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Taylor Christina, householder, 59 Wallace st
Duncan, tailor, S3 Baker st
£— — Joseph, clerk, 37 Wallace st
Mary, innkeeper, 75 St. Mary's wynd
Robert, solicitor (Morrison & Taylor), 46 Barnton st
Robert, clerk, 8 Maxwell pi
Templeman Colonel — , commanding officer, The Castle
The Stirling County Club, Murray pi— J. W. Campbell, secretary
Thorns Misses — , 15 Park ter
Thomson & Fearnside, drapers & milliners, Arcade House
Andrew & Sons, timber merchants, 8 Abbey rd. & at Alloa
Mrs. Catherine, 12 Gladstone pi
Christina, smallware dealer, 55 Cowane st
Mrs. Elizabeth, 28 Nelson pi
George, carriage builder & harness mkaer, Orchard pi
James, carriage builder (George Thomson), 9 Glebe crescent
James, flesher (W. & J. Thomson), 16 Nelson pi
James, watchmaker, &c. 1 Bow st ; res. 43 Wallace st
James, traveller, 82 Queen st
Janet G. Berlin wool repository, 16 Port st
Rev. John E. H. 10 Allan park
Matthew O. watchmaker, 18 Murray pi ; res. 42 Albert pi
Robert, flesher, 29 Port st
Thomas, wood merchant, 29 Forth pi
W. & J. fleshers, 44 Port st
William, draper (Thomson & Fearnside), 10 Dumbarton rd
olEce, 37
Thorburn Isabella, confectioner, 50 Barnton st
Todd James, head master, Craigs Board School ; res.
— Mr. Thomas, 5 Clitlord rd
Town Clerk's Office, County buildings, Barnton st
Train George, cabinet maker, 16 Spittal Bt
Trotter Mr. William, 14 Nelson pi
Turnbull # Co. manufacturing chemists, Burgh muir
West George st. Glasgow
Turner George, linen, &c. draper (Morgan & Co.), 6 Victoria pi
Mrs. Jane, 9 Clarendon pi
Twist Richard, engineer, Argyll House, Mar pi
UNION Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 22 King st— Robert
Macluckie, agent
Hall, Thistle st
Insurance Co.— David W. Logic, 20 Murray pi. ageut
Ure Mr. George, 2S Snowdon pi
William, householder, 67 Wallace st
Urquhart William, spirit aealer, 94 Baker st
VALENTINE William, clerk, 17 Burgh muir
Vance John, boot & shoe maker, 1 Port st
Vannett David, spirit dealer, 2 Lower Bridge st; res. 7 Murray pi
Veitch James G. clerk, 61 Wallace st
Virtue George, ironmonger, 14 Murray pi; res. Causewayhead
WADDELL William, inspector of schools, 1 Royal gardens
Walker Mr. John, Garfield House, Victoria sq
Margaret, bootmaker, Arcade ; res. 40 Barnton st
Thomas, chemist & druggist, 67 King st: res. 20 Dumbarton rd
â–  William, farmer, 15 Allan park
William, livery stable keeper, Orchard pi
Wallace Mary, householder, Wolf Cottage, Lower Bridge st
Walls Alexander, plasterer, 45 Murray pi; res. 12 George st
James, Sun Inn, 53 King st
John, painter, &c. 14 Friars st ; res. 5 Maxwell pi
Robert, miller & grain merchant, Kerse Mill, & 66 Port s
Watson James, provision merchant (James Watson & Co.), 2 View-
field pi
James & Co. provision merchants, Seaforth pi
Peter, gas manager, Thistle Cottage
William, tobacconist, 85 Port Bt
Watt Mrs. Ann, 8 Gladstone pi
Archibald, farmer, Whitehouse
Elizabeth, confectioner, 106 Baker st
Henry P. cabinet maker, 22 Baker st ; 17 Dumbarton rd
James, reporter for Dundee Advertiser & People's Journal, 59
Murray pi
Thomas, baker & confectioner, 71 Baker st
Mr. Thomas, 8 Irvine pi
Waugh Margaret, householder, 53 Murray pi
Weir Mary Ann, householder, 50 Upper Bridge st
Welsh & Campbell, solicitors, County buildings
Mr. James, 3 Park ter [Park ter
Patrick, solicitor & procurator fiscal (Welsh & Campbell), 17
Weston William H. traveller, 31 Queen st
Westwood Robert, householder, 15H Burgh muir
Whitehead Misses — , 12 Drummond pi
Archibald, temperance hotel, 20 & 22 Barnton st
Whitelaw Mrs. Margaret, 26 Albert pi
Whyte James, newsagent, 74 Baker st
Robert, solicitor (Hill & Whyte), Park view
Williams David, tailor, 12 George st
Williamson Margaret, householder, 21 Wallace st
Peter, tailors' cutter, 23 Wallace st
Wilson Andrew F. surgeon, 1 Viewfield pi
Lilias S. householder, 26 Queen st
William, surgeon, 1 Viewfield pi
Wingate & Curror, solicitors, 7 Murray pi
â–  Charles, solicitor, 48 Barnton st ; res. 27 Dumbarton rd
Miss Margaret, 22 Snowdon pi
Wood Hugh, Castle Hotel, Esplanade
Woolley Robert, Caledonian Vaults, 29 Baker st
Wordie & Co. carting agents, Railway station— Geo. Forsyth, agent
John, cooper. 33 King st
Wright Miss Agnes, Clifford park
Elizabeth, householder, 22 Queen st
Elizabeth, milliner, 17 Baker st
Mrs. Isabella, 7 Park ter
Mrs. Janet, 26 Balmoral pi
â–  Peter, wheelwright, Upper craigs
Walter, railway guard, 1 Forth pi
William, Esq. j.p. (of Broom), 3 Pitt ter
Wyllie, Sandcman & Co. steam laundry proprietors, Abbey Mill
YATES William, grocer, &c. 51 Murray pi
Yellowlees David, tanner (David Yellowlees & Sons), 28 Upper
Bridge st
— David & Sons, tanners, 48 Queen st
Robert, tanner (David Yellowlees & Sons), 28 Upper Bridge st
Young Alexander, ale & porter dealer, 61 Lower Bridge st
& Bain, grocers, 49 Cowane st
Mr. Andrew, 4 Clarendon pi [wynd
J. & A. bakers & confectioners, 3& 54 Baker st. 9 St. Mary*
John, draper, 1 Baker st ; res. 21 Wallace st
Men's Christian Association, Arcado
Thomas, lodgings, 9 Allan park
William, teacher, 13 Park ter
Younger Ann, householder, 15 George st
Yuille Rev. George, Snowdon pi

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