.G. & Maggie (The Misses), dress mas.86 Crown st
Donald Peter & Robert, house furnishers, 15 Bosemount viaduct â– 
res. 24 Dee street
Donald Alexander, spirit dealer, 504 Holburn street
Donald Andrew, boot maker. 10 Frederick street
Donald Ann (Mrs.), fish merchant, Wet Fish market
Donald Ann (Miss), tailoress, 18 Skene square
Donald Christina (Miss), dress maker, 26 South Mount street
Donald Christina (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 283 Great Northern road
Donald David M. solicitor, 15 Belmont street ; res. 57 Grav st â– 
T N 942 J ' '
Donald Elizabeth (Miss), greengrocer, 106 King street
Donald Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 133 West North street
Donald Evelyn (Miss), tobacconist & hair dresser, 392 George st
Donald George, householder, 66 Bedford place
Donald Henry, color mer. (Geo. Donald & Sons), 68 Queen's road
Donald Isahel'Ia (Mrs.), news agent, 10 Broomhill road
Donald James, commercial traveller, 29 Burns road
Donald James, painter, 12a, Justice Mill lane
Donald James, shipmaster, 36 Salisbury terrace
Donald James F. teacher of dancing, Victoria hall; res. 40
Skene terrace
Donald Jean (Miss), laundry, 60 Union row
Donald John, clothes broker, 41 Guest row
Donald John, color mer. (George Donald & Sons), 355 Union st
Donald John, dynamite agent, 82 Bonnymuir place
Donald John, fruiterer, 235 Bosemount place
Donald John E. cab proprietor, 93 Rosemount plaoe; T N 980;
res. 47 Richmond street
Donald Margaret (Mrs.), dress maker, 543 George street
Donald Peter, supt. New market, Market st. ; res. 60 Loanhead ter
Donald Stuart, watch maker (Gordon & Donald), 20 Watson s.t
Donald William, farmer, Smithfield, Woodside
Donald William, grocer & spirit dealer, 10 East North street
Donald William, spirit dealer, 217 Holburn street
Donaldson L. William & Co. clothiers & grocers, 47 Regent quay
Donaldson Christiana (Miss), draper, 111 Great Western road
Donaldson David, builder (Clark & Donaldson), 7 Gt. Western pi
Donaldson George, boot maker, 75 Park street
Donaldson George, boot maker, 42 Shiprow
Donaldson George, dairy, 37 Miller Btreet
Donaldson Jane (Miss), nurse, 63 Bon-Accord street
Donaldson John, commercial traveller, 81 Mile End avenue
Donaldson John, confectioner, 32 Guild street
Donaldson John, confectioner & fruiterer, 489 George street
Donaldson Robert, cattle dealer, 162 Great Western road
Donaldson Thomas (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 132 King street
Donaldson William, butcher, 7 Holburn road; res. 31 Broomhill rd
Donaldson William,tobaccnst,50 Guild st. ; res. 49 Beaconsfield pi
Donside (The) Paper Co. Limited, paper makers, Woodside;
T N 421; T A " Don, Aberdeen "
Douglas Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 312 Great Northern road
Douglas John, grocer, 174 Crown street
Douglas Mungo, householder, 77 Argyll place
Douglas Thomas, glass, china & bottle dealer, 32 Park street
Dow Archibald Rider, billiard rooms, 29 Carmelite street
Dow Jame3, householder, 49 Great Northern road
Dow Bichard, apartments, 58 Schoolhill
Dow William, clothier (Philip & Cooper), 100 Broomhill road
Dowman Henry, shipmaster, 234 Union grove
Downie Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 53 Gallowgate
Downie Louisa Wilson (Miss), school, 15 Ferryhill place
Downie Bobert, boot maker, 568 George st. ; res. 7 Mount street
