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Cumming Maggie (Miss), tobacconist, 36 Woolmanhill
dimming Mary (Mrs.), baker, 540 Great Western road
Camming Mary (Mrs.)) baker, Mannotield
Cumming Michie Forbes Gray, cashier, 32 Desswood place
Cumming Robert, advocate, 25 Union street; res. 262 Great
Western road
Cumming Robert, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 65 Broad street
& 70 Gallowgate; T N 546 ; res. 43 Brighton place
Cumming William, nurseryman, 76 Cairnfield place
Cummings Bobert, farmer, tipper Rosewall, Stocket
Cummings William M. spirit dealer, 15 Market street
Cummins John, Prince of Wales hotel, 8 & 9 St. Nicholas lane
Curr Thomas & Co. tea & coffee merchants, 2tt Schooumi; ± N
81 ; T A " Curr, Aberdeen "
Curr Alex. T. tea mer. (Thomas Curr & Co.), 95 Hamilton place
Currie George & Co. slaters, 7 Gil'comston park
Currie Alexander, accountant, 13 Bonnymuir place
Currie William, grocer (George Angus & Co.), 22 Caledonia place
Cusens John Harry, fish merchant & curer, Old Ford road; T A
"Kipper; " T N 1175
Cushnie James, laundry 98, res. 96, Rosemount place
Cushnie Margaret (Mrs.t, nurse, 19 Little Chapel street-
Custom House (Edward Gilford Jeffery, collector & surveyor), 35
Regent quay
Dailuaine-Talisker Distilleries Limited, 94 to 98 Hardsrate
Dakers Alexander, printer, 17 Guestrow; res. 98 Constitution st
Dalgarno Wm. & Sons, millers, 82 & 84 Spring garden; TNK 44
Dalgarno Alexander (W. Dalgarno & Sons), 106 Clifton road
Dalgarno James, grocer, 109 John street ; res. 4 Lemon street
Dalgarno James John Young M.A., M.B., CM. surgeon & medical
officer, City parish council, 25 Bon-Accord terrace
Dalgarno Jessie (Mrs.), news agent, 156 Wellington road'
Dalgarno Joseph, nurseryman, Damside cottage, Whitehall place
Dalgarno Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, 7 Upper Denburn
Dalgarno Robert, insurance agent, Myrtlebank, Don st. Woodside
Dalgarno William, miller, 82 Spring garden
Dalgety Brothers, engineers & boiler makers, 66 Hutcheon street
Dalgety Alexander, engineer (Dalgety Bros.), 66 Hutcheon street
Dalgity Isabella (Miss), dress ma. Froghall cots. Froghall lane
Dalgleisb James, commission agent, 150 Market street
Dalgieish William, governor East Poor House; res. Friendly
bank, Mounthooly
Dallas Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 26 Frederick street
Dallas Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 160 Skene street
Dalziel Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 245 Holburn street
Daniel Jas. & Son. booksellers, stationers & printers, 46 Castle st
Daniel Alexander M. foreman, 84 Spital
Daniel .Tames, news agent, 47 Victoria road, Torry
Daniel James W. spirit dealer, 47 Castle street
Daniel William, cartwright (J. & J. Ingram), 35 Powis place
Daniels George, manager Aberdeen Match Manufacturing Co.
15 Grosvenor place
Dankester Charles H. B. sacrist King's college, University of
Aberdeen, College bounds, Old Aberdeen
Darg Alex. Kelman, resident sec. Liverpool & London & Globe
Insurance Co. Limited, 156 Union street ; res. 6 Wellbrae ter.
Darling David C. nurseryman (Cardno & Darling), 2 Hosefield av
Davidson Brothers, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 131£ UrrioL
street & 45 & 47 Chapel street
Davidson C. & Sons Limited, paper & paper bag
manufacturers, lithographic & letterpress
printers, Mugiemoss (Mill No. 66) & Bucks-
burn (Mill No. 80); paper works, Bucksburn,
Aberdeenshire ; Aberdeen warehouse, 4
Trinity quay; T N 33; Glasgow warehouse,
72 Howard street; Newcastle-on-Tyne ware-
house, Lamb ton place, Prudhoe street;
Liverpool warehouse, 14a, Peter's lane; Edin-
burgh warehouse, Castle terrace; London
warehouse, Paul's Pier wharf, 2 3 Upper
Thames st E C; T N 34; T A " Paper, Aberdeen "
Davidson Charles R. & Co. coal merchants, 21 Begent quay
Davidson & Garden, advocates & notaries, sees. & treasurers to
the Ophthalmic Institution & sees, to the Grove Cemetery Co.
