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Keid Hugh, householder, 31 Seaforth pi
Mrs. Margaret, 23 Forth pi
Mr. William, Randolphfield [King st. agent
Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Association— Robert Cairns, 22
Rennie William, flesher, 77 Baker st
Rhodes John, dairyman, 73 King 8t
Richardson Mr. -Tames B. 10 Drummondpl
Rintoul L. H. fish & game dealer, 7 Port st
Ritchie Rev. Andrew, 36 Dumbarton rd
Lochland, baker, 13 Portst. & 6 Bow Bt
Robb Catherine, householder, 17 Dumbarton rd
â–  Lilian, householder, 86 Queen sr
Roberts Robert, flesher, 19 Port st
Robertson Misses — , 27 Albert pi
Mrs. — , householder, 20 Barnton st
Alexander, commission agent, 7 Seaforth pi
Mr. Alexander, 40 Dumbarton rd
&Co. drapers, 37 Baker st
& Coull, painters, 21 Dumbarton rd
& M'Farlane, grocers & wine & spirit dealers, 46, 48 &50 Port st
Andrew, wool spinner (Robertson Brothers), 1 Park avenue
Mrs. Ann, 5 Victoria sq
Barbara, householder, 12 Union st
Brothers, wool spinners, Forth Vale Mills
Catherine, householder, 8 Queen st
Catherine, fish & game dealer, 31 Port st
Charles, rope maker, Cambuskenneth
â–  â–  Christina, dressmaker, 5 Dumbarton rd
Daniel, slater, 17 St. John st
David B. woolspinmer (Robertson Brothers), 1 Park avenue
Isabella, dressmaker, 3 Port st
JameB, gas collector, 7 Queen st
James & Sons, tailors & clothiers, 18 Bow st
John, grocer, 21 Upper craigs ; res. 5 George st
John B. surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Spittal st
Peter, draper (Robertson & Co.), 15 Queen st
Mrs. Margaret, Park pi
â–  â–  Robert, coal merchant, Orchard pi
William, hatter, 8 King st
Robson Mr. Christopher, Princes st
Roddick Johnston S. bookbinder, 50 Port st
Rodgers W. M. photographer (Crowe &Rodgers), Balmoral p
Ronald James, builder, 13 Nelson st
"William, clerk of works, Council chambers, King st
Ross Christina, lodgings, 67 Port st
George, potato dealer, Lower Bridge st
â–  â–  Mrs. Isabella, 3 Royal gardens
Rowe & Blyth, confectioners, 38 Barnton st
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 25 King Bt — Win. Graham, agent
Exchange Insurance Co.— Thos. L. Galbraith, King st. agent
Infirmary, Spittal st — John B. Robertson, surgeon
Insurance Co. — Robert Macluckie, 22 King st. & Jas. Drysdale,
65 King st. agents
Russell Jessie, music teacher, 4 Maxwell pi
Mr. John, 8 Drummond pi
Rutherford Helen, shopkeeper, 90 Cowane st
Mr. Walter, 18 Park ter
SALMOND Patrick S. linen, &c. draper, 19 King st. & fancy goods
dealer, Arcade ; res. Enclosure House
Samnel John, station master, Park House
Sandeman Ridley, lauuderer (Wyllie, Sandeman & Co.), 35 Forth pi
Sands Miss Sarah, 4 Abercromby pi
Sangster Alexander S. china & glass dealer, 84 Spittal st
Satchwell Miss Mary Ann, Mar Lodge, Castle wynd
Saunders Laurence J. excise officer, 61 Wallace st
Scobie W. & R. grocers, 67 Baker st
Scotland Jessie, smallware dealer, 84 St. Mary's wynd
Thos. painter & paperhanger, Dumbarton rd; res. 55 Forth view
Scott Christina, householder, 38 Murray pi
John, householder, 55 Wallace st
Mrs. Mary, 11 Clarendon pi
Rev. Walter, 19 Princes st
Scottish Accident Insurance Co.— J. Grant Maclean, 53 Murray pi.
& Wingate & Curror, 7 Murray pi. agents
Amicable Assurance Co. — James Brown, 22 King st. agent
Commercial Fire Insurance Co. — Alexander Jenkins, 80 Port st.