Dow3on Augustus H. hair dreBser, 216a, Union street
Doxey Harry, clerk, 52 Elmfield avenue
Drew Charles, draper, 63 Queen street
Drew Jennie (Miss), shopkeeper, 8 Princes street
Drew Thomas, clothes broker, 104 Gallowgate
Driver James, china & earthenware dealer, 2 Mealmarket street
Dron James, apartments, 58 St. Andrew street
Drummond J. & J. manufacturers of acetylene gas appliances,
leather belting & fire hose, colliery, mill & engineers' furnish-
ings, Market street (T N 528) & Palmerston road; T A
" Drummond, Aberdeen." See advertisement
Drummond Jn. leather mer. (J. & J. Drummond), 44 Forest road
Ducat James, sec. Aberdeen Jute Co. Limited, Froghall lane;
reB. 69 Fountainhall road
Ducat Thomas, watch maker, 437 Great Northern road
Ducharme Maxime, dining rooms, 20 Great Western road
Duckworth Henry, toy maker. South esplanade west, Torry
Duff Archibald & Son. coal, lime &. fire clay goods merchants, 45
Guild street • T N 172
Duff Charles W. solicitor, 75 Union street; T N 862; res. Mid-
dleton house, Pitfodels
Duff George, jeweller, 69 Netherkirkgate ; res. Banchory
Duff Jas. M. coal mer. (A. Duff & Son), 314 Great Western road
Duff Jennie A. (Miss), tailor, 2 Thistle street; res. 23 Thistle st
Duff John B. bicycle manufacturer, 460, 462 & 464 George St.;
res. 4 Hilton road
Duffus Alexander, advocate & notary (Wilsone & Duffus), sec to
North Eastern Ice Co. Limited, Aberdeen, sec. Aberdeen
Salmon Co. & clerk to Dee & Don District Fishery Boards, 146
Union street; T N 270; res. 11 Queen's gardens
Duffus Alex.manfg.confr. 4 North St Andrew st. ; res. 3 Albert st
Duffus Alfred, wholesale druggist (Wm.Sinclair & Co.), 9 Garden pi
Duffus Emily (Mrs.), draper, 7 Littlejohn street
Duffus James, contractor, Rose cottage, Mid Stocket road
Duffus William, chemist, 75 Spitail
Duffus William, commercial traveller, 152 Mid Stocket road
Dufton Alexander, china & glass dealer, 10 Chapel street; res.
30 Bon-Accord street
Dugan Alexander F. chemist, 4 South Mount st. ; res. 5 Argyll ter
Dugan Hugh Mathieson, chemist, 275 Holburn street; res. 108
Broomhill road
Daguld David & Son, fishing tackle makerB, 5 Flourmill brae
Duguid George & Son, builders, Kintore place ; T N 1833
Duguid Archibald, fishing tackle maker (D. Duguid & Son), 14
Carmelite street
Duguid David, cashier, 23 Thomson street
Duguid James M.A., J. P. advocate & notary public & lectnrer on
conveyancing Aberdeen University (Fraser & Duguid), 7 Bon-
Accord crescent
Duguid James, cashier, 28 Bedford place
Duguid James, grocer & spirit dealer, 286 Holburn street
Duguid James, spirit dealer, 651 Holburn street
Duguid John, builder (George Duguid & Son), Eastside, Craigie
Duguid Peter, saddler, 11 Back wynd
Duguid Robert Arthur, supt. Joint Bailway station, Guild street
Duguid William B. schoolmaster, 68 Elmfield avenue
Dumolo William, manager Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Limited
(Burton-on-Trent), brewers, 20 Bridge street; res. 435 Great
Western road; T N 1739
Dunbar Alex. Duff M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, 20 Belmont
street ; res. 26 Salisbury terrace
Dunbar Frank, fish curer, Point law ; res. 73 Menzies rd. Torry
Dunbar Robert, dairy, 4 Commerce streeb
Dunbar William, artificial teeth fitter, 68 Schoolhill

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