Limited, 12 Dee street; T N 76
Davidson George & William, rope, twine & net manufacturers,
salmon fishers &â–  merchants, St. Clement's street; T N 355;
T a "' River, Aberdeen "
Davidson (D.) t Gray & Co. fish curens, Albert quay
Davidson J. & A. coal merchants, Provost B'.aikie's quay; Pro-
vost Jamieson'si quay & 125 Union street; T N 45 & 46 ; T A
" Davidson, Aberdeen "
Davidson J. A. & Co. boot makers, 505 George street
Davidson Joseph & Son, painters, 4 Sinclair road, Torry
Davidson & Kay, chemists, 205 Union st. & 2 Holburn st. ; T N 72
Davidson R. & J. emigration agents, 48 Market street
Davidson W. & Son, tailors & hosiers, 123 Union st. ; T N 579
Davidson Alexander, householder, 18 College bounds, Old Aberdeen
Davidson Alexander, mer. (J. & A. Davidson), Woodbank, Cults
Davidson Alexander, shopkeeper, 501 Great Northern road
Davidson Andrew, advocate & chartered accountant (James Mes-
ton & Co.), 22 Forest road
Davidson Andrew, corn merchant, 24 West North street
Davidson Ann (Mrs.), news agent, 555 George street
Davidson Ann (Mrs.), refreshment room kpr.39 Market basement
Davidson Annie (Miss), draper, 65 Queen street
Davidson Charles, classical & English master Grammar school;
res. 1 Belvidere crescent
Davidson Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 48 Upper Denburn; res.
26 Esslemont avenue
Davidson Charles James M.A., B.L. advocate (Lumsden & David-
son) ; res. 44 Rubislaw Den south
Davidson Charles R. Club hotel & restaurant, 11 Market street
Davidson Crissy (Mrs.), confectioner, 221 Holburn street
Davidson David, blacksmith, 68 Gordon street
Davidson David, grocer, 126 Mid Stocket road
Davidson Dvd. paper mnfr. (C.Davidson & Sons Lim.),21 Queen's rd
Davidson David R. bank agent North of Scotland Bank Limited
(Great Western road branch), 166 Great Western road
Davidson Edward B. milliner, 279 Holburn street
Davidson Elizabeth (Miss), bookseller & stationer, 76 George Ft
Davidson Elizabeth (Mise), hosier, 42 Belmont street
Davidson Elizabeth (Miss), mistress Grammar Lower school;
res. 49 Stanley street
Davidson Elizabeth (Miss), nurse, 57 Beechgrove terrace
Davidson Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, 375 Gt. Northern roaiT
Davidson Frank, wood carver, IS Blackfriars street; res. 4
Thomson street
Davidson George, hair dresser, 63 Justice Btreet
Davidson Geo.J.P.merchant (G. & W. Davidson), Wellwcod.Cults
Davidson George, slater, 8 & 10 Thistle street; T N 787
Davidson George, traveller, 16 Argyll place
Davidson George Farquhar M.B., CM. surgeon, 57 Beechgrove ter
Davidson Hendry, tailor &c. (W. Davidson & Son), 46 Don
street. Old Aberdeen
Davidson Henry, farmer, South Stocket
Davidson Henry, fruiterer, 64 Huntly street
Davidson Henry A. chartered accountant, 207 Union street; res.