& Charles Wingate, 48 Barnton st. agents
Employers' Liability Assurance Co. — John Paterson, Burgh
buildings, agent
Equitable Fire Insurance Co.— William Stevenson, 12 Port
st. agent — See advertisement
• Legal Life Assurance Society — Alex. M'Kay. 17 St. John st.
Life Assurance Co. Limited — Alex. Moffat, 65 King st. & Daniel
Ferguson & S. D. Murrie, National Bank, agents [agents
Provident Life InsuraoGe Co. — Hill & Whyte, 2 Wolf craig,
Provincial Insurance Co.— Wingate & Curror, 7 Murray pi. A
James L. Philp, 3 Port st. agents
Union & National Insurance Co.— Daniel Ferguson and S. D.
Mui-rie, National Bank; Fleming & Bnchanan, 26 Port st ;
Wingate & Curror, 7 Murray pi; John Paterson, Burgh
buildings; James M. Morrison, Murray pi; & Chrystal &
M'Farlane, 11 King st. agents
Scottish Widows' Fund (life) Assurance Co.— Fleming
and Buchanan, 26 Port st. and Daniel Ferguson,
National Bank, agents
Scoular John, agricultural engineer, Crook, near Stirling
Seath Melville, householder, Arcade
Senior Edward, music teacher, 47 Wallace st
Shairp William, druggist, 79 Port Bt .
Shand George & Co. manufacturing chemists, Causewayhead
Sharp William, joiner, Spittal st
Shaw Andrew, joiner (Burt & Shaw), 81 Port st
James, flesher, 2 Bow st
Shearer Robert S. bookseller & stationery librarian, 6 King st ; res.
