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(See also Spirit Dealers.)
Commercial, James Wallace, Calderbank
Rawyards, James, Aitken, Rawyards
Royal Hotel (posting & commercial), Francis
M. Paterson, 1 Graham st
Star Hotel (posting & commercial), Hugli Aber-
nethy, 49 Chapel st
Swan Hotel, "William Wood, Chapelhall
Andrew George, junr. Market buildings
Finnie R. 66 South Bridge st
Henry J. & A. 29 North Bridge st
Airdrie Iron Co. Airdrie Iron Works, Mill st
Dick & Stevenson (& makers of locomo-
tive & stationary engines, mine ventilating
fans, &c), Airdrie Engine Works
Gibb & Hogg, Victoria Engine Works
Inglis & Hossack (& engineers),
Albert Engineering Works, Air-
Martyn Brothers, Chapelside Foundry
New Monkland Forge Co. Airdrie
Smith James & Co. Well wynd
Stevenson & Mackay (& engineers, mill-
â– wrights.smiths & boiler makers),Chapel Street
Engine Works — See advertisement
Dick & Stevenson (makers of all kinds of
iron forgings), Airdrie Engine Works
Monkland Iron Co. Limited ( t ironmasters),
Monkland Works, Calderbank & Chapelhall
— John M'Culloch, general manager ; Hugh
Ferguson, secretary; ofhce, 144 St. Vincent
st. Glasgow
New Monkland Forge Co. Airdrie
Sutherland John & Co. (manufac-
turers of every description of
forged work in iron & steel),
Airdrie Forge, Well wynd
Henderson Jas. Victoria pi. Airdrie — See advt
Jack William (scrap), Graham's hill
Aitken Andrew, 17 Bank st
Aitken Robert, 18 South Bridge st
Bizzitt Alexander, 64 Graham st
Crombie Henry, 15 South Bridge st
M'Indoe James, 9 High st
Neil Archibald (& plumber, gasfitter, &c.), 21
Graham st; works, 45 Hallcraigst
Neilson Hugh, 28 Stirling st
Rankine Dugald, 18 Stirling st
Riddell Thomas, 143 Graham st
Spence John & Sons, 11 &â–  13 Stirling st. & 9
Louden st. Airdrie, & Main st. Coatbridge—
See advt
Adam R. J. & W. 13 Bank st. and 65 South
Bridge st
Adams Agnes, 9 Stirling st [Stores
Black Win. & Sons, Whiterigg & Meadowfield
Calderbank Co-operative Society, Limited,
Calderbank [Chapelhall
Chapelhall Co-operative Society, Limited,
Clow Robert, Clarkston
Cullen David, 26 Stirling st
Darngavel Co-operative Society, Darngavel
Drinnan John, Roughrigg Stores
Eglinton Mary, 56 & 58 Stirling st
Frew Robert, 20 Bank st [Greengairs
Greengairs Co-operative Society, Limited,
Halliday A. & J. 12 Stirling st
Horn J. & P. 8 Stirling st
Hotson J. & E. 74 to 78 Stirling st
Inglis John, 5 Stirling st
Jack John, Rawyards
Love William, 72 Clark st
M'Dougall Duncan, 20 Stirling st
M'Geehan Patrick, Rawyards
M'lntyre Agnes, 60 South Bridge st
M'Leod Catherine, 37 South Bridge st
Main James, 21 North Bridge st
Main John, 10 South Bridge Bt
Martyn David, 4 South Bridge st
Miller Alex. 51 & 63 South Bridge st
Milligan Martha, 91 Chapel st
Moffat Paper Mills Co-operative Stores, Limited,
Moffat, by Airdrie
Monkland Iron Co. Limited, Calderbank and
Chapelhall — William Smith, manager
Monteith Robert, 20 South Bridge st
Murray John, Greengairs & Glentore
Neilson Hughj 14 Clark et
Prentice Adam, 4 Anderson st
Ramsay A. & W. S. 6 Bank st
Rnssell David, Chapelhall
Russell George M. Post Office, Chapelhall
Sellar James A. 25 & 27 Stirling st. & 25 South
Bridge st
Smith William, Calderbank & Chapelhall
Stephens John, 70 Stirling st
Thompson Margaret, 89 Stirling st
Torrance William, 50 & 52 Stirling st
Walker Andrew D. 10 High st
Goldie Thomas & Co. Airdrie Cotton Mill
Keith William, Clarkston
Mitchell Thomas B. 103 Graham st
Neilson Hugh (winceys), 14 Clark st
Paterson Allan, 9 Flowerhill st
Thomson Peter, 86 North Bridge st
Duncan James, 106 High st
M'Craeken Robert, 19 Aitchison st
Paterson Robert, 89 Chapel Bt
Traynor Lawrence, 5 St. Margaret's pi
Watson J. & J. 41 Hallcraig st
Adam R. J. & W. 18 Bank St. and 65 South
Bridge st
Eglinton Mary, 58 Stirling st
Fairley Elizabeth, 63 High st
Frew Robert, 20 Bank st
Gartshore Agnes, 81 North Bridge st
Godley Marian, 26 South Bridge st
Hotson James & Elizabeth, 74 to 78 Stirling st
Johnston Helen, 45 Graham st