44 Rubislaw Den south
Davidson James, agent Union Bank of Scotland Limited, 203
Union street; res. 296 Great Western road
Davidson Jas. coal mer. (J. & A. Davidson), Homewood, Mannofld
Davidson James^ commission agent, 24 Albert terrace
Davidson James, farmer, Summerhill, Stocket
Davidson James, furniture dealer, 411 George street
Davidson James J. P. general manager Scottish Employers'
Liability & General Insurance Co. Limited, 9 King btreet ;
res. Hazelhurst, King's gate
Davidson James, granite agent, 12 Irvine place
Davidson James, grocer, 371 Great Northern road
Davidson James, grocer 237, res. 261, Rosemount place
Davidson James M.A. mathematics & science master Grammar
school ; res. 3 Argyll crescent
Davidson James, saddler, 623 George street ; res. 15 Cornhill rd
Davidson James, schoolmaster, 3 Argyll crescent
Davidson James, spirit dealer, 145 Holburn street
Davidson James, steam barking yard, Albert quay
Davidson James A. solicitor, 217 Union street; res. 50 Bon-
Accord terrace
Davidson James B. advocate (Reid & Davidson), 46a, Union st. ;
res. 142 Hamilton place
Davidson James Fraser M.B., CM., L.R.CS.Edin. surgeon, 99
Rosemount viaduct
Davidson James M. fish curer, Russell road (T N 1079; T A
" Goldfish ") & fishmonger, 112 Rosemount place
Davidson James S. herring exporter, 28 Guild street; res. 98
Hamilton place
Davidson James W. advocate & town clerk depute & clerk to
Burgh court, Town house; res. 34 Hamilton place
Davidson Jane (Mrs.), dairy, 445 Holburn street
Davidson Jane (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 63 John street
Davidson Jane B. T. (Miss), music teacher, Clarence ho.Hardgate
Davidson Janet (Miss), berlin wool repository, 43 Green ; res.
38 Union terrace
Davidson John, bookseller, 179 Crown st. ; res. 50 Bon-Accord ter
Davidson John, boot maker (John A. Davidson & Co.), 11 Powis pi
Davidson John, cartwright & blacksmith, 96 Causewayend; res.
19 Elnifleld avenue
Davidson John, spirit dealer, Sinclair road, Torry
Davidson John, spirit dealer, University bar, Torry
Davidson Leslie, boot repairer, 395 Great Northern road
Davidson Margaret (Mrs.), draper, 202 Holburn street
Davidson Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, 283 Rosemount place; res. 1&
Argyll place
Davidson Mary (Mrs.), costumier, 217 Union street
Davidson Mary (Mrs.), fruiterer, Market hail; res. 173 Clifton rds
Davidson Peter, draper, 39 <x 41 Castle st. ; res. 5J Spdngbank sfe
Davidson Peter, joiner, 809 Great Northern road
Davidson Robert, bicycle dealer, 356 King st. ; res. 27 Duthie ter
Davidson Robert, grocer, 481 & 483 Great Northern road
Davidson Robert, timber merchant, 13 Willowdale place
Davidson Bobert Adams Forrest, solicitor & notary public, 40
Union terrace ; res. 27 Duthie terrace
Davidson Samuel, commission merchant, 22 Whitehouse street;
res. 30 Devonshire road
Davidson Thomas, auctioneer & fish salesman, Commercial road &
Albert quay; T A "Fish, Aberdeen;" T N 1000; res. 13-
Affleck street
Davidson ThomaB, grocer, 38 Hartington road
Davidson William, blacksmith, 18£ Mealmarket street
Davidson William, bookseller, 41 Bridge street
Davidson William, contractor, Western road, Woodside; res. 655
Great Northern roaa
Davidson William, dairyman, 36 Spital
Davidson William, householder, 50 Stanley street
Davidson William, market gardener, 173 Clifton road
Davidson William, refreshment rooms, 546 George street
Davidson William, tobacconist, 25 Bridge street
Davidson William, wholesale druggist, Palmerston road
Davidson William F. spirit dealer, 6 Trinity street
Davidson William L., M.A., LL.D. logic &â–  metaphysics lecturer.
University of Aberdeen ; res. 8 Queen's gardens
Davie George, grain merchant (Go:rod & Davie), 58 Huntly street
Davie James, jobbing gardener, 161 Hardgate
Davies T. H. & Co. hardware merchants, 140 Union street
Davies Elsie (Mrs.), nurse, 20 Chapel street
Dawson & Mathison, cycle makers & engineers, 39 & 41 Thistle st
Dawson Alexander, granite merchant & worker, Victoria Bridge
granite works, Torry
Dawson Alex, grocer, 62 Claremont street; res. 57 Thistle street
Dawson Eliza (Mrs.), dress maker, 431 Union street
Dawson George, boot make:, 46 John st. : res. 11 Calsayseat road
Dawson George, householder, 6 Erskine street
Dawson George C, F.C.O. teacher of music, 64 Bon-Accord streefe
Dawson Henry, cutler, 13 Crown Btreet
Dawson James, draper, 203 Holburn street

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