Benview, Queen's rd
Sheriff & Commissary Court, Countv buildings, Barntoa st ; clerk's
office, King st— Thomas L. Galbraith, clerk
Shirra James, lodging house, 8 Albert pi
William L. bookseller & stationer, 83 Port st ; res. 8 Albert pi
Shivers Rev. Patrick, 15 Irvine st
Short & Fairful, joiners, Upper craigs
Simpson Margaret, baby linen dealer, 18 Friars st
William, architect, 61 King st ; res. 14 Abercromby pi
William, jun. architect & surveyor, 61 King st ; res. 16 Aber-
cromby pi
Sinclair Mrs. Isabella, 10 Pitt ter
â–  James, confectioner, 13 Murray pi [Bank House
James, carpet manufacturer (James Sinclair and Co.), Forth
James & Co. carpet manufacturers, Forth bank
Mr. Joseph, 12 Clarendon rd [mond pi
Robert, carpet manufacturer (James Sinclair & Co.), C Drum-
Singer Manufacturing Co. sewing machine makers, 61 Murray pi—
E. B. Hamilton, manager
Smart George, photographer, 5 Viewfield pi
Smith Alexander W. innkeeper, 91 St. Mary's wynd
& Donaldson, joiners, Dumbarton rd
Charles, flesher, 42 Barnton st
Gabriel, bootmaker, 63 King st
Rev. George M. 6 Clarendon pi
Mr. George P. 40 Queen st
James, tobacconist, 33 Murray pi ; res. 12 Queen st
Mr. James B. 10 Victoria sq [stone pi j
James T. woollen manufacturer (Robt. Smith & Son), 5 Glad--
Mrs. Janet, 13 Abercromby pi
— John, linen, &c. draper (Iuglis & Smith), Abercromby pi
Rev. John, m.a., b.d. North Manse
Rev. John, 15 Irvine pi
John Guy, traveller, 10 Douglas ter [park
Robert, woollen manufacturer (Robt. Smith & Son), Brentham
Robert, dining rooms. 38 Murray pi [MOU
— Robert & Son, woollen manufacturers, Parkvale & Hayford
William, potato dealer, 19 Nelson pi
Somerville William, tobacconist, 2 Barnton st
Soutar James, stonemason, 4 Brighton pi
Sowdan William, music seller, 69 Port st ; res. S Albert pi
Speed Archibald, ironmonger, 5 Broad st. & 14 Barnton Bt
Speirs James, grocer, 102 Baker st ; res. 7 Bruce st
Spiers Miss Elizabeth, Laurel hill
Spurivay General John, Annfield
Squair Isabella, dressmaker, 10 Barnton st
Squires Charlotte, householder, 53 Murray pi
Stamp & Tax Office, 25 Friars st
Stanborough George, railway guard, 12 Murray pi
Standard (life) Assurance Co. — Ebenezer Morrison, 46 Earnton st
J. Grant Maclean, Murray pi ; & James L. Philp, 3 Port st.
Steel J. & 0. & Co. brassfounders, Abbey rd
J. C. brassfounder (J. & C. Steel & Co.), Dumbarton rd
John, plumber, &c. 26 Murray pi ; res. 27 Dumbarton rd
Mr. John, Springbank
Stein Miss Agnes. 15 Gladstone pi *
Stevens William, gardener, 7 Murray pi
Stevenson Elizabeth, householder, 53 Wallace st
— ■ Mr. James S. The Elms
Robert, brush & toy dealer, 75 Port st [crescent 1
William, solicitor & notary (Davidson & Stevenson), 20 Parw
William C. post master, Park pi
Steuart Miss Annie, 7 Royal gardens
Stewart D. & J. watchmakers, 22 Port st
Daniel, watchmaker (D. & J. Stewart), 24 Dumbarton rd
• David M. iron merchant, Thistle st ; res. 6 Maxwell pi
George James, surgeon, 10 Melville ter
â–  Isabella, householder, 30 Queen st
James, millwright, Park la ; res. 75 King st
Ja"ne, china & glass dealer, 28 Port st
Jane, dining rooms, Arcade
John, bootmaker, Arcade ; res. 12 Union st
John, Queen's Hotel, 56 Murray pi
John M. veterinary surgeon, 53 Murray pi
Rev. Neil, Park pi
William, compositor, Maxwell pi
Stirling & Bridge of Allan Tramway Co. Limited; office, Bridge oi
Allan — Thomas Cumming, secretary
Christina, dressmaker, 58 Murray pi
, Clackmannan, Kinross & Dumbarton Militia Stores, Mar pi,
Castle hill [Borthwick, managei
Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, 8 Upper craigs — Mungo
Gas Light Co. 59 Murray pi — Ebenezer Gentleman, secretary
Stirling Journal & Advertiser, Reporter; Ss Bridge oi
Allan Reporter; office, 5 Eing st— Mrs. Jane D.jHogg, pro.
prietress ; Charles Harvey, manager — See advertisement
Stirling Observer Office, 26 & 32 Upper craigs— Duncan
& Jamicson, publishers
Stirling Public Hall Co. Limited, 46 Carnton st — Robt. Taylor, sec
Subscription Reading Room, 10 Barnton st— William Reicf
secretary; Ebenezer Morrison, treasurer
Town Hall, Arcade — William Crawford, manager
Working Boys' & Girls' Religious Society's Hall, 67 Port st
Stirlingshire Building & Investment Society, 59 Murray pi— Ebe
nezer Gentleman, secretary
■ Conservative Association, 3 Port st — James L. Philp, agent [
■ Friendly Assurance Society, 11 Bruce st— John Ramsey, agei
Rifle Volunteers' Orderly Room, Orchard pi [Blakey, age:
Universal Trade Protection Society, 59 Murray pi — J. Wool
Stoddart J. & M. boot & shoe makers, 60 Port st [Burgh mi
Street William, woollen manufacturer (John Paterson & Co.),
Struthers Miss Ann, 3 Abercromby pi
Stuart Robert, Golden Lion Hotel, 10 King st
Sun Insurance Co. — John Muirhead, Wolf craig, & William Stevt
son, '.2 Port st. agents
Swan Andre\ ., watchmaker (Andrew Swan & Son), 7 Clarendon p
Andrew & Son, watchmakers & jewellers, 8 Port st
Symon Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Albert pi
TAX Office, 25 Friars st— Philip Masgrave, surveyor
Taylor Miss Agnes, IS Burgh niuir

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