M'Donald Agnes, 90 High st
M'Leod Catherine, 37 South Bridge st
Marshall Thomas, 29 Stirling st
Muir J. 114 Stirling st
Paterson Margaret, 51 Graham st
Prentice Adam, 4 Anderson st
Ramsay A. & W. S. 6 Bank st
Smart Maggie, 37 Stirling st
Tait Mary, 21 South Bridge st
Thorn Jane & Margaret, 68 South Bridge st
Thomson H. & M. 49 Graham st
Wallace Margaret, 106 Graham st
Aitken Andrew, 17 Bank st
Ewart J.& G.( & shoe furnishers),9 & 11 Chapel st
The Advertiser, for Airdrie, Coatbridge,
Bathgate, Wislmw & West Calder (Saturday)
— Baird & Hamilton, printers & publishers,
44 & 46 Graham st
Brown James, 8 Broomknoll st
Connor James (oil & colour manu-
facturer!, Monkland Chemical
& Colour Works, South Bridge st
Stanrigg Oil Co. (paraffin oil distillers and
refiners), Stanrigg Oil Works, near Airdrie ;
Glasgow office, 18 George sq
Barr John, 79 Stirling st
Brown James (house and church
painter, decorator & glazier), 8
Broomknoll st
Connor James (& gilder & glazier),
27 & 31 South Bridge st
Neilson Andrew, 81 Graham st
Wybar Alexander, 59 Stirling st
Craig Robert & Sons (glazed casings and tea
papers), Moffat Paper Mills, and Caldercruix,
by Airdrie
Cowan Robert R. 1 & 3 Louden st
Gillon Neil, 23 Graham st
Lavell Anna Maria, 19 High st
M'Killop Michael, 105 Stirling st
Stewart John, 53 Chapel st
Whitelaw John, 96 Graham st
Paterson Alexander, 57 Chapel st
Thomson George, Clarkston
Sec Tinsmiths, &c.
Baird & Hamilton (& lithographers), 44 & 46
| |Graham st
Craig John, 16 South Bridge st
Ronald Peter, 19 Buchanan st
Gibson William, Riding Quarry
Jamieson John, Airdrie Hill Quarry
M'Laws George & Co. (Band), Greenfoot Sand
Quarries, by Airdrie
More John(& causewayer & contrac-
tor), Thrashbush Quarry ; resi-
dence, Glenmavis
Paterson Robert, 39 Chapel st. & Loveretknowe
Riddell David, Burnhead Quarry
Stevenson William, Gartoess-Qrrarry-_^_^ — •»
Frame John (& metal), 18 North Bridge st
M'Clure Samuel, Manse pi. & Well wynd
Watson John, Mill st
C owan Arthur, Hallcraig st
Finnie R. 66 South Bridge st
Aiken Hugh, 40 Commonside st
Aitken Robert, Rawyards
Alexander Peter, 16 Alexander st
Allan Catherine, 2 Hallcraig st
Allan James, 17 North Bridge st
Anderson John, Calder bank
Anderson Matthew, 70 Bell st
Armstrong Robert, 92 Bell st
Baillie Robert, Greengairs
Ballantyne William, 5 North Bridge st
Buchanan Jessie, 88 Clark st
Campbell Agnes, 114 Graham st
Campbell Archibald, Rawyards
Carr John, Rawyards
Carrick Alexander, Avonhead
Chalmers Agnes, Glenmavis
Collins Henry, Chapelhall
Cuppels James, Bell st
Currens Edward, 36 Flowerhill st
Currie John, 37 Alexander st
Dow Robert, 13 Alexander st
Dunn George, 29 Aitchison st
Fairlie Gideon, 30 High st
Forbes Robert, 16 High st
Forsyth William, Plains
Frame Thomas, 76 Clark st
Gardner Archibald, 75 Graham st
Geekie David, 75 High st
Gemmell Isabella, 71 Stirling st
Gillespie James, Riggend
Grant Robert, 15 Hallcraig st
Gray Elizabeth, 36 Clark st
Hamilton Adam, 9 North Bridge st
Hamilton Margaret, 55 Stirling st
Hunter — , Stand
Jack Maggie, 167 Chapel st
Jenkins Mary, 110 High st
Jenkins Thomas, Clarkston
Johnston George, Greengairs
Johnston William, Greengairs
Kerr John, 86 Hallcraig st
King Henry, 6 Bell st
Liddle Mary, 28 Clark st
Longridge Jane, 147 Chapel st
Loudon Matthew, 27 Clark Bt
M'Auley Jessie, Rawyards
M'Craeken Thomas, Plains
M'Lachlan John, Rawyards
Maxwell Joseph, 59 Chapel st
Mathieson John H. 118 High st
Meek John, 69 Stirling st
Millar William, 26 High st
Miller James, 46 Aitchison st
Moffat Alexander, 70 Hallcraig st
Molloy Patrick, Rawyards
More John, Glenmavis
Nisbet Robert, 73 Graham st
Orr James, Glengowan, Caldercruix
Paterick John, 5 East High st
Paterson James, Wattstown
Paterson Joseph, 53 High st
Pritchard Buchanan, 133 Chapel st
Revie Archibald, 80 Flowerhill st
Russell Thomas, 71 High st
Scalley JameB, Greengairs
Scott Agnes, 2 Aitchison 6t
Scott David, 8 Clark st
Smith Matthew, 17 Stirling